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  1. I tend to agree, the warranty seal looks like a poor copy or repro. They even did it wrong, e.g. the No.1 (below Serie A) translates to 281 (or such like). The "Hecho en Cuba" is wrong, but would date this post-revolution. There have been counterfeiters at almost all times, so it would be no surprise at all to find an old counterfeit box of Montes.
  2. This idea was a dead-born child from the beginning. State is in a dilemma - private entrepreneurship needs to be successful to thrive and function. Competition. Then, when they are finally successfull they are turned down by the government in order to avoid social imbalance. Goes to show once more that you cannot apply free-market instruments to a communist system. Simply doesn't work - period. Consequence? Overthrow the system or carry on as been done the 58 and a half years before.
  3. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    First Short Churchill ever for me, bought some singles back in 2011 (so, guess '10 or early '11 production) and somehow forgot about them. Not my fave format, always saw it more as one of those gimmicky "modern" cigars (the name alone! A no-no!) and this particular one felt more like >52 ring gauge compared to the others. But was in the mood for shorter smoke with a bit more smoke volume. Slightly looser draw than preferred but ok, and going along with the occasional wonky burn.... But - man....: What... A.... Smoke!! Intense and rich, tasted like it looked like - dark chocolate combined with fruity (cherry?) notes and with concentrated toasted tobacco flavour, ramping up till the end, with some woody notes on top. Lasted me more than 90 min. Ho-ly sh*t!! That came completely unexpected. Deeply impressed by that stick. Is that an Ex.4 on steroids?! Question to the more regular smokers of this one - has that been a lucky one-off or is that representative of that cigar? How about current production? Not so often seen mentioned on here, seems the Wide Church is more popular?
  4. Haha, great one. Left me in stitches! In particular when after the first pic, you expect some sort of serious post (hmmm!!) - actually had that type of breakfast before. Just bacon and eggs are missing from that pic...
  5. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Ok, all right. It's a simple counterfeit then, not a farm roll. Fishy thing about it (for me) is that they are selling it openly at the farm (well, perhaps under the counter....). Anyways, I won't go and dig any deeper. Thanks for the explanation, @saintsmokealot! The "1845" is right there on the band (bit hard to spot due to the light). Purportedly, if any then only wrappers would be used for VR. Cuchillas de Barbacoa, as most farms in San Luis, is famous for their tabaco tapado mainly.
  6. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    No, it is not that I wouldn't believe what you say, certainly not (with "they wouldn't risk it" I was referring to Brandon's alluding to counterfeiters). But it is truly new for me to learn that original bands obviously leave the fabrica through official and approved channels to be put on farm rolls out there. Such a routine of course opens the door wide for illicit production. But perhaps it is an exception and a special agreement with the Robaina family, who knows. Other members perhaps with more insight here?
  7. Consistency

    I'd venture to say - If people would smoke as many Cubans as non-Cubans, they'd perhaps see not that much of a difference in construction issues (see @stogieluver's post) as is purported. The thing is, in part it's a myth of superiority played out by NC makers, in part it is a lack of balanced experience of smokers of both kinds. And finally, it is a matter of preference. Quite like @earthson puts it, for me personally, most NCs have a construction problem, due to their mostly looser draw and also due to their often highly processed wrapper leaf. I for one can simply better tolerate a stiffer draw than a overly open draw - which one may, quite regrettably, find at an increasing rate also in Cubans lately. And perhaps it is this change towards "appealing" the American market (wider formats, more open draw) what makes the "seasoned" smoker of Cuban cigars complain? As to the mold and beetle claim - that's bar any proof, and if it were so, it's not a token of NCs versus CCs.
  8. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Next time, try and take it out of the tubo at least a week prior to smoking, in particular if it's a fresh one, such as in your case here. This is an excellent, complex, full body smoke, which I wouldn't call bold (in a negative way) if properly aged.
  9. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Yup, what I thought. But banded ones sold openly and "officially" as farm rolls at the Robaina farm?!! They wouldn't risk it, would they?
  10. Which year was it? Latest (last) production?
  11. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    That's interesting. Always thought the bands wouldn't leave the fabrica, well at least not officially... Would have grabbed them too, and - yup, a shame the Familiares are gone!
  12. Ok, that's pretty easy then....! I'll go ahead Great stuff as usual, Ray! Important gist here as to how quick it can develop! And even - it doesn't need a puddle of water for doing that!
  13. and I really thought you were joking... Ok, off to grab pencil and paper.
  14. Ray, sorry, but I don't find this funny! If you have to make my mouth water, then at least could you please be a bit more precise and provide exact information for others to be able to replicate: 1. "1/2 of water" - A 1/2 WHAT exactly of water?! 1/2 box full, 1/2 liter, half a teaspoon? ... units please (SI preferred)! 2. Hot water, cold water, demin. water, tap water? 3. And conditions please. Incubation temperature (or temp.-profile perhaps?) as well as air pressure in particular. Lid open, closed? If open, air movement? Turbulent, laminar airflow, velocity? 4. Does one have to take the glassine paper out for successful plume development or better leave in place? 5. Need to use fresh or pre-aged BBFs for a successful outcome? (any preferred grade, PE will do or HQ, PSP needed?) 6. Orientation - sticks horizontal, vertical? And if the latter, foot or heads up? Or do you implement permanent active rotation for a more even plume growth? Other things perhaps to observe? And - in particular for me as a collector and flipper of utmost importance - what's the price premium I can expect for my sticks after such a successful procedure? Sorry, Piggy, while I can well understand when you prefer to be a bit privy about your particular recipe, we are used to better from you. A bit more commitment pls! (looking forward to your next vid-tutorial!). But should you prefer confidentiality, PM would be much appreciated! Thanks, Gooey

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