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  1. After a huge disappointment from the first cigar I was really looking forward to this 2nd one. I have smoked both cigars of this size before and enjoy each quite a bit. Unfortunately this cigar was a complete waste of the 2 minutes I tried smoking it. The wrapper looked like it had acne, and multiple large green water spots. Solid as a rock for the majority of the cigar, cold draw yields no flavors as the cigar is completely plugged. Essentially no smoke production. I attempt to work through the worst of the plug with a draw poker through the head, which causes the wrapper to split almost half way up the cigar. A resounding 0-2 so far, truly the bottom of the barrel in terms of quality. Just like the first cigar I will be taking a blind guess based on size.
  2. Wow, thats unfortunate. Can I ask why you connected in Guadalajara AND Cancun? I Flew Denver, Cancun, Havana in November and my experience could not have been more different than this. I had over a hundred cigars in my checked bag, about the same amount in my carry on and 35 or so in my backpack, plus 7 liters of rum. They thought a souvenir baseball I picked up looked like fruit on the Xray, so they pulled me to the side and pulled it out of my bag. When they saw the cigars in my backpack they asked "Cuanto" I said 25, they tossed the ball back to me and I proceeded on my way. This was in Cancun on November 17th, so a week or so later than you. I also flew different airlines, so nothing on my Cancun to Denver return papers said anything about Cuba. I am assuming that helped. Its hard to argue that we don't deserve it......
  3. Yes. No. Medio Siglo=Half Century To Commemorate 50 years of Cohiba. Like the original "Siglo" Line I to V to commemorate the 5 Centuries since the "Discovery" of Cuba. 1494-1994
  4. The Giants Needs: -O Line (LIKE ALWAYS!!!!) - Tight End (we played a DT and 2 undrafted jokes at this position last year) -Linebacker (Again for about the 10th offseason in a row) -S/CB (Set for Starters, but we need depth) Our Selections; ANOTHER GD Wide Receiver who has shown absolutely ZERO ability or desire to block in college, a DT to replace the prow bowler/All Pro we were too cheap to re sign, and a F*@#KING Quarterback. Did I miss something, What happened to our TWO TIME Super Bowl MVP winning QB? Apparently their is no desire to help him win now, or to even keep him upright. Really, completely unfathomable considering we spent the off season signing shitty cast offs at these same positions, a 34 year old WR on his 5th team (B Marshall) a QB who inspires his team mates so much that one of them broke his jaw in the locker room.(G Smith) I agree with Ken, things are looking up for the Skins.
  5. I have seen fakes at the LCDH in Playa del Carmen, after I asked quite a few questions the clerk steered me away from them, but they looked like a lot of the fakes you see floating around down there. Lumpy, and poor wrapper quality, much rougher than the above. This was 2013, but I don't remember being particularly surprised by it. I did buy a couple very (real) tasty cigars while I was there. I have never seen fakes in the LCDH in Cancun(4 visits in the last 10 years), or any in Havana. Those bands would fool even modestly educated cigars smokers, probably 95%+ of the population.
  6. I staid in Haleiwa last December, and I didn't see anything about this. That sounds like a great time, definitely on my list for next time!
  7. Not for everyone. Ajay Owns/Runs the Teddington LCDH location and was with a group from Hunters and Frankau who are one of the oldest and largest distributors of Habanos. The renovation is clearly complete though, so maybe they will open it up to tour groups? In all reality, the factories are all pretty much the same theses days. (minus the decorations) El Laguito Rolls Upmanns, La Corona rolls Cohibas, they roll ELs in regional factories, etc. Most of the buildings aren't in their original locations any more (save Partagas which is too decrepit to function as a factory anymore) as we have seen with La Corona and a couple others they are just signs on a building until the next renovation/move is complete. While I would certainly take the chance if it was presented, a tour of El Laguito isn't going to be much different than a tour at La Corona or which ever factory they have cleaned up enough at the time to parade people through.
  8. Smoking on your balcony is an option, but all it takes is one grump and you get popped with the cleaning fee (which I would imagine is no less than $350 at a resort like that). I have done it before in an end room at the Hilton Waikiki, but its always a risk. Tobaccos of Hawaii has a decent selection of NC's along with some way overpriced, but surprisingly smooth and tasty Hawaiian Cigars. "Kuai Cigar Company" rolls 6 lines, I have enjoyed the Makaleha (similar to Macanudo) and the Grand Alii which I found to be much more flavorfull. Its about 30 minutes from where you are staying, on the other side of Waikiki. On a none Cigar related note. If you get a chance, go check out the north shore. Far less developed, less touristy and a lot more "Hawaiian" beautiful beaches, plenty off cool stuff to check out, and you will experience about 1/4 of the tourists you will in the Honolulu area. Enjoy your trip!!
  9. "Peanut" Some people actually think they make the cigar taste better. There used to be a brand (french I think) that used only wrappers with marks like this. I've been told its where a worker pinched the leaf too hard during picking, and hanging in the barn.
  10. "Glass Tops" will always be cheap.
  11. Ajay Patel stated that he saw Medio Tiempo leaf being deviened/sorted in the El Laguito Factory during the Festival in February. Medio Tiempo would mean BHK, so maybe they had a few pilones/barrels of wrapper leaf come ready late last year and they are rolling more. Its great to see more "reasonable" prices again.
  12. Yes. Completely and totally inconstant in every way. They make more Montes then the next couple brands combined. Inconsistency is the name of the game here, buying either blind is not advised. I don't really like the size of the DE, so I haven't smoked enough of them to develop a strong opinion one way or the other. I can say that I prefer the 42 ring montes to either of these larger ring sizes, the flavors are more direct and intense. The DE and No 2 are about the same size; 50 vs 52 rg and 6.1 vs 6.1. Interestingly enough, its stated on Cuntint that the PE weighs 17grams compared to the 14.26 grams of the No.2 Im not sure how you can fit more tobacco in a smaller size though............... When you consider that a box of DE's comes at a 35% premium to the No 2s there is no contest for me.
  13. Definitely Fake. sorry man. For starters, that cigar "doesn't exist" (Cohiba LCDH) as you stated and second, that Cohiba band is almost as rough as the wrapper. The poor spacing around the Taino head is a dead give away. There is a noticeable white space along the bottom and right side of the Gold Taino Head. However the upper and left edges bleed directly into the black and white checkered background. These types of blatant printing errors are very rare(but occasionally present) on real Cohiba bands. The top and bottom gold bars should also have "COHIBA" and Taino head holograms printed in. These look to be straight gold leaf on your example. Don't feel bad. My most prized Cuban cigar is a fake CORO. I checked into my Casa and walked straight down to the Malecon looking for one. I knew it was fake the second the guy pulled it out of his pocket, I couldn't believe it was as "easy" as everybody said though! I swiped it from him for 4 CUC and love showing it to my friends as an example of "what not to buy". I think its a cool story/souvenir and now you know!
  14. I completely blow by the intro at first. Only after my order email has been placed and I get the good news from Di, do I go back and think. Huh, I wonder what all that text above the photos was?
  15. As for pretty much every cigar, online pricing is highly variable. Their first time on 24:24, the pricing was about $210 for the box of 10.

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