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  1. I have a problem!

    I realize, that it makes absolutely no sense, but I too struggle with not smoking some of my cigars. The first one out of the box is the most difficult for myself.
  2. Connie 1 vs Connie A

    Love both, similar but different enough to warrant boxes of each.
  3. Video Review - Rafael Gonzalez 88

    I smoked one today, enjoyed the flavor, but has the potential to be something special in 3 or 4 years, in my opinion.
  4. Where is 24:24?

    Check the Guide to 24 24, if may help you.
  5. Nothing to see here, just a cigar, move along.
  6. Enjoy every run... haven't given up on getting back to it...never quit...
  7. I've had pretty good luck finding the Lancero lately, and they are top notch. The esplendidos have alluded me, hoping they begin to show up..
  8. Have a box of Cohiba Limited Edition 2011 (1966), that I haven't tried yet. A cigar that I want to smoke at a special occasion.
  9. Love them, bought 3 cabs when they discontinued them. Wish i had bought 3 more.
  10. In no particular order. 1/ Cohiba Esplendidos 15 2/ Connie A 15 3/ Lusitania 16 4/ Punch Punch 16 5/ PLPC 15 6/ Epi 1 16
  11. Have run several marathons, not that fast 3:15 -3:30 pace, but for my age not too bad .Struck by a drunk driver while riding my bicycle (trainning for Iron Man). Lucky to be here, but it put an end to my running, biking, swimming. Walking is the best I can do now. I do miss it so, nothing like the feeling you get after your long runs.
  12. I live on the Gulf coast and battle the humidity as you. My house like yours is air conditioned, but during the summer the humidity creeps up. I take my humidification devices out, during the summer months, and the humidity stays between 63 - 65.
  13. Now, now, what in the world would make you think that?

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