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  1. Excellent cigar. At first I was surprised at how expensive they were until I had one. Then I couldn't keep my hands off them. I really think they're Winnie's little brother, and sometimes the little brother delivers as well, if not better than big brother. Can't wait to see how they age if they make it past a couple years.
  2. Yes that's exactly what Winnie's usually smell like to me! The most recent box I received didn't have that musk, grassy barnyard smell. They smell more like ELs. A damp earthy, rich tobacco and chocolate smell. I think Rob said once like opening a Cadbury Egg In a Horse Field. Like the Bushidos. Was very surprised by it. Maybe it's the difference in factories or something? Who knows. Overthink overthink.... In all reality it is nice to even be discussing them again, that's for sure. I hope we keep seeing them for a little while at least.
  3. From looks alone I would choose the middle Box and not because I like darker wrappers on Winnie's it's the consistency. So we've now seen nearly 10 boxes of 2016 Winnie's with all type of wrapper shade and color. Would like to see bottom rows on those boxes as well. Also @RijkdeGooier could you shed some light on what they smell like? The box I have smells unlike any of my other boxes. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Ok so I received these today as my friend just got back. They're gorgeous. But check out the bottom row. Interesting color scheme...I was shocked to see the bottom row so dark on one side but light on other. Very surprised. They also have an interesting smell. Remind me of what Bushidos smelled like fresh. More rich tobacco than barnyard or musky. Smoke will be the only true test. Probably won't smoke any for at least a year. But...it's great to see some Winnie's back again for sure!
  5. This is making me laugh so hard I have tears in my eyes! Is that a recommendation from the Serbian government? Haha!!
  6. It's my favorite cigar of all time Moose, but I am far far from a master. I am just a dabbling rookie. H Upmann is a new Marca to me--for some reason I didn't get into Upmann until recently. It's been a revelation however. If funds were a non-issue I would buy as many boxes from as many years as I could find before any other cigar. Before Cohiba, before Partagas, before all the best and well revered REs and LEs.
  7. This is an interesting point. I have to say I hope @Elpresidente chimes in here, but I've never seen Winnie's with wrappers that varied in color. I've only looked at maybe 20-30 boxes of them so my sample size is fairly small. I am not saying they won't smoke great and I am not disagreeing with the guys above who have said they've smoked great cigars with varied wrapper shades but I am very surprised by what I see there. That being said I do wonder if John is on to something. If they age the leaf for 5 years for Gran Reservas surely they would have some varied shades of wrapper stock within the Gran Reserva tobacco. It make sense with a wrapper shortage to go ahead and use that tobacco for regular stock Winnie's instead of on GRs. No way they let anyone have a SW GR at the festival with a candela wrapper. For arguