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  1. RyJ surely is a brand where you'd need to have a closer and differentiated look at. That said - a box of '09 Cazadores is among the best cigars I am currently smoking. To generalize on that period means heavily cutting short on the marca!
  2. Nice and friendly demanding tone there, eh? Yes, strongly support that policy, Rob. Not possible here, period. Otherwise, you'd always expose yourself to allegations of conflict of interest and even more "sinister" reasoning.... Discussison of fakes - fine. PMs between members about sources - fine. Other than that - check elsewhere.
  3. That's bringing it to the very point, NSX. You would have to change the system first, if you want to change economics. Permitting basic free-market principles and private enterprise within a communistic system ... well, I wouldn't say it couldn't work at all (yet mostly, even in niches where they tried it, it didn't)..., but at the very least, the Party will have a 'problem' explaining it ideologically. They are literally caught between a rock and a hard place, as they'd render themselves redundant. They might try with "reforms" but will eventually have to learn that it doesn't turn out functional.
  4. Yup, if stated that way, indeed and agreed.
  5. But that's your and others' plain personal decision, whether they do care about it or not, and that's fine. But Rob does list box codes - some people seem to be interested in it (which is obviously why Rob is providing that info). So it appears absolutely legitimate for them to ask, when they - repeatedly, as it seems - get different as stated. Whether a third person - you and me - does actually give a 5hit, is pretty irrelevant for them. So, while I see this as a matter primarily to be negotiated directly between seller and buyer, it may be acceptable for a newb (that's what the OP states about himself) to ask into the forum as to whether this is the usual custom with 24:24 (I see an update by @Smoker coming....).
  6. That exactly is matter of the dreaded variability. Nothing to do with aging. Enjoy your ride!
  7. Agree with most what you say Nico. But you can't really lump together all those "double-banded" releases. They are - whether Limitada, Regional, LCDH- or HS-releases - representing very different concepts. For instance, both the LCDH- as well as the HS-lines had been announced by HSA as being released in particular as a "speciality" for promoting the different HSA-sales-franchises by providing an attractive offer to their (loyal) customers. But while the LCDH releases have indeed always been coming up at a very competitive pricing, quite frequently even being cheaper than comparable standard production vitolas (see RA Superiores, Party Salomones), the Habanos Specialists where not. And the HS releases are even less exclusive, for being distributed through LCDHs and HSs, while the LCDH-range only through LCDHs alone (should be, theoretically....). Neither of them being truly limited, let alone coming with a numbered box plate. And as for a special format - that's exactly what's to be critizised here, the Punch 48 is nowhere near anything special (granted, the design of box and second band being nice, indeed). Like NSXCIGAR, I am not at all against such an additon to the brand, fine, but not at a price bump of nearly 50%. And, please, no one tell me it were made of special tobacco and a unique, secret blend.... As for brooch clasp to nail - certainly a matter of personal liking. Some markets prefer the classic or let's say traditional packaging for the traditional marcas. You'll find them in a lot of Regionals. Apart from cab-boxes Bolívar has usually come in dress boxes (Cajón Corriente, CB), so using a brooch CBB (as e.g. in the Monte 520) had appeared a bit "strange" to me. Couldn't care less, but if asked, prefer the plain version. Some of the best came in simple CBs.
  8. A means to boost returns by bumping prices in a quicker and more concealed way. Price increases done on regular production are simply less obscure and easier to track and compare.
  9. Really?!! That's probably to be read with an emphasis on "good" (rather "exceptional") producers - or large producers with an industrial product? Or it depends on what one would particularly expect from a wine in terms of consistency... Just to add a little anecdote on consistency in wine here: Couple of years back, I would regularly buy a South African Bdx-Blend from Vriesenhof, Kallista. A wholesaler near my place always held current and also some back vintages in stock. Liked it, price was always good, so I was a more or less regular buyer. One particular vintage (1995, just checked up) I found so appealing that I bought a second case a couple of weeks after the first.... - The difference between bottles from first and later case was striking! You wouldn't believe it, almost day and night, between "wow" and almost "boring" - same vintage mind you! Charge numbers indicated that they were obviously from two different batches and/or bottling runs. So, that sort of thing you can already get from bottling alone. And it is not at all a rare occurrence in wine. Add to that the effects of diff. vintages. Then, action of cork (TCA), other wine flaws and faults, and storage do their work as well, so that inter- as well as intra-vintage variability in bottles can be pretty high for the same producer. In particular old bottles, I find, are not much less of a bet than vintage cigars. I think we have to grant cigars, Cuban or non-Cuban - by the pure nature of the material "tobacco" - to be a tad more variable. Still, that sais not much about aging potential in general, and holds as much as for wine, imho.
  10. Sure Aard. Didn't say I don't touch them early on (always do), but I believe this is a cigar that won't be much divulging in its early stages. But thanks for your kind compassion, brother!
  11. True John, but still - why?! Why does HSA expect me to buy it? The Torrreon and the ConA (and even the dreaded Party Maduro1...) at least are somehow special within their brand's portfolio, and both have been excellent and true additions to their respective marcas (with the Torreon being way overpriced as well...) But, come on, the Punch 48, really...? I don't get what should make me buy that one at 50% markup while I can still get a 50-cab of PPP?
  12. Their smell/aroma is actually intoxicating. Reminding me quite strikingly of a fresh cab of BCE. Promising! But I fear I won't know much before half a decade has passed on these....
  13. - Punch Punch, 46 x 143 - < $ 9.00 (Rob's most recent PSP/HQ offering) - Punch 48, 48 x 140 - $ 13.50 Why and what for ?!
  14. My feelings exactly @wabashcr and @NSXCIGAR. Was about to stock up following the excellent '12-'14 production. Until this thread I had said - a safe blind buy!. But now might have to take a closer look. Thanks for the heads up, folks! Edit: Same holding for RASS possibly, anyone?
  15. I'll happily take a tight draw over a windtunnel volado roll any day. Thanks for tracking those vids down and for the summary! Excellent post - perfectly explained!

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