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  1. Nice work @planetary. While I usually don't affix numers to a smoke, and minute aspects are always debatable, this is a scale that appears suitable, and in which I'd find my own evals and expectations nicely reflected - that is "translated". That exactly is not the case, here. The scale as defined by Planetary is rather universal. While one can disagree on the actual rating, i.e. whether a cigar being 89 ot 99 pts for him, the desciptors will still be fitting. One persons trash will remain trash, treasure will remain treasure according to that scale. Yes, the 100-pt scale is a stupid one (thanks to Bob Parker). But people got used to it, it is popular due to the several wine and cigar periodicals, so it is widely in use today. Other wine authors (English school) use a 20-pt scale but then again don't actually use numbers below 10 (or very rarely even <14), but then again only to find themselves using + suffixes or half point steps. Silly. I like the 5-pointer (stars) scale like Hugh Johnson is using (or Broadbent, certain merchants etc.), works as well for me, as they are usually making use of the full scale. But then also introduce half points, and so essentially making it again a 10-pt system (Johnson even has a more striking scale based on the amount of wine consumed - one glass, one bottle... to immediately ordering a case.... haha). It seems, to fully differentiate a range of practical classes in tasting something between a 10- and 20-step incremental scaling is all that's needed.
  2. Ok, I see. Well - didn't even turn me on. (to stay in the picture...)
  3. You guys leave me in stiches. Best thread in a while....
  4. Dic '13 Sig3. Wrapper exuding honey (beeswax wood polish to be 'precise' ) - smoke exuding true class. Legs for the long run. May have been the best stick for me this year so far.
  5. Agree and disagree on that, LT. First of all, to some extent it's surely a matter of taste. But in general I concur, most Alemanias didn't disappoint, some were truly exceptional - but with one big letdown and that has been the mentioned Escuderos for me. By far the weakest of all so far (may be followed by the Glorias, not sure yet). Every regular SP vitola - and at that time, Molinos and even some Coronas and Bachilleres were still available - trumped that bland volado roll. Everytime I smoked one I asked myself why only I didn't grab a regular stick instead. Side note - CB is a beaver ...
  6. My '98 MdO2s are turning twenty come next year - for me, one of the best and most flavourful cigars I own. 2000 Upmann Lonsdale - perfection (with a snug draw), 2001 Clasicos - truly clasico, and improving from year to year. 1999 SS1, still going strong (as hell, much to my regret)....
  7. Nothing to do with strength or 'power'.
  8. Finally found the time to slip in a cigar (1 and 1/2 actually...). HUHC - guess, you and me, we will never become true friends... followed by a savoury '12 Coloniales. Don't forget about these, people!
  9. The Perlas only entered stage about four years ago. So, unless sales developed miserably, I can see no reason why HSA should cut them soon again. Seems they had something in mind by adding that format to the vitolario of the marca...
  10. RyJ surely is a brand where you'd need to have a closer and differentiated look at. That said - a box of '09 Cazadores is among the best cigars I am currently smoking. To generalize on that period means heavily cutting short on the marca!
  11. Nice and friendly demanding tone there, eh? Yes, strongly support that policy, Rob. Not possible here, period. Otherwise, you'd always expose yourself to allegations of conflict of interest and even more "sinister" reasoning.... Discussison of fakes - fine. PMs between members about sources - fine. Other than that - check elsewhere.
  12. That's bringing it to the very point, NSX. You would have to change the system first, if you want to change economics. Permitting basic free-market principles and private enterprise within a communistic system ... well, I wouldn't say it couldn't work at all (yet mostly, even in niches where they tried it, it didn't)..., but at the very least, the Party will have a 'problem' explaining it ideologically. They are literally caught between a rock and a hard place, as they'd render themselves redundant. They might try with "reforms" but will eventually have to learn that it doesn't turn out functional.
  13. Yup, if stated that way, indeed and agreed.
  14. But that's your and others' plain personal decision, whether they do care about it or not, and that's fine. But Rob does list box codes - some people seem to be interested in it (which is obviously why Rob is providing that info). So it appears absolutely legitimate for them to ask, when they - repeatedly, as it seems - get different as stated. Whether a third person - you and me - does actually give a 5hit, is pretty irrelevant for them. So, while I see this as a matter primarily to be negotiated directly between seller and buyer, it may be acceptable for a newb (that's what the OP states about himself) to ask into the forum as to whether this is the usual custom with 24:24 (I see an update by @Smoker coming....).
  15. That exactly is matter of the dreaded variability. Nothing to do with aging. Enjoy your ride!

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