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  1. It's not really that hard. Every meaningful code (meaning the Havana Factories) is known less than a year after they change them. Hence the list. People will see one code during a tour at La Corona(or whichever factory is currently open), then the cats out of the bag on that one. El Laquito is always relatively easy to decipher, because of the cigars that regularly come from there. Like Oliver said, there are people out there with the list, but most people don't seem to care past the few mother mother factories.
  2. 2017 Tobacco Crop Update

    Couldn't have said it better myself.
  3. 2017 Tobacco Crop Update

    The below photos are from November 24th, 2017. They show the seedlings at the Prieto Finca about 3 days before planting in the main fields.
  4. 2017 Tobacco Crop Update

    Haha. I honestly don't even know the going rate for a Siglo V, but I know thy're only $15 each on the Malecon!
  5. 2017 Tobacco Crop Update

    Agreed, the Dahlia is unfortunately going by the wayside. The V will probably be the last Cohiba vitola we start to see rolled more frequently. I optimistically agree that "all boats shall rise", but you never know. I would agree that they don't necessarily have the same target market, but any of the group will sell quickly and completely. I was referring more to the near Identical sizes of the Sig VI, BHK 54 and BHK 56 and Talisman. With a minuscule delta of 4/64th of an inch ring gauge and 16 mm in length, these cigars will be wrapped from the same general size leafs. They may sort the better quality leaves to the BHK and the "second tier" to the Siglo line, with the rejects wrapping the Talisman? Haha Until I looked at this a bit more in depth, I didn't realize that these 4 cigars were so similar in size. If you add the Majestuoso at 58 x 150 were still talking the same size wrapper leaf. So if we have a couple bumper crops over the next couple years my guess is that we see another 4 or 5 special releases in the exact same 50-56rg and 5.5" - 6.5" length before we see any resurgence in regular production availability. Again, HSA has been trending this way for a decade. The tobacco going into these "special" cigars isn't special(anymore so than regular Cohiba tobacco). Its regular production tobacco and a special band/box with a cute story on why this size is so special and rare this time around. They are clearly pushing this as far as they can. Your comment about the Talisman wrappers was spot on, those wrappers wouldn't pass on any regular production Cohiba, so why are they acceptable on a $60 "special" cigar? No wonder the reviews have been thoroughly Meh for the Talisman so far. I am optimistic that we will see more quantities of SOME of our old favorites as the warehouses start to fill with leaf, but my gut feeling is that well see something like a 60/40 split with New/Special Releases getting the larger share.
  6. 2017 Tobacco Crop Update

    Winnies were everywhere in Havana during the Partagas Festival in November. They've also been trickling out to online vendors, including here. With the several different Cohiba 50th anni. releases, the huge Talisman coming out late last year, and the general wrapper shortage. I think that Siglo VI size/quality wrapper leafs have been going elsewhere. There seems to be a slow, but steady supply of Esplendidos though, so I may be off. My guess is that they start rolling more BHK 54 or 56 with those wrappers before we see any Siglo VI again, so it could be a while. Unless we have multiple years of bumper crops or a complete sea change in cigar buying habits this is going to be the trend going forward. HSA will happily scrap an old stalwart so that they can stuff the exact same tobacco into a 20 count box of "special" cigars with some cute story behind them, which clearly demands a 50% markup to a 25 count of a similar vitola. Why would they put that scarce wrapper leaf on a $15 Siglo VI when they could put it on a $35 BHK or a $60 Talisman and double or quadruple their profit? Its depressing, but its the way of the world. For a "communist" country I am regularly amazed at how well they embrace and execute capitalism.
  7. DIY Den with cabinet humidor

    Very nice. The Ozone generator should work great for you. I have one and after I run it for a couple hours, you wouldn't know anybody had smoked.
  8. 2017 Tobacco Crop Update

    They were preparing in earnest at the HLP Finca the last few days of November. I saw mentioned that HSA held back a few thousand Hectares in case of rain, but Hector was confident they would be fine and was planning to plant all of his fields simultaneously. We have a long way to go before we can call this another bumper crop, but everything is shaping up nicely so far.
  9. If you are looking to hire a driver in Havana

    Ain't that the truth. Cuban's are amazing.
  10. Its great to see this kind of honesty. I wish we saw it more often with other marcas, OK, just one marca really. I haven't called any of my boxes home yet, and wasn't really planning to do so for a few years even before I read through this thread. I prefer my Perlas and PCs with at least three years, I've smoked a few examples in the 8 year range and they are smooth and delicious, really good cigars. I'm hoping we'll see a similar trend with the 88's, but you just never know. I think we are all prepared for some construction issues when purchasing double figurados, but that box almost looks like somebody was just practicing. I noticed that the Hoyo Tacos scored well in the cigar of the year poll. Similar to the Britanicas vitola in size and shape, I havent heard of any widespread criticism regarding the blend or construction on these. The few Tacos I smoked in Havana last year were noticeably wet, Oct box codes were on LCDH shelves the last two weeks of November, so they were about as fresh as possible. They showed enough potential for me to bring a couple boxes home actually.
  11. In three pages of responses I still have not seen an answer for what you call actual tomato sauces? Will any Aussi please enlighten us? Its Catsup and Papas Fritas in Cuba and every other Spanish speaking country I've been to. Which translates directly to "Fried Potatoes" in English. Since that's exactly what we're talking about here, I would argue that they've got us all licked. The Australian tomato sauce, as well as the others I've heard described seem to all have different recipes(no sugar, add mushrooms, very different consistencies, etc.) which would mean they aren't really the same thing. You can't call beef stew beef stew if you switch the beef out for chicken..... (Beef Bourguinon for our French Canadian friends) Veering off into the linguistics part cracked me up. I'm pretty sure that original thread lead to a few timeouts. Its unfortunate to see something as lighthearted and quite honestly, meaningless, as this degrade into people taking shots at each other. I completely understand why you prefer what you grew up with. I don't like the "Catsup" they serve in Cuba, its too watery and not sweet enough, but it goes better with a ham and cheese sandwich than Heinz 57.
  12. tanking? ever acceptable?

    Just hire Ben McAdoo and call it a "mistake" you'll get a great pick. I agree that tanking defined as "taking the field with no intention of winning", than yes I disagree with that completely. I think that should be the only definition, because playing your young guys, instead of your high paid vets isn't tanking. That's just smart coaching. If all the multimillion dollar a year players haven't cut it yet, it makes a lot of sense to see what you have waiting in the wings. You know your chance to win right now will probably decrease if you do this, but with the possibility that your chance to win next year may increase. I don't know who the Skins have waiting in the wings, you know Kirk is going to cost $30 Mil+ a year if you want to keep him around, so the chances of him actually sticking around are very very low. It would make sense to start a younger guy, with the thoughts of seeing what he can do, it doesn't appear that that QB is on the roster though.
  13. Cryptocurrencies

    Catalyst? I use nice hash, fortunately I only had about $20 in their wallet today building before my next payout. Some people had their entire wallet with these guys. Roughly $65 Million in a single hit, possibly untraceable, I can't wait for the movie. It will be very interesting to see how this develops. Watching thousands of people's wallets emptied, with no effective legal recourse, will definitely prompt some to sell.
  14. Best Cigar shop in Santiago de Cuba?

    I was just there for a couple days. I did not get a chance to stop by the Melia Santiago, but that is a good suggestion. I did not see any dedicated LCDH stores while I was there.

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