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  1. It's about the time of the 520 aniv. release....
  2. Stay with water / coffee / tea (Darj., Chinese green) / or perhaps a mojito if the weather fits - really keen in your thoughts of the cigar, not the drink, boys. Sorry for the ascetic proposal.
  3. Green mark?

    Lilkely something warm or hot having touched the leaf during curing before reaching the yellow stage. By that chlorophyll became fixated. Or it happened perhaps already during transport from field to barn, e.g. a bloke dropping his cigar onto the cloth-covered transport basket or the like. The pattern is a little weird, indeed. Even weirder that the roller obviously didn't give a hoot.... Could've easily been avoided by shifting and rerolling the wrapper leaf just a little bit. It's not as if it sits in the middle of the stick...
  4. Trinidad La Trova

    About 10% below Fundy pricing from what I've seen.
  5. Don't freeze them. If they have been sitting in Rob's lockers for years without a beetle issue, why should beetles suddenly pose a threat to them when in your storage? Keep them under quarantine for half a year if you want to play it really safe (life cycle egg to hatched bug is about 90 days at 20°C ). But rather unlikely for those boxes to bear any risk if stored at normal conditions at your site.
  6. Depends on the beer of course, but yes, most beer on the island is served too warm.
  7. "on the dryer end" not saying on the overly dry end....
  8. Not very likely to be a case of over-humidification from storage here. Dave O is interpreting the chart correctly, you are on the dryer end of the spectrum. This is not about absolute humidity of the air, it is about moisture content of the tobacco! But the chart is not to be over-interpreted with regard to the exact tobacco moisture (or PMC as Piggy @PigFish puts it). I have been debating this with Piggy before, the scaling of his chart (the - sort of - log-scaling of the ordinate) is off and inconsistent to a degree. And we are not even dealing with cigar tobacco here. So, this all has to be taken with a grain of salt (as the man himself never tires to stress). What is clear from it, however, is that for a given storage rH, with higher temperature tobacco moisture PMC will go down (dryer cigars).
  9. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Ahh, that's what I wondered. Reliable stick indeed!
  10. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Dumb question perhaps but - what is it? From pic looking pretty narrow for a RASS and too large and rounded for a RASCC.
  11. Stay safe there Ray! Wishing for you folks to weather all this without fatal casualties!
  12. ...it won't improve things, it will change them! This, as you are describing it, is the core of what a Lancero is to me. Thanks for the nice review, good job!
  13. That's really slow to heat up, your ol' Gaggia. (nice macchina )
  14. Factory's

    Check the cigars not the box codes. Seriously, apart from the enquiry being rather unspecific (e.g. I'd be mazed to see a MdO4 with a SOM code...), to what actual avail? If you buy here, see what Rob has to offer, if buying elsewhere you won't normally get info on specific box codes, if buying in Cuba inspect boxes. Every single box code out there can be hit and miss, that including EL.

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