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  1. I have boxes of both and while I enjoy both, if I had only $600 to spend and those were my only choices, I'd go for the two boxes of Connie A without hesitation.
  2. I'd definitely agree that NC's go past their prime earlier than CC's since that has been my experience too. But I was recently surprised and caught way off guard by what I found with some old Padron 1926 cigars. The cigars were rolled in 2007 and absolutely wonderful when I bought them (2007). Then I forgot them and when I rediscovered them in 2012, I was severely disappointed by them. I've tried one every year since 2012 and they've been flat and boring....until last month. They hit their peak again and I was in disbelief. I pretty much smoke CC's exclusively now, but these things are phenomenal. I've nearly smoked the remainder of the box now. My point is, you never know when I cigar will go flat and you never know when it'll come back to life. If they're smoking the way you like them, then enjoy! If not, don't be afraid to give them some more time even if it goes against conventional wisdom.
  3. Gotta be careful with distinguishing between plume/mold. It's hard to tell from the pictures what you've got there, but I've seen brown substance on some cigars that we're in a overly moist environment. It looks entirely different than your average white or green mold and IME it ruins the appearance and texture of the wrapper if left unchecked. Almost as if it is decomposing it, leaving it rough to the touch. I've never had actual plume act this way and I have never seen or heard of Plume damaging a wrapper. Im not saying that is what the example above has, but it looks like it might be from the pictures.
  4. While not Cuban, I have some Opus X cigars from early 2000,s that absolutely have Plume on them..,not mold. I would be happy to send one or two of them if you like Rob.
  5. Nature is Amazing

    Well just remember there are always two sides to every coin and just because there is a well done video produced by activists, it doesn't necessarily make it accurate.
  6. Since I'm 0-2 I decided I'm going to go with my first instinct on this one. Upon taking my first puff I "knew" exactly what this that I'm half way through I'm beginning to doubt myself.
  7. I have found the above to be very true. For whatever reason, it seems the current productions don't need nearly as much down time as they once did, with a few exceptions. I vote 1-3 years as a good general rule
  8. Same here. Just so happened to coincide with when I got a new phone, so I've been tirelessly trying find the reason. It eases my mind to know I'm not the only one.
  9. All the above responses have me wondering if it's a wood mite...hmmm
  10. Preparing the Palate

    The smoking experience is night and day difference for me with some fresh lemon squeezed in water.
  11. I don't have a whole lot of experience with SLR as a whole, but a Serie A with some age if pretty hard to beat. I have recently been smoking through a box from '09 and they are fantastic. However, I didn't care too much for them when they were young.
  12. I prefer wood matches, but as others have stated, they can be a challenge if the weather doesn't cooperate. When I use a lighter, I use a butane soft flame.

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