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  1. I understand this part completely. It really is a no Brainer for HSA, and Montesco's seem to be a no brainer for the distributors. If these things weren't making money, they wouldn't keep making them. I'm just lamenting the growing quantity of No Brainer cigars, made by a No Brain company for No Brain people. Its such a waste of an amazing resource.
  2. Its not More or Variety, tobacco wise. Its the same tobacco that goes into regular production cigars. There is no evidence or even chatter that "RE tobacco" is grown and Rob has stated several times that Distributor input on the blends has been less and less lately. I agree that we have seen an explosion in band variety and quantity. No bands were once common place, now 3 bands are. The focus is being pulled away from whats important and drawn towards what isn't. I wonder if 19 in 2019 was a coincidence on purpose?
  3. But where is the wrapper coming from? Vuelta Arriba? Semi Vuelta? Or do they just stop rolling certain cigars entirely? If we judge on past performance, most of these wont be out until late 2020 anyway. These last few crops of wrapper leaf should be coming ready by then.
  4. New Quintero Band

    So they just stuck "Quintero" over Simon Bolivars Head? Very Creative. These HSA guys are really gettin' the hang of this. At least they stuck with the Red/White/Gold Theme. You never see that color combo on cigar bands today...................
  5. They both appear to be La Corona.(TOS definitely was) So pick the boxes based on appearance/aroma.
  6. Its Funny you say that, I almost smoked a festival 898 this afternoon. I decided on a Puntilla though and I am thoroughly enjoying it as I type this. I cant say I've ever had a bad 898. I have had a few that have been just been "too much" and really knocked me on my ass though.
  7. Cheese Wheels.
  8. aged cigars - thoughts?

    The Oldest cigar I have smoked was about 20 years old at the time. A 1996 Punch SS2 in 2016. It was very good, I think "clean" is a good way to describe the overall experience. I have noticed around the 8-10 year mark that a more pronounced change begins to happen. I dont typically notice much difference in a cigar at the 2 or even 5 year mark.
  9. The Land Rover Experience

    Very funny. The “Land Rover Experience” is a blast!! If your ute is running. Maybe a few hard laps around the autocross course will knock something loose! Ive been twice here in Colorado. One was a Plains/obstacle/autocross setup. The second was pure rock crawling way up in the rockies. When functional, Rovers are BY FAR the most functional regular production off road vehicles made. Its simply stunning waht they can do, all while your butt and steering wheel A/C are keeping the nervous sweats at bay.
  10. Cuba Plane crash

    Yup, looks like a flat spin induced by a stall. Fun in a Cessna with several thousand feet of air beneath you, not so fun in a 38 year old plane 100 feet off the ground. Whats interesting is the lack of smoke/fire from the engines. As @nino stated a faulty calculation or setting by the flight crew is the most likely cause. Modern commercial airliners (and even smaller planes now) do almost all of these calculations themselves, so pilots are fogetting how to do them properly. Im not sure how long this crew had been operating this age/type plane but the avionics are a huge leap from something like this to a modern 737.
  11. Same here. I hate “forcing it”. So when it gets particularly cold or if Im ill I can go several weeks without one.
  12. Put a face to the name Comp

    WOW!! You nailed it. Im just east of Kaunakaki on the "Tallest"(80') of Verizon Wireless' 6 towers on the island. I would love to live there one day. The laid back attitude is amazing. The Skydiving photo is actually from Hawaii too. Its harder to tell, but I am about 13,000 feet above Dillingham Airfield (Oahu) on my way down from 15,500'. The view from there is hard to beat:
  13. Put a face to the name Comp

    You never said just one........... Work. PLAY! Last but not least, Enjoying some Cigars!
  14. The Medallas de Oro or Gold Medals are Worlds Fair awards. I'm Not sure about the Diplomas de Honor.

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