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  1. It's really difficult for me not to just buy all Lusi cigars. Unfortunately for me we have harsh Winters and some fierce humidity on warm Summer days which are unkind to these larger cigars. They are however, right up there with Boli CG, Boli Libertador and RA Gigantes that have some nice age on them being so pleasant to smoke on those days that you have more than 90-120 minutes to hang out and just enjoy a great Cuban. When trying to analyze a great cigar I usually stick to water, but have been known to water down some of the drier runs or whiskeys that are not to sweet as to full the palate. Enjoyed this review. I completely concur. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. The BCG is a great cigar. I am fortunate to have bought a box a few years back. I liken it to the Lusitania in many respects. Just a sensational cigar that should have been offered like the Libertador in boxes of 10, then they might have flown off the shelves. I grabbed 2 boxes of RA Gigantes but while hood these need many years of rest. Hopefully tabacuba won't axe them as well. While I smoke many Shorts, Juniors and PC cigars, I feel that warm weather without too much humidity makes smoking these longer offering so enjoyable. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Review - H Upman Connoisseur A

    Nice review. I like the honest factor. I was really having a hard time choosing these over the more pricy CORO, but when the price dropped just a bit I decided to grab a box and a 15 (5x3) packs of the Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No.2. I have the Cohiba Genios Maduro 5, and while many that don't smoke a number of NC sticks haven't had many kind words, I appreciate their taste and construction. I do miss the days of more simplistic bands but counterfeiters have closed that door. It's happened in the wines and spirits world as well. You just have to know and trust from who you buy from. Provenance is so important these days. Thanks for swinging me in the direction of buying these. I enjoyed the Mag 50, but not as much as I had hoped. Perhaps a few more years on them will vastly improve their outcome. I relate Mag 50s with aged Oliva V Melanio, but with much more smoothness as Nica tobacco tends to be darker even on their best selections. Have you tried Illusione Epernay. To me these seem the closest cigar stylistically and taste-wise to any Habano and while quite pricey they are a very nice cigar but need a proper 2-3 years of box aging. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. H. upmann, which one?

    Sometimes ha años are a crap shoot. I would like to try the Connoisseur but it's stuck behind several others. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. There is much written that should never be published. Two recent internet people with followings are Janes Suckling, his wine reviews have been terrible for years, and now he's a great cigar predicting guru and his compadre at the Havana insider. I just don't get it, but apparently the world is open to suggestion. A great example is reading reviews on any herbal supplements regardless of who ever makes or sells them. The reviews are like religious testimonial and have no basis in reality. Life is subjective and the placebo effect is one if life's most bizarre things to try and grasp. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Steph Curry and that Cigar

    I drive through Southern Ontario at times and I've lived next to BC twice in my life and it blows my mind that smoking cigars is demonized so much but that legalized prostitution, heroin shooting galleries and the like are okay in places. WTF? I hate that cigars get the same treatment as cigarettes and such. I was in a London, ON smoke shop and asked about a smoking lounge. This was a nice place, but the owner said that he had been forced to relocate and that he was watched way too much. He said my best bet was to light up in the parking lot and slowly drive the long stretch of the main drag and finish the cigar before hitting the highway. I get, but don't understand the excess liquor taxes and wine/booze control boards in each province but this is nuts. A champion or a regular guy shouldn't be publicly shamed or threatened with prison time/fines for enjoying a cigar outdoors ir on a businesses premises that exclusively sells tobacco. Will the have the information squads on the links in the near future? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. An empty cigar box with a 62rH boveda and have a large freezer bag sealing the box from the outside humidity of the house. This worked for me in Nicaragua these past two weeks. For a full box of PCs I didn't even need a boveda as I kept them in a cool wardrobe. Best of luck. Hot humid conditions are a tough thing to contend with but my solution worked well even at 94F with full humidity at night and 70rH most of the days. Dog days for sure. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I dig Monte No.3 when they can be found. They only ines I grabbed this year were older than what the OP stated but we could extend the length just a bit and put the Monte No.1 in there as well, if you love Montecristo, which I do. Yes I get the occasional poor build, but I like the flavor profile of most Montes. .. and Parti, Boli, Cohi.... Not too many CC marques I don't really care for. As long as the leaf is long filler Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Cohiba - Maduro vs Siglo line

    My thoughts after smoking a fine box of the Maduro 5, are that these are more monolithic as a response to all of the non-Cuban Maduro wrapped cigars. They are a fine milk chocolate not too dissimilar from an Oliva V Melanio Maduro, but the Cohiba is just wee so smooth, and while not as complex as the Siglo lineup over time, the Maduro 5 line up are predictable and sumptuous as a very high end smoke that offers the smoothness, the hog ed elegance of a cigar that always provides that Godiva-esque experience, without the harshness or the unrefined manners you get from both Nica and Dominican based Maduro wrapped cigars. The Maduro 5 line up really shouldn't be seen as a competitor to the Siglo smokes, but for people that prefer the cocoa wrapped NCs, showing that Cuba can make a stick that is more smooth and completely reliable in taste, class and refinement. I love many good Maduro sticks from various NC marques, but none are as smooth as dye-free and as elegant repressed over and over again. It's not about the espresso or nicotine but than fine chocolate in your beautiful Cuban cigar. Just One man's opinion. I know a lot of purists that hate the Maduro 5 line up. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Hi new to forums but not to CC's

    Welcome. I'm not a frequent poster but this is a great place to read and learn. Rob, the Prez, and the moderator group make FOH a good place to sit back and take in a lot of information and experiences with different CCs. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Cohiba "seconds"

