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  1. In no particular order. 1/ Cohiba Esplendidos 15 2/ Connie A 15 3/ Lusitania 16 4/ Punch Punch 16 5/ PLPC 15 6/ Epi 1 16
  2. Have run several marathons, not that fast 3:15 -3:30 pace, but for my age not too bad .Struck by a drunk driver while riding my bicycle (trainning for Iron Man). Lucky to be here, but it put an end to my running, biking, swimming. Walking is the best I can do now. I do miss it so, nothing like the feeling you get after your long runs.
  3. I live on the Gulf coast and battle the humidity as you. My house like yours is air conditioned, but during the summer the humidity creeps up. I take my humidification devices out, during the summer months, and the humidity stays between 63 - 65.
  4. Now, now, what in the world would make you think that?
  5. I can send this one with this unknown crystalline substance on it.
  6. 3 to 4 a day, occasionally more, occasionally less.
  7. Only if nobody is listening.
  8. I grow timber for a living, pulp wood (paper), saw logs (lumber), ect.
  9. So does this mean I can stop wondering what I am doing wrong, since my aged cigars (5 to 10 years) aren't producing plume?
  10. From my experience, the cracks here, are very small.
  11. Bought this for my wife. I never hear any complaints from all the small packages i receive.
  12. Great, I thought they would be OK together, but just wanted to make sure. The 2010 are really coming along very nicely. The 2015 aren't too shabby, but have a ways to go.
  13. I have half a box of Siglo VI, from 2010, and a half box of Siglo VI from 2015. I was wondering if I could stored them together in one box, without adversely affecting the flavor of the cigars. I plan to continue aging the cigars, smoking 1 or 2 a year.

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