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  1. Are there any "Havens" or "Loopholes" in OZ? I'm not sure exactly how Australian society views states/territories rights, but in the US we can get around a lot of this crap. You want cheap cigarettes? Drive a couple hours to an Indian Reservation. Tax Free Baby. Fireworks illegal in your state? drive one, maybe two states over, load your trunk up till the bumper scraps and drive back to your state. Wanna get high? Head to one of the rapidly growing number of states with legal weed. You like hookers? The desert of Nevada has multiple life times worth. (No, Not Vegas) Don't get me wrong, we have Nanny states too. Some people even appear to enjoy living in them.
  2. I picked up this stick and a couple others last year during the FOH visit to Hector Luis' Finca in November. I am gearing up for a return trip this November, and as such, I am working my way through some of the customs I picked up on that trip with an eye to determining what to pickup this time. I was able to grab a single custom Lancero (pictured) but they were only selling customs in 2 sizes. The 6 3/4" by 58 guage "Ocho" pictured or 7"+ by 64 gauge (yes 64) monsters. Not being a fan of large gauge cigars I went for the "little brother." The first photo shows the Cigar sandwiched between a 7" x 38 lancero and a standard Corona Gorda. (Punch Punch) The second shows it stretching out of the FOH ashtray. Pre Light: I love the look of Closed and Shaggy foot cigars. This one is closed and the wrapper is simply amazing. Tissue paper thin, smooth as silk, beautiful, rich color, a single small "peanut". Its no wonder Hector won the "Habanos man of the Year" award, he is good at what he does. The scent of the cigar is intoxicating, it brings me right back to the farm. Strong barnyard, pure and simple. After three punches from my 8mm punch, it looks like we have most of the head opened up. Despite the closed foot, the draw is perfect, which amazes me. Cold draw delivers the same, strong Barnyard, heavenly. 1st Third: The small flag left on the closed foot takes the flame immediately and we're off. I have to be honest, the first 1" or so of the cigar was disappointing, very earthy, but one dimensional and really not a lot going on. Plenty of smooth, rich smoke. No pepper and only hints of sweetness. The first ash holds to atleast 1 1/4", once I dump it the cigar starts to open up a bit. Some light sweetness enters the mix but the cigar remains very earthy and rustic in the main. 2nd Third: The complexity really starts to pick up. Earth, Cinnamon, Mushrooms. I'm not sure exactly how to describe it, but this cigar is not elegant, its not refined. Its in your face, rustic, and full bodied. "Velvet Hammer" is close, but doesn't quite cut it. No bullshit, strong, rich Tobacco, very well blended, very well constructed. Final Third: The cigar continues to put out plenty of thick smoke. Only two touchups required through the entirety of this huge cigar. I did hit one of those weird patches where I could not keep the cigar lit for the life of me. I still don't understand why this happens, but after a 1/2" or so of trouble, I get another solid 1" of good cigar before I decide to put it down. Earth provided the flavor spine for this cigar, while cinnamon, coffee, mushroom, leather, strong tobacco flavor. Conclusion: My opinion has not changed on jaw breakers. This cigar was good enough to push the unpleasant size towards the back of my mind, but not completely out of it. I think these cigars NEED another decade down, 20 probably wouldn't hurt. Very strong, rich quality tobacco, but despite how smooth the cigar already was, it still needs a lot more time to round out the blend and let some of the nuances shine. I will be picking up another bundle or two next month, but probably somewhere in the long corona/lonsdale size range, rather than more monsters.
  3. Help with exhaust system

    @dominattorney You're in the Denver area right? I've helped a few buddies build and ventilate their "gardens" over the last few years. For a few hundred bucks and a few hours, we can make that basement feel like a wind tunnel. PM Me.
  4. I'm one of them. Every single morning. Headaches, Fatigue, Nausea. It was a real struggle.....................
  5. I was staying across the street from the Capri last November, concurrent with the initial "attacks" there. I'm Fine. So fine in fact, that I will be staying at the same place again 6 weeks from now. Cuba is one of the safest places I have ever vacationed (including many U.S. destinations), a travel advisory indicating it isn't safe is just not true. The vastly disparate reactions from the U.S. and Canada (they also had diplomats "attacked") is very interesting, but completely unsurprising. A "cool down" in hotel and restaurant prices will be graciously accepted by the people that have been travelling to the island for years. I wonder, to what degree will we see this?
  6. Cuban Deep Sea Fishing

    I have greatly enjoyed the "Deep Sea" fishing trips I have taken while on family trips to the Yucatan in Mexico. Akumel, a small diving and fishing village about an hour south of Playa del Carmen is one of my favorite places on the planet. Leave the hotel around sunrise, get to the beach, find a boat, haggle a price, load up the bait/beer and head out. Spending the day trolling, drinking beer, and reeling in whatever bites is just about the perfect day to me. In Mexico I've caught Mahi Mahi, Black/Red Snapper, Barracuda, and one Marlin. I am looking to book a similar trip this November in Cuba. I will be spending a week in Havana, but I have another week to explore the island. I have read and re read @Ken Gargett's tales of Fly Fishing Las Salinas, and have explored fishing that area myself. I have also looked at Cayo Coco/Cayo Guillermo and the Santiago de Cuba area. I wouldn't be opposed to staying closer to Havana or Pinar del Rio, but I havent heard or seen of anything like this in that area. Heading out from Marina Hemingway for a day chasing big Sailfins would be amazing! I understand that November is peak season for the Mahi Mahi(Dolphin or Wahoo) and I love the fight this species shows.Has anybody fished like this in Cuba? Any tips, tricks, or recommendations are appreciated!
  7. U.S. Based Cell Service in Cuba Thread

