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  1. Group Buy? 🤔

    What's the price tag on that? On second thought, who cares about the price just buy it for yourself
  2. You will have to let us know what the taste difference is! I still am newer to CCs and thought Winstons were supposed to have lighter wrapper so I tried to pick some of those. Both boxes look great!
  3. Quarter box of Winstons from our host! Put 1 in the humidor relax a bit and the rest in my "aging tupperdoor". Hard not to smoke one right now!
  4. 113%?? That is crazy. If you go to Cuba to stock up, do they tax you when you get back to Canada? I feel sorry for your B&Ms. I'm pretty sure a 113% tax on anything falls under the description of "cruel and unusual punishment"
  5. Being from the US, I am not understanding how cigars are so expensive up North. When you say $90cdn, is that before tax or does it include the tax? Why are they so expensive? I can't see how anyone could afford this hobby in Canada. Seems almost illegal to set prices that high.
  6. Christmas Sampler 2017

    Thanks for pouring salt in the wound for those of us that missed out! Lol
  7. Congrats! What resort you headed to? My wife and I had our honeymoon at The Excellence and loved it!! We went zip lining for a day and really enjoyed that. Other than the zip line, we drank like fishes and napped on the beach!
  8. KC Chiefs. 10-6, maybe 11-5. Won't matter if we make the playoffs, we lose in the first round every time. Watch the Steelers beat us in the first round last year, at home mind you, by only kicking field goals. Yay.
  9. 24/24 Lag?

    I don't think you missed the time. Prez will load them up before, sometimes hours ahead in advance, and then hide the thread. Once the time comes, they unhide it. I'm pretty sure it reflects the time he originally posted it which makes it seem like there's lag when there isn't.
  10. Our city is supposed to be right under the eclipse. We are supposed to see 2 mins and 38 seconds of totality. I took the day off work, we have a bunch of family coming up/down to the stay the night before. Gonna take it in while enjoying beer, burgers and a few cigars. Super pumped!
  11. How would you respond.....

    I would tell him, "Unfortunately Mr. Allones is out on vacation and has not stated when he will be returning. He is a very hard person to get a hold of. Please leave your name and number and I will leave it on his desk."
  12. Only of new threads, not new posts...but that ends today
  13. Unfortunately I missed the entertaining comments of the conversation...I curse myself for ever closing that thread on my browser...why, God, why?????
  14. Whats up for the weekend?

    Great list Freebird?? I request you play that song, even though I'll be 1000 miles away
  15. I have only been smoking for a few years now but I have definitely had an evolution. I started out smoking short, large ring gauge sticks. Now I prefer small RG stick. I only smoke outdoors so the length depends on the time of year. If it's summer, I smoke short skinnies to avoid the cigar being affected by the humidity. In the winter, I prefer longer skinnies sitting next to a fire. Winter seems to be more of the lancero and churchill size cigars which are my favorite.

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