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  1. Be safe, no worries about the shipping.....they are only cigars...
  2. The Mulligan Brothers, great group, original music, would like to know what you all think of them. Ross (lead singer) is my daughters significant other. These guys starting to tour over seas, and across the U.S.
  3. Smoked one a couple a weeks ago, w wonderful cigar, very flavorful all the way to the nub..
  4. From our host, beautiful box of lanceros.
  5. So did I. Trying to determine which one's next...
  6. If , or when you place the order for the humidor, order one much larger than you think you would ever possibly need.
  7. Pickles, people seem to love them, i just don't get it.
  8. Update, after only one more week down time. Really enjoyed the cigar from start to finish. I can see this cigar becoming a favorite. Glad I have another box on the way, because I have a feeling that these won't last too long in my humidor.
  9. Is there a Camp W Big Book?
  10. Honey do's.. wont be too bad, planting some flowers in the yard, makes her happy.
  11. Real cigars, fake Cohiba's....
  12. Personally I just like the look when you open up a cab of 50, and see the ribbon tied around them. As far as difference in quality,, I can't tell the difference. Some boxes and some cabs a little better than others. Just my 2 cents take.
  13. I smoked my first from a box I received from our host ( about 2 weeks ago) today, box code TOS May 16. Enjoyable smoke, easy draw, plenty of smoke, mild at the start, approaching medium halfway very flavorful, the finish was a bit off. Think it needed a bit more rest.
  14. I have been putting a box of esplendidos down each of the last 3 years, will continue doing this for 2 more years, then have a box with 5 yrs age to smoke each year. Not easy to stay out of therm, after an adult beverage or two.
  15. Been a member a couple of years, enjoyed reading the forum, not posting myself. The last couple of months have been buying from 24 24, never more than one box at a time. Have gotten some very nice boxes, and have missed out on many more. I have bought boxes on 24 24, that I normally would not have and have been enjoying trying new cigars. I really appreciate having a group such as FOH, to learn about Cuban cigars, and purchase a quality product from. Thanks

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