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  1. If a slot is still available, please add me. any day is fine with me.
  2. Beautiful humidor...enjoy...
  3. Congratulations John...good choice...
  4. Send me , where they are located, the contact information, and I will check them out for you.
  5. Best: Esplendidos ARG Mar 15 simply a splendid cigar. Worst: RASS UTE Jun 16 roller forgot to put enough tobacco in
  6. Always room for one more...
  7. For me, an Opus X perfection #2 with at least 6 or 7 years of age to them, 10 years better. A fresh Opus, not so much.But nothing really compares in my opinion.
  8. I enjoyed them quite a bit. Smoked several boxes before they were discontinued. My fault for not picking up some after they were discontinued, figured they would be around much longer than they were. You snooze, you lose....
  9. So how long are you going to hold them, before you release them. :-}
  10. This is the last full box of NC, that I have purchased. Opus X perfection #2, from 2012. Still sitting in humidor.
  11. when you were young...

    Grew up on a farm, cattle, row crops, and timber. Driving by myself when I was 9, what a great way to grow up. Went to university, ran a couple of successful businesses, but hated sitting behind desk and paper work. Now manage my timber land, glad to find my way back.
  12. The demise of HDM

    I have a half of a 50 cab of PSP Epi2 left. They had been wonderful, guess I had better bury them in the back of humidor for a while. Hate to see the drop off. Just hope the HDM DC doesn't go the same way.
  13. Not necessarily your favourite, just wandered which cigar you smoked the most. For me it would be Punch Punch, followed closely by Lutsitanias.
  14. I use these two Xikar ligthers. The one on left, triple flame, usually when out on the town. The one on the right, double flame, in my pocket now. Any time I have an issue with either, I just drop by b&m and exchange for a new one.

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