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  1. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Surprised to hear that. Which bxc may I ask? Have only had OR sticks so far and was considering stocking up. Those are anything but "light". One of those dreaded fall-offs following initial release?!
  2. Pinar Del Rio Weather

    Still not getting your point, Ole (see my last post...) A cigar from the '16 or even '17 harvest?! Surely you will know that cigars consist of tobacco of a wider range of harvests? Unless we are talking of farmies perhaps.
  3. Well, the suggested No. 3 and 5 are as close as one can get to the enquired No.4... Anyway, seems OP isn't much interested in this thread anymore anyway.
  4. Okay, LE and GR bands..... now that's were things eventually start to turn fishy....
  5. Nicotine sickness

    Sometimes, I get the sneaking suspicion Kierkegaard is testing and just making a little fun of us.... Dude, if you know you have gastrointestinal issues (biliary crisis, a treated atresia perhaps?), and everybody knows that nicotine is a drug with a strong parasympathetic effect and coming along with an activation of gastrointestinal activity (biliary secretion, anyone?) - count one plus one.... And after a hiatus, these effects will likely be stronger than before. Hashimoto also is often linked with nausea and gastrointestinal issues. Perhaps a recent change in your medication, change in dosing or adjustment in dosing necessary due to a change in your personal circumstances? I guess you really shouldn't smoke, mate. And if not done so far, you should certainly consult with your doc for a general advice on smoking and also on your current therapy. The altered response of your body to smoking might be a sign. Keep well!
  6. "That's from Act Party leader David Seymour after at least 490 robberies or burglaries targeting cigarettes over a 13 month period." Laughable. Robbing a few packs of cigars is not a "violent crime", it's simple theft (and we here use to call it "self-help"). Lurid headlining.
  7. Nicotine sickness

    Rather than tasting you will smell it. But also depends on the amount, and people are differently susceptible to it, i.e. sensitive to its detection. You might feel it before you actually smell it. Needs not be a pungent smell to take effect.
  8. Nicotine sickness

    May happen with any fresh box to a greater or lesser extent. Sticks are gassing out, not only NH3. And that's actualy nothing bad or something that needs combatting, as it also serves to protect cigars and is part of the maturing process. Only if you want or need to smoke from such a box, it might prove problematic. In such a case a stick smoked directly from the box can be a difficult candidate. Taking a stick out a few days in advance and keeping it in the open (if conditions allow such) or in an extra box, like done in dry-boxing will usually better it considerably.
  9. Yep, I am aware of that. But as someone who likes to think off a laid-out path, I am simply questioning. No one is truly "limited" in his decision what to buy. So restricting himself to that particular selection, just because he can get hold of pre-aged boxes as it seems, might be the critical aspect in the first place.
  10. Nicotine sickness

    It needs not necessarily and not always be the nicotine. As Piggy sais, everybody has a different tolerance to it, but usually your metabolism is relatively quickly adjusting to the nic-detoxification 'needs'. It could likewise be conditions of storage (I also remember there has been an issue...?). E.g. keeping fresh cigars in small airtight containers may cause ammonia to accumulate (ammonia can effect similar symptoms). Suggestions from my side: Aerate sticks for a couple of days before smoking. And restart slowly by only smoking half of a stick for the time being until you feel comfortable again. The enjoyment will come back, I am pretty sure.
  11. This ^. And even late on the news and pretty poorly presented. Also, e.g. the delayed release of the HU Reserva had nothing to do with recent crop shortages (and what means "short supply" anyway?- a run of 5,000 boxes is 5,000 boxes.... ).
  12. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Feb 07 Church. Simply love that cab.
  13. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    w/o bands - should be pre-2006, shouldn't it?
  14. An 898 voyage.

    Looks like you fetched that single Ramon Allones 898 that accidentally slipped into your box of Parties....

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