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  1. Now this made me laugh out loud!
  2. Siglo 2 Notes--2011 Unknown box code. Gift from a good friend. Cold draw is grassy hay with a little bit of something like anise maybe citrus. Think I am looking for citrus in this cigar. Starts out a bit harsh, surprising for this cigar, maybe a bad lighting technique. Pretty windy and torched the crap out of it. Burn a little weird but not a problem. Forgot to write out the thirds, because I was hunting golf balls with my 5 year old. This was an excellent cigar. This particular example was very full flavored. This wouldn't be a cigar I would give to a newbie and usually I like giving Siglo 2s away. They're generally fairly accessible and tasty I think. Occasionally I do find Siglo 2s like this--like the blend was tweaked with just a little too much strength. I think some people say too much ligero but I am not sure if that's really what it is--just admittedly not enough experience to say for sure. Solid aged tobacco taste. It had the honey sweetness, the creamy coffee and the citrus which is what I really love about Siglo 2s. Flavors were intense. Very intense. This one had enough age it didn't get hot at the end. Stayed nice and cool the whole way. Took little over an hour to smoke. I am certain slowing way down makes a huge huge difference in the tastes you can get from an in your face flavor bomb like this. Truly a great example of Cuban tobacco near its finest. I would rate this cigar a 93/94 and would give it higher marks if it was just dialed down a hair....but that's more just personal preference, but isn't it always!
  3. These are long gone! The lighter banded ones were a bit better. I will be making many more purchases of these in the future for sure. Cheers again @fabes, they were right up my alley for sure!! Although...I am thrilled the Asia Pac. RE will be a RG this year. In a Britanicas Extra. I may have to sell a kidney to go deep on these. The pics on CCW look great if you haven't seen them already!
  4. Nice review. I think RGPC is probably the most underrated cigar of all. I am constantly amazed how they can deliver that 90 point experience so often.
  5. This is hilarious! Instant classic.
  6. Here's the bottom of mine. The gray one was very recently brought back. I would pay upwards of 200 for the large ones and I know other people who would/do as well. They're very nice I think. More than just an ashtray for sure.
  7. It's just my opinion when I've traveled with some cigars I seem to notice they seem to taste a bit different than when I smoke them at home. I notice virtually no change in NCs I have taken. It seems more prevalent in certain cigars. As @PapaDisco has said a number of times Upmann seems particularly susceptible. I'll share a couple recent experiences. I took a Winnie to Florida with me last time down and smoked it on day 3 and it was surprisingly awful. Some Epicure 1s and PLPC to Savannah last year-first day cigars were nice, 4th day not the same-rough edges harsh etc.,. A Bushidos last day in Nashville that I was devastated because it had that bitter taste and tight draw I associate with travel sickness. I even went so far as to return my travel humidor to Xikar because I thought the foam might be causing it. I now believe it's a moisture thing. Next time I travel I am going to take my cigars in a Tupperware box with the intention of them being dry boxed. Protection from damage I'll have to figure out. I freely admit it could be something I am doing wrong. I would love some suggestions on what others do, and I think it is very relevant to the topic. We have a person teetering on the brink of giving up--emergency situation here!
  8. IMO Cuban cigars are the finest cigars made when they're on. The best. In all ways. Flavor, construction, value, etc., but that doesn't mean I won't smoke Nicaraguan, Dominican et al. cigars if I like them. That would be an absolutely ludicrous thing. I smoked a black and mild the other day with a guy at work. It was enjoyable enough. Better than some Short Churchills I've had recently. Is that bad? Nah. Who cares--smoke what you like as @shlomo said above. And as @PapaDisco said it's my belief as well that CCs don't travel well at all. Has to be a moisture content issue likely. Personally I agree with @Hutch above--I deal with some crap issue with CCs because I love getting the ones that are On. Sometimes a Sancho Non Plus or a RGPC delivers an awesome experience and my God does it more than make up for the last 2 awful whatever CCs I smoked. I forget all about them.
  9. Picked up 5 Medio Siglo from an awesome BOTL. Going to have to blow my socks off for me to consider a box because these are seemingly a horrific value. If this is the future of CCs I think I want to quit now. On a high note a good friend of mine brought me back this awesome Ashtray!
  10. Me and Jeff will split that poor poor box Prez. Send it our way! Always wanted to try an PC Trini...And a Corona Gorda...and a Corona, and a Robusto maybe even...It's a sampler box!
  11. Nobody has mentioned the one which most definitely made me go "wow..bloody hell" and that's the Cohiba Shorts. Never had a small machine rolled make me even really take notice. This cigar has blown UP. Pics are everywhere where people are enjoying them. I am as well. It's also funny how I've noticed so many people taking credit for discovering the COSHO. Ladies and gentleman, and I've said this at least 5 times @Lotusguy was the one. He discovered these and was kind enough to share how great they were back in October. Cheers to him!
  12. Yeah I'm with you here. The Especiales and Especial mess up and the (this is especialey for you @Fugu) petit Corona vs the Petite Corona is really annoying sometimes. What about the Siglo line? Why is it a box of Cohiba Robustos but not a box of Medio Siglos. Or Siglo IVs. Haha!
  13. This is an excellent cigar. Burn was a bit wonky but corrected easily. Needs some time down but I can see these becoming quite excellent. Found it very similar to my taste to the Mag56 which I really have enjoyed. A boxworthy addition to put away for a year or two.

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