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  1. It really would be........
  2. I'm glad I did it, Once. Especially now that it won't be possible for the foreseeable future. Havana and Santiago de Cuba are a LONG way apart travelling by train/bus or even car. The bus ride from Bayamo to Santiago de Cuba was actually beautiful, the views go for miles as you wind your way down out of the Sierra Meastra into Santiago de Cuba. It was definately worth it. I will post some photos from last year when I get back from my upcoming trip.
  3. They actually announced yesterday, out of the blue, that they are moving the start of the legislative session up one day to tomorrow. The 18th. "Because of the importance of the matters at hand" Lets not blow this out of proportion too much. Raul will still be the boss. He will still be the commander in Chief of the Military and Head of the communist party. Diaz-Canel will essentially be the speaker of the house, in a single party system. Raul will still have Final say on just about everything. We may start to see more changes happen, but the real change is going to be in 2021 when Raul Steps down completely.
  4. Aviation Post

    I will certainly keep everybody updated. I have a single GoPro now and I am shopping for one of the Hero 6's now. Having some 4K footage to document the process will be awesome. I am running X Plane 11 displayed on a 39" Curved Ultrawide monitor. It will get the stomach bubbling if I turn the weather up enough. I'm going for the First class, just in case. I don't have any plans to go past the Private Pilot, with maybe a multi engine, but you never know what corporate pilot salaries are going to look like in 5 years. I just want to make sure I know now if there will be anything preventing me from moving forward down the road.
  5. Aviation Post

    I completed my first training flight yesterday! It was a bumpy (typical for Colorado) but Beautiful day for flying. I've always been an "AvGeek" and I am finally in the position to be serious about acquiring my Private Pilots license. I built a decent little simulator about 5 months ago and have been putting serious time in(130 hrs in a C172 and about 40 in turbo props to 747s), doing all I can to get as close to that 40 hour FAA minimum as possible. I am currently (in the sim) practicing my cross country navigation skills with a tour around Cuba. I was amazed how smooth my transition into a real cockpit was and I am HOOKED. I have my Class 1 medical scheduled for the day I return from Cuba. If everything comes back good there, I will hit the air running! With work/family obligations, the financial outlay and Colorado's rapidly changing weather I am planning 8-12 months for completion. Any tips to a newbie from you old (experienced) guys would be greatly appreciated! I followed the flight up with a Beautiful Monte Dantes. I did't ask but I don't think the flight school is OK with me smoking in their planes.
  6. Du Gourmet

    The last box I was able to get my hands on was May 13. I like these quite a bit too, they are/were a classy cigar. The least "woody" of the Le Hoyo line, to my palate.
  7. There are several reason why markups vary by product, but in this case supply and demand rules. HSA doesn't set the retail price of their cigars, the distributors do. The "executives" in Cuba don't have quite the grasp on capitalism that the executives at say H&F or PCC do. Have you ever looked at the difference between the on island price and off island price of Cohiba or Trinidad? It will make your eyes water. Talisman retail at 331 a box on island. The cheapest I've seen them anywhere else is here and that was at over DOUBLE that price, and they sold out before you could type out an order. Then you look at the other end of the spectrum and Rob has PLMCs for 10-15 over the island price, Cuabas for maybe less. In summary, yes Cuba IS very wrong on the prices they charge for some of their cigars. Their are plenty of other items that affect the final cost of a box from here or a B&M vs. the island. Freight, Taxes Tariffs, shipping, insurance. You get more tobacco by weight in a box of A's, so the distributor will apply a higher percentage of total expenditure to match the higher tobacco weight.
  8. I've been out of school for about 8 years now, but "On Screen Take Off" was all we used at that point. I have heard a lot about Bluebeam, but I am not personally familiar with it. I'm lucky, my current company has its own in house engineering and CAD Departments, and we spec 90% of our own patented materials, so my "Estimating" work load is very light.
  9. If those prices are correct than I just about Nailed the Dumas and Maltes!
  10. Nearest LCDH or Roller to ship ports

    I'm not aware of any shops with Rollers closer than the Conde Villanueva. Make sure she knows to walk through the lobby, into the courtyard, and up the stairs on the right. Fortunately Reynaldo rolls a mean cigar, and is known for rolling some monster cigars. Generally his blends get stronger as the cigars get larger.
  11. Qantas Pod Class

    I think its a great Idea for long haul flights. I also think it has a very good chance of coming to something, but definitely not on every route or at every ariline. There are literally hundreds of long haul routes with little to no sustainable cargo traffic. Tucking more people into that empty cargo space will mean simple addition, no subtraction (or a small subtraction) of paying customers upstairs. Airbus and their main seat design/manufacturing partner have already started working on the concept for their A 330 fleet, the smallest of Airbus' wide bodies. Could you imagine a triple deck A380? You could easily fit 600-800 people depending on the density configuration. I think it makes a ton of sense for Airlines like Qantas, Hawaiian, New Zealand and the like. They have wide open cargo holds on every return trip to their mainland hubs, why not split that empty space 50/50 and sell seats for both legs of the trip?
  12. My post was not intended to denigrate the officers themselves. Pretty much everything I've seen regarding UK police officers reinforces your statement above. What I am saying is that using these highly(expensively) trained, and as you've stated intelligent, professionals to sift through the yard scraps at a playground looking for screwdrivers is a waste of the taxpayers money on a mind bending level. The Regents Park Police should be ashamed of themselves, not posting this for the world to see. Whoever, at the higher levels, has made the choice to use the police force like garbage men should be removed from public service immediately, their IQ should probably be checked as well. You can blame the increase in violence on what ever you like, I dont know enough about daily life in the UK to opine accurately there. I do know enough to say that if this is the best response they can muster to that violence, then the violence will continue to escalate.
  13. I hope your kids are more patient than I. I traveled from Havana, out to Santiago de Cuba, then all the way back to eastern side of Pinar del Rio (San Luis y Martinez) last year. I spent more time sitting and waiting in airports, train stations, and bus stations than I did actually traveling. My 1 hour 45 min flight from Havana to Holguin was 5 hours late, my bus from Bayamo to Santigao de Cuba was delayed over an hour as they scraped a freshly killed cow off the "Highway" then the 2 hour flight from Santiago de Cuba back to Havana was delayed 7 and a half hours. Yes, you read that correctly, SEVEN and HALF HOURS for a 2 hour flight. The same thing happened about 10 days earlier to everyone who went out there as part of the Partagas festival rum event. The trains are no more reliable than any of the above options. Nothing, at all, is ever on time, anywhere in Cuba. "Mannana" "Tomorrow" That's the creed of the Cuban, be prepared to start a trip today and not get to your destination until Mannana.

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