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  1. I brought in a box of monte 2s Gran reservas, 2011 siglo 6 slb 25, media siglo 25 slb, and 2012 monte petit edmundos in march when i went to montreal for a bachelor party. I declared them just to see what would happen. I was taken to the back area of US customs. We chatted a bit about the cigars, nothing crazy, supervisor came out thanked me for my honesty and waved the tax. Chatted some more, nice guys, off I went with a few thousand in cigars and no tax!
  2. my socks were knocked off with cohiba media siglo, amazing little cigar!
  3. Just got the SLR cuba ER, will try it christmas eve, very excited!
  4. "Fans of the H. Upmann line can look forward to the Sir Winston Churchill Gran Reserva Cosecha 2011, the first Gran Reserva release for the H. Upmann brand. The 7 inch by 47 ring gauge cigar has been a staple in the H. Upmann line, although in recent years it has been in limited production. " What is interesting is that the wide churchill GRs have yet to be released and they are already talking about the next GR. What am I missing here?
  5. New México Regional

    Managed to secure two boxes, cant wait to try them!
  6. Good large cooler in the US?

    Yes I use a coleman as well, they are fantastic
  7. LFTH "Not Quite Live"

    This was fun!
  8. "Buttery" Cigars

    i have a box of the 2010 trinidad robusto T and I think they are spot on and buttery
  9. Trading Area

    Now that is a cool feature, I don't post often so I have a long way to go
  10. I had one, knocked me out. I think these will really need some age on them. Pres what do you think about the aging potential?
  11. Hot Laptops right now?

    haven't had any of these problems. very strange.
  12. Hot Laptops right now?

    i have the surface book from microsoft. it is running well and it is very versatile
  13. Could this be proof that we may see the monte 80 yet? Because pres put me down for two boxes! http://www.cigarjournal.co/two-new-havana-cigar-releases-into-the-uk-market/

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