    Mike, How did this work for you last year? I went without a phone last year, which was ok, but won't cut it for this years trip. I would prefer to use my existing phone, rather than getting a Cuban one, but if it doesnt work very well I have no problem getting a temp number through cubacel.
  8. Behikes

    About half way down, the "creator" of Behike speaks to the Medio Tiempo leaf. The article is a bit contradictory though. It says "medio tiempo had fallen out of general use because it was rare and only grew on 10% to 15% of plants." Then the next sentence says they had been stuffing what MT they grew into domestic cigars prior to 2010. Where have I heard that Narrative before? "These wrapper leafs are much too thick/robust/dark to use for export cigars." "Well, we're out of regular wrapper leaf." "Oh, Ok. Then lets wrap some export cigars with that rough, thick wrapper, give em a special band, than charge 2 or 3 times as much for them." " Perfect!! Lets call them "Limited Editions" they'll sell like hotcakes! Marketing 101
  9. Behikes

    This is my question. I wonder what % of Finished Behikes have actually been smoked vs. bought, resold, traded, resold again, than stuffed in a coolidor. Is it 10%, 20%? Does anybody here on FOH smoke Behike regularly, even 1 a month? I've never had one and I've only smoked about a dozen Cohiba in my entire life, I'm not buying cigars for the packaging. I dont need to smoke them to tell you one thing unequivocally, I would much rather smoke 10 Fonseca 1s than a single Behike 54 for the same amount of money. I don't care if there is leaf from Fidels private Finca in the blend, Behikes are not worth the price, they (and most of the RE/EL trend) are targeted to people wit more money than brains. HSA must pay 4 or 5 (or 10) times as much to import the special Behike boxes and bands than they pay for the actual tobacco and rolling process. @Fugu's breakdown of the MT leaf is great, its just the tippy top ligero leaf, typically trimmed early in the growing process to allow the other Ligero leafs to receive more sun/nutrients. Not really exceptional in and of itself. Now, to the OPs questions. I can Echo the above, I have heard some Behike were once rolled at Partagas, but well probably never know for sure. A shortage of sufficient wrapper leaf is a much more logical reason for the absence of Behike, again, its much easier to grow Miedo Tiempo than Cohiba grade wrapper leaf. As Pres said, it makes a lot more sense (ROI wise) to use your best quality wrapper for BHK before say CORO or Sig IV, so maybe there is something else going on.
  10. I'm only 30 and I smoked my first cigar about 15 years ago. Dad has always had a humidor and enjoyed cigars occasionally throughout my life. Fortunately cigar smoking has never been stigmatized (for me) and I really don't get much negative kick back from my family or friends. They understand to some degree, but I don't expect either of my brothers to pick up the habit. Most of my childhood and family friends don't smoke, but I do have "Cigar Buddies." I certainly go through phases. I may not smoke during the winter for a month or more, but there are weeks in the summer or during vacation that I smoke multiple cigars everyday. I anticipated these fluctuations to continue, but I struggle to imagine a future sans my wonderful Habanos.
  11. Encuentros Partagas - Havana Trip, Nov 2017?????

    If I wasn't already planning to head out to SdC later in my trip, I would probably do the entire event. 300 CUC for a RT flight to ScD, a Rum Tasting, and Lunch is not a bad deal. I'm gunna try to call the shop later today to reserve my tickets. Apparently their email address isn't recognized by Google our outlooks servers anymore!
  12. Thanks. I actaully tried one more time Monday. That email kicked back to me saying that the email address wasn't valid. (or not for yankees) I guess I'll try giving them a call!
  13. Haha Video POKER or as our Aussie brethren refer to them "Pokies" Not really my bag, but some people can't get enough of em. I've never purchased a cigar there. The first time I went, I was with a group for a bachelor party. We spent several hundred on food and drinks though. This last time, I had a beer and a G&T with my Punch Punch, left a nice tip, took some photos, and headed out. Neither time did anybody even suggest I take a look at the walk in. @Buck14 has got it, don't expect to walk away clean, but don't feel obligated to spend like crazy.
  14. I was in Las Vegas last week for Communication Tower Rope Rescue Training and got a chance to stop by the Montecristo Lounge. This was my second time going and I like it very much. One large TV wall (10'x20') a huge walk in, video porker at the bar, an "outdoor lounge" out back and a general "Library" feel with all the hardwood and leather. I had the place to myself for almost an hour, so I got to poke around more than last time, below are a few photos from this most recent trip.

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