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    My family, cooking, gardening, wine, bourbon, Cubans, Cape Cod, FL. Keys, The Patriots, The Dead, The Phish and standing waist deep in most water waving a stick.

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  1. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    My wife asked me to kiss her where it stinks, so I took her to New Jersey Went to LBI many moons ago. Really cool place. Enjoy the vacay!
  2. How many of these posts were the Patriots mentioned in? Argue all you want. Let's be sure to bump this thread come January.
  3. That's what everyone said this year about the Cowgirls. Dream on.
  4. The strongest team is one that can cohesively overcome the greatest odds in the clutch, imo. Not one determined by a computer generated alogorithm.
  5. I'll take greatness over a decade + and more likely, all time, then your moment in the limelight. Brady's run out of fingers on one hand. Here's to the other.
  6. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    What's the info on the Dip 2? I'm after a box.
  7. We're not worried about the draft as much as winning another championship next year. I'm sure someone will call that cheating at some point. Buckle your chin straps, Brady and Beli aren't settling for record setting.
  8. Makes my deserted island top 3.
  9. Super Bowl Competition

    https://foxync.hellobeautiful.com/2662334/only-super-bowl-m-v-p-to-be-on-the-losing-team/ Ballsy moves from a few of you gents!
  10. Super Bowl Competition

    Patriots Mitchell Brady Edelman *if Jones has highest yardage it pains me to to say the Pats lose. I'm thinking Mitchell or Ryan outplay him, just like they did Antonio Brown.
  11. Sunglasses

    My Randolph Engineering Concordes (24 kt gold frame, Tan Polarized lens) have the best low-medium light clarity of any Polarized lens I've used, which are many. Unfortunately, for blazing mid day sun on the flats or boat they don't offer enough side protection. Best pair of glasses I've have owned though.
  12. Pats. 2cd string, 3rd string. 3-0. You can get fahked Goddell.
  13. Hi! I have some Lusis BOU JUN 10 let me know if you are interested!

  14. Watch suggestions

    Automatic Japanese movement with Nato band. I'm active and it works.
  15. I like my bourbon neat in the fall ad winter and opt for a Manhattan on the rocks in the heat but would never criticize someone for what they Enjoy! I'm often ribbed for my love of tropical drinks, especially a well made pin a coLada but I love they way they taste (go great with cigars too) and can handle the jabs at my masculinity:) Enjoy!

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