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  1. Sancho Panza Molinos

    Then perhaps just a deciphering issue. Ask him kindly to check again, or to send you a pic of the stamp (and box), pointing towards that dating issue, ..... and then buy those damn sticks!
  2. Sancho Panza Molinos

    Stamping error or fake. Mollis are gone. (Pics?)
  3. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Breaking in(to) a new box of CJs (ETP SEP 15) (was really lookig forward to it and well deserved after an audit visit from the tax inspector today... )
  4. They've already forgotten how to spell it, so what you'd expected, Piggy mate?
  5. My thoughts also. Hard to believe the idea is that recent. E.g. around the Frisian coast (Holland, Germany, Jutland) there is a drink called Pharisäer (pharisee): Black coffee with rum and cream, reportedly invented by the North Frisians about two centuries ago. As these people often were seafarers (also known and hired for their whaling skills in the 17th and 18th century by English and Dutch whaling fleets bound for the North Atlantic), it is quite unlikely that such an 'idea' had not transmitted somehow at that time and spread 'along the coast'. Only a small step from there to replacing rum for whiskey.
  6. Sancho Panza Molinos

    My latest boxes are June 11.
  7. Agree, some Regionals are very good value, very well made. And you cannot (shouldn't) lump LEs and REs together. Two completely different programs.
  8. Wrappers

    Remember this fun-thread, Piggy? (Not to mention the maths? )
  9. Factory codes

    Partagas. OSU reaching back to 2000. TEB coded production (in partic. Boli) is getting much love from members here.
  10. Factory codes

    Not El Laguito. But nothing to worry about either. By far not everything 'Laguito' is gold. EL as being the "one and only" is not holding much substance if you ask me. Its all about the management of factories, QC and their respective production output, etc.. And it's periodical. What's been good once can be sub-par next run / next month / next year. There are top rollers there, as there are top rollers elsewhere - even at certain provincial factories. Check the box not the code.
  11. Good cigars, but they are quite moist and "oil"-laden when fresh. This is very rich and hygroscopic tobacco (not familiar with the current batches, but I suppose this remains to be the case - assuming this is new production?). These are truly made for long-term aging, and they will profit a lot from it. So, either just let them sit untouched for 5-plus (plus...) years - or, when wanting to sample now, get cigars to smoke out of the jar a bit in advance. Let them rest open in your humidor for acclimatization, or perhaps even dry-box for at least one, two weeks. Otherwise it will be a rather acrid experience. And smoke them slowly.
  12. It's Tabacuba, the production branch. But basically, that's right. Not every vitola is (always) being made at its mother factory. Actually, there are very few vitolas that seem to be always exclusively rolled there. E.g. the Lanceros has only (mostly) been rolled al EL afaik, but recently, we see two parallel factory codes, MOL and UAO. La Gloria Cubana MdO4 has been exclusively made at Partagas for years (actually all the MdOs were). The MSU code seems indeed to be the current Partagas code, with a switch from ETP in MAY/JUN 17.
  13. Habanos claims this to be their intention.
  14. Wrappers

    Personally I believe they do, but not in any prominent way. That is - actually, in my opinion, the burn properties of the wrapper (and binder) do much more affect the taste of a cigar than the plain taste qualities of the wrapper alone can do. And this burn has the potential to affect the perceived overall flavour in a significant way. As such, the influence, if at all, is a more indirect one. The wrapper is for dressing a cigar. It is being selected for its colour and texture properties... and size. Those are the determining elements, not its sensory (organoleptic) qualities. What 4-10 % of a cigar's mass they comprise, they may also contribute tastewise. As this here is not the Newbie-Q&A () I'd also tend to refer to...

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