    That was really funny. I've been down to quite a few islands and tobacco growing regions. Hell I even went to Nica, although I didn't get as far through that as I had wanted... These are just my thoughts. Much tobacco is grown. Islands are so much closer than those of us in the states that drive hours and hours and are still in the same state. Boats are plentiful. Many docks exist on every bit of coastline. Neither Cuba, the DR, Jamaica, Nica, Honduras or smaller islands that may have small tobacco farms, not to mention out going boats from the USA get frisked at every dock, small town... Lies are the norm in most of the islands, be it d*ck size, what you earn, who you know, what you do legit and what you don't. In Nica it seems as if everybody is more concerned about boxes and pretty stickers as much as some cigars especially in the loads of small tabacaleras that dot the different cities and I haven't been out amongst the rural farms with loads of barns at farms. Getting decent printing from Asia or Europe is pretty easy. I wouldn't for the slightest moment think that it would be above anybody trying to make a few bucks to cash in on a poor tobacco crop in Cuba, to import/smuggle in larger leaf tobacco that reasonably could be cured in a barn somewhere on a farm and pass it off as Cuban tobacco. Let's not be too gullible as they have sold fake iPhones, Watches that run in the tens of thousands of dollars, wine that was mixed from different sources and then crafted with old paper, print machines and custom corks gone through the aging process, then tasted by reputable experts and connoisseurs and then sold at auction houses for hundreds of thousands and the only reason they get caught is that they crossed the wrong billionaire. This certainly could happen with premium cigars. There's a great book called billionaires vinegar out there. You can read the basics of Rudy K selling Jeffersonian Bordeaux to one of the Koch bros and having tat same guy go berserk after finding out he was scamned. It happens all over the islands. If you go to YouTube you can find blind tastings in wines to whisky, where even the best palates can be way off on the origins and these people aren't basic but considered experts in their field. In the end if you like the product and the price then you shouldn't freak out if you find you were scammed. Anything not bought at an Authorized Dealer needs heavy scrutiny. Even some shady stuff makes it into famous auctions and of course throughout the internet. I'm just settings bit of world reality in here. Illicit drugs get watered down all the time and that's a world where life and death of everybody you love is on the line. It's nothing to try and scam the average guy. Just my humble $0.02. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Jason Bourne - Trailer

    I do like that they have come back to Matt Damon. I think Jason Bourne will run its course. I hope it ends well. From reading and or following Tom Clancy's character Jack Ryan, I have been disappointed many times as I remember Harrison Ford doing a great job with this character. Maybe it's not so much who plays the character but that the character seems to get younger as the time sequence us more modern. I guess Ben Affleck did an okay job in "The Sum of all Fears," though Morgan Freeman helped as did his Russian counterpart. Forgive me for not knowing the actors name. The most recent Jack Ryan film set mist,y in Russia and Manhattan was interesting but Kiera Knightley was the one who held that film together. I have loved James Bind films but as you watch the you also laugh alongside the films. Yes, I also love the animated "Archer," as well. Jason Bourne seem to break out a bit from the action hero movie as Damon appeared more normal, at first, while unaware of his killer instincts. I think pushing to many movies into the Bourne series would be a mistake. As with the saga of Jack Ryan, who has seen everything from Columbian drug smugglers and the IRA, to a reinvention of Cold War tensions though the films definitely seem many decades apart. I guess one can hope. "What should we start with?" "An '82 Margaux." "Is it good?" "Good? It will make you believe in God!"
  13. Two Very Different Aged Rums

    It's all about the oak that the rums are aged in when discussing flavor profiles. As to residual sugars that is purposefully added during blending and bottling. Two interesting examples are Plantation Grand Reserve. Aged 5 years in old cognac barrels. Very flavorful and not too much residual sugars. Then Cruzan which seems drier with different oak flavors. Plantation GR is made from molasses in Barbados and Cruzan also from light molasses in St. Croix, USVI. Most rums are made from molasses but the grades of molasses vary from light sweet table grade, to deep black, thick molasses which us the most imopure by-product of the sugar refining process. Just different flavors. Think Myers Jamaican or Gosling Black strap fir the later. Other runs are being made straight from pressed sugar cane juice. Most have Agricola added to their names and tend to be lighter in color if not white. Zacata is the exception as it sits in that high altitude Solera system going through gentle heating and pulling plenty of flavors from the oak. It also has some cane juice added during blending. Zacata, is much like its Trinidad cousin Angostura which is derived from a darker molasses and picks up a lot if tropical notes while aging in the oak. Both are quite delightful. Rum really has a huge spectrum of flavors, weight in the mouth and viscosity. Some rums are even made from brown sugar and honey. Very different from the earliest days of Rum making in the New World America's and Caribbean. "What should we start with?" "An '82 Margaux." "Is it good?" "Good? It will make you believe in God!"
  14. One Bottle of Rum

    DRC and d'Yquem can be mind blowing. I've only had one '96 la Tache and one 1990 Richebourg courtesy of somebody else's generosity. I love Tokaji Essencia and Z-H SGNs are mind blowing at a reasonable cost. Of course it's all relative. I've had stellar 5 puttonyos Tokaji for $20 as well. What shall we have? An '82 Margaux! Is it any good? Good....?, It will make you believe in God!
  15. I have to try the petite edmundo. I didn't even think of those. Nice call. "What should we start with?" "An '82 Margaux." "Is it good?" "Good? It will make you believe in God!"

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