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  1. Encuentros Partagas - Havana Trip, Nov 2017?????

    Nothing official yet. I know that there are going to be quite a few of us planning to be down there for that week of the Partagas Festival. As I stated above, I will also be spending the week after exploring the rest of the island with some friends/family. I don't have anything booked yet and my email to partagas regarding tickets to the event has gone unanswered as of right now. If you are interested in making the trip, keep your eye on this thread. Things should start to shake out soon.
  2. Remember Piggy. You have to make sure its thermoelectric, NOT the old fashioned coolers. His collection looks a lot like yours though. Half a dozen boxes, almost entirely RE/LEs.
  3. Just over a year later and I finally got the opportunity to indulge in my first Montecristo Dantes Edicion Limitada 2016. I am glad to announce it was well worth the wait. I grabbed one of the less attractive sticks from the first box I purchased, the same one as the previously posted photos. I've snapped up another box just about each time they have popped up here, figuring if I didn't like them, I would have no problem finding another home for them. The only problem I have now is keeping my hands off them. A summary of my experience is below, I will post another update after they have had a few more months to rest and dry out. Opening: Veiny, Rough, dark wrapper. Not particularly oily. Strong Barnyard aroma at cold with a lingering sweetness. The sweetness translate through on the slightly firm cold draw. Despite almost 3 months at 62% RH the cigar is still very spongy, with no crackle to the wrapper. I think I remember Rob mentioning some of the early batches arrived very wet. First Third: Opens brilliantly, we are off the races from the first puff. Cocoa and Tobacco. I am not picking up any creaminess, more of a dry cocoa powder, hints of sweetened coffee. Already very Rich and Smooth as silk, only 8 months out of the factory. Second Third: Well defined dry, chalky, unsweetened cocoa powder is coming in waves. The sweetness has disappeared, its been replaced by a combination of citric sourness and mint. Each coming and going, sometimes there, sometimes not. Always on the fringes, neither overpowering the cocoa/tobacco. I love that minty hit in a cigar, it is a rare occurrence for me, but I am always happy when it appears. The draw is firmer than I prefer, but I like an easier draw, so it would probably be perfect for most. Exemplary construction, the ashes are holding close to 2", no touchups needed so far. Final Third: Cocoa continues its dominance, the sour and minty notes have ceded. The high moisture content of the cigar and the ambient air have started to take there toll. The cigar starts to get bitter and hot, the flavors are becoming more muddled. I don't want to tarnish the enjoyment I've had so far, so I set it down with just over an inch left. Overall Thoughts: A mix of happiness and some longing/regret. The cigar is wonderful, and from my taste buds has the legs to be a great cigar for years to come. Flavor, body, complexity and a smooth delivery. I cant ask for more. It makes me sad that this wonderful tobacco, that may have once filled any of the lovely Coronas, Lonsdales or the like, is now relegated to $20+ USD/stick special/limited release. Don't get me wrong, I get it, HSA is a business. But that doesn't change how I feel. I am glad that I went relatively deep on these, they are a shining example of what HSA can do, when they do it right. It just makes it harder wading through piles of the other crap knowing there are cigars like this out there.
  4. Las Vegas cigar bars

    I've only been 3 times, but I can't remember anyone even offering to cut/light my cigar. Which is fine with me. If you can't cut it and light it, you haven't earned the right to smoke it.
  5. I just smoked my first a few days ago. Even after 2 + months at % rh, it was still too wet. But, as you stated, Montecristo through and through. Waves of cocoa powder, some coffee, occasional blasts of spearmint. Burn was less than perfect on mine, but drying them out a bit more should help. I am also very happy with my purchases!
  6. Custom FOH Cubans?

    HAHAHA "Pricks I have to deal with"
  7. Real US CC Import "Limits"

    From what I have heard here and other places, in conjunction with my own experience, this is one situation where the truth may actually set you free. At current duty rates it just doesn't seem to be worth the agents time to upack, Count/inventory, then apply duty to cigars. Even up to several times the "acceptable" limit. On my trip back through last year I was more than forthcoming that I had several hundred cigars and 7 litres of rum. I don't think the agent even read my customs form. A quick scan, "have a good night" and off I went. Im sure there is a limit to the quantity this will work for and Im not going to push it, but I have every intention of being completely honest on my way back through later this year.
  8. Las Vegas cigar bars

    Yeah, you can do better than Casa Fuente. The new Montecristo lounge in Ceasers is really nice. The back room does a very good job simulating an outdoor lounge, while also isolating you from the hustle and bustle just outside the door. Drinks aren't cheap, but arent much more than most other places in Vegas. They have an awesome circular/see through walk in at the entrance. My favorite spot is at the Bellagio pool. Outside, great view, and a much more mature crowd. Just strolling down the strip and people watching (I love the heat) is also hard to beat. You will need a friend in high places, but check out "The Founders Room" at Mandalay, it probably has the best view of any bar in the state.
  9. That's not an article. Its a poorly veiled advertisement for double banded dollar gobblers. The formula for winning an HSA man of the year award is pretty clear.......
  10. Tar Buildup - ?

    What temp/humidity were you smoking them at? Even if they are stored correctly drawing warm/moist air through a hot cigar can cause this. I have only noticed tar building at the head when I used a V or too small punch cut. I like to open as much of the head as possible to spread the smoked out across the largest surface area. I rarely have this issue storing and smoking most of my cigars in very dry Colorado, but I notice it more when I go to tropical locals like Hawaii, Mexico, Cuba, etc. If you are having trouble getting enough moisture out of the cigars try Rob's refrigerator trick, it has worked for me.
  11. Encuentros Partagas - Havana Trip, Nov 2017?????

    I can't believe it took me a week to see this. I AM IN! I started planning when I was still in Havana last November! I am looking to spend that week and the next in Cuba. The first week in/around Havana, the second in Pinar and some combination of Trinidad/Santiago de Cuba/Guntanamo. No flights or accommodations booked yet, but we are getting close to that time. My plan is to leave the morning after the 1 year anniversary of El Commandante's demise. I missed it by a few days last year.
  12. I struggle to recommend buying any CC blind anymore. Cohiba may have a higher hit rate (quality wise) than other marcas, but as the blind tasting of cigar #4 recently showed us, the marca is certainly not infallible. I would lean towards patience (and maybe a few more $) to help ensure you don't get one of those crap boxes.
  13. Magnum 56............

    Thoroughly covered and thoroughly disappointing. My feelings are detailed in the thread below. Flavour wise, it is a grand slam. Really a spectacular cigar. Unfortunately the size is just unpleasent for me. I have been perusing some lesser known (to me) corners of the HSA catalogue searching for an alternative since they were released.
  14. I was certainly not aiming my post at you, or any one member in particular. I actually think you and I agree on a lot of whats being discussed here and in general. I don't know if my avatar is any hint, but I lean highly libertarian myself. Regardless of how you view this situation I agree the government should not be the driving force behind change. That being said, the change is happening. Regardless of weather you are a flat earther, a tree hugger, or a fox news watcher you cant deny the change we are seeing in all that is transportation. Some of that has been spurred by government spending, but as you alluded to, its the private money that is making the change. The UK government is not revolutionary, their "goal" is well on its way to happening without any input from them whatsoever. I'm not debating the merits of moving from fossil fuels to an all electric fleet, or hydrogen, or unicorn farts. None are perfect, and we will eventually discover something better than each. I am saying the move to automated, alternatively powered vehicles is not going to take 2 and a half more decades to mature in a small highly developed country. Will a farmer in a rural village in africa or south america have an all electric fleet in 23 years? Probably not, but by then the next best thing will be just around the corner. I was not attempting to call anyone's views stupid, it was more aimed at the tone. The issue at the heart of all this, is not and should not be political. We as a society can and should do better, and not just on this issue. Some politicians make a worthless and (in my estimation) eventually inconsequential announcement and for some reason we are debating political systems. Pols around the world have mastered the "hey look over here" trick. The shiny object (political theatre) seems to be distracting every one while little to nothing happens to actually execute progress. The Cubans with the embargo, the Russians still undermining the yankees at every turn, chinese imperialism in the pacific, the UKs ban of all fossil fuel vehicle production in 23 years. All tools being used by their respective governments to distract the masses from the governments rampant ineptitude. As you stated earlier any government is theoretically effective, it is in human execution of these systems where see a stunning failure rate. The politics of this announcement will undoubtedly be viewed as a failure, regardless of the policies actual effectiveness. The less political we keep the discussion the longer it will stay unlocked, hopefully.

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