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  1. Fugu

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Wind-tunnel BBF - makeshift salvage using the 'Pigfish-clench'...
  2. Brass powder ink used on those bands (not the wrapper for that matter ).
  3. Fugu

    Celebration of wrappers

    Celebration of wrappers, hmm? While there's much to love about the lively look of a smooth, supple, fine-veined wrapper in new cigars, there is nothing like the signs of perfect maturation in a beautifully aged one. No oil, no gloss or sheen to speak of, occasional slight dusting even - and on top of that, here, some dumb-ass even managed to thoroughly cut the wrapper of one cigar when breaking seals....haha - still, a much celebrated cigar by me. That being said, I often wonder when I see those fresh boxes with that sweat-dripping, oil-laden glassine sheets recently.... more an oddity, perhaps a flaw even, but a quality token? Extras...
  4. Fugu

    Letting Cigars Breathe

    Absolutely, no doubt about that. That's exactly what I am always doing - a necessity in fresh and younger tubos, not so much in aged ones (same holding for fresh boxes for that matter). Tubos I keep with their lids shut for storage and aging, once they got adjusted to my conditions after an initial period of open storage, even fully unpacked at times after the initial mould-check, so as to balance humidity. For smoking, young or slightly aged tubed cigars I take out a couple of days in advance. Mostly to let them breathe and get rid of any gaseous byproducts that may have developed and got trapped in the hermetically sealed space.
  5. Saw that long coming, overdue and only consequential.... And some regulations even appear quite sensible (and in fact not so much different from many "western" countries), I have to agree with Oliver and others. But private entrepreneurship and communism are two concepts that just don't go together. Best of two worlds, anyone? Haha! Can't have your cake and eat it.
  6. That sounds great, will certainly try it out! Many thanks, Goo
  7. No, dude works for both men/women. It’s unisex now. The real thing you dudettes got wrong is - it's a toad, not a frog
  8. Peeking my interest - any receipe you'd have? Am enticing and in its lifetime so underappreciated cigar. Thanks for reviewing it!
  9. the "stunning" part seems to escape me
  10. Fugu

    Perfect Draw

    Not a case for a draw-poker then.
  11. Fugu

    Air tight vs. not air tight humidors

    Well, if you really want to page Piggert, then call @PigFish A company claiming humidors would NEED to be leaking is simply not capable of implementing a true self-sustaining active climate control. That's all behind this yack. They obviously need to present this as being "science" in an attempt to hide their own incapabilities. What is more, their claim only holds if assuming a net flux from the inside to the ambient (tropics, de-humidification anyone?). Clear and brief - utter nonsense. Air exchange with the ambient is not needed in a controlled humidor. But I am sure Piggy as a practitioner will add his expert remarks here.
  12. Fugu

    "Cohiba Piramides" fake?

    Sure fake. And they didn't do their homework. But really a mighty fine wrapper on this piramides. Would you mind disclosing source and what you paid?
  13. Difficult to say with certainty. My daughter sais, if purebred closest she could think of is Bolonka Franzuskaya (see pic, Bichon group) with puppy cut (and this appears to be a younger dog), though his ears are very high up. But this is as yet not an internationally recognized breed, and so there may always be some variability. Certainly some Bichon genes there. Most likely a crossbreed. One can rule out the Tibetians such as Lhasa Apso and Shih Tzu, as those display a much shorter muzzle and e.g. ears dropping closer to the head.
  14. obviously.. haha

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