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  1. Sorry to hear! Got the year or bxc?
  2. HC7 makes for a hearty mojito.
  3. Agreed. But add evolution to that equation. For me, to be 'great' a cigar has to display a certain development in flavours over the course of the smoke, at least in longer smokes.
  4. This I find an interesting post by someone being actually personally affected. In your opinion, what would be the most effective measures to bring changes about on the island? In Cuba, can any external - political as well as economical - measures actually have the ability to show any effect at all? Or is it an enduring illusion, and do we eventually have to see the Cuban people stand up for their rights? You are one of the many who left / fled the island, and you had good reason for that. Fully aware of that and also of the fact that e.g. the support from Cuban expats is much needed to feed their relatives on the island. On the other hand, I see the peril that the permanent drain of intellectuals, oppositionists and dissidents won't do any good to Cuba in the long run. For, these people are also much needed just there on the island. The regime seems all too happy to get rid of those men and women. So, after almost 60 years of proven ineffectiveness of the embargo, what could effectively be done, I ask? Would you mind sharing your personal perspective on that?
  5. You forgot the baguette clenched in his armpit... Let the jester come - and - we are all here to learn and kill old stereotypes...
  6. 1500 pages of Daily Smokes - congrats folks! Let the happy smoke rings continue - come what may!
  7. Oh that's actually missing by a mile. France has such a great CC history (just look it up). They are even the first and only nation to have their own marca produced for them. And the French were among those few nations that saved the Cuban cigar industry its ass when USSR said good bye to Cuba. For a reason...
  8. Well, in a seller's market, the supply doesn't determine prices... unfortunately so.
  9. Look at that ash! That I call perfect construction, perfect burn - perfect cigar.... perfect tragedy...
  10. I bet, Piggert will let us know soon in the latest purchase thread...
  11. Mate, first of all let me say that this is in no way meant to rain on your parade. And I am not at all sure whether this may indeed be an indication of fake or else. But, the iron branding is completely different to what a Habanos-brand should look like. Take a look at the many other pictures in this thread or the info given on CCW. Font of 'Habanos' is wrong, as MahDooRow sais, spacing is off (too wide), the semi-circles of the rounded frame of 'Hecho en Cuba' look as if somehow pieced on (thickness). The "C" in 'Hecho' and in 'Cuba' appears smeared, as if taken from a different font or not 'mounted' correctly. Same holding for 'Habanos' - boldness of the 'H' and the 'b', H is in wrong font, etc. And finally it looks like just being stamped on and not imprinted with an iron punching. I've only seen such in recent years. All older production usually showing a more or less pronounced indentation. I haven't checked much of my stash, just tooked up some '05 boxes and all appear to bear the normal brand. Perhaps other members may be able to add info as to whether they do find a similar one to yours. One cannot rule out at this moment that this may be a different (diff. to standard) brand-pattern that had indeed been used in legit boxes for some time. Regarding the box code - just for the record, but this really could be CbC: Usually, the code is starting with the factory code and then follows the mmm and yy. Should read OCT of course and usually all in capital lettering.
  12. Sorry mate, CbC - Cuba being Cuba Translates to: No all weird looking stuff needs to be a sign of fake/fraud/counterfeit, as it can be a mere issue of poor QC. The stamp one (box code) might qualify for that category, but it is fishy. More bothering is the iron brand (the HSA stamping). That, to me, is looking entirely wrong, and there are several marks being off. Perhaps also a QC-thingy, who knows, and someone lost the original one and had to do some handicrafts for a makeshift one....lol. Or that particular factory had been using an odd "replacement" brand-template. At least, I have never seen such before.
  13. Looks absolutely odd. Different to all I have seen, and to what I see on '05 dress boxes in my stash. More concerning than the stamping (that might be CbC) is the iron branding, which is way off.
  14. You're quite right - that's why I - and I repeat myself - said it was an ironic, no - more precisely - it was a sarcastic comment... (as - like you, I assume, although there may be slightly different conditons for different clients, they will have to pay 'roughly' the same for cigars as do other importers). Ahh, always tough if one has to explain his ...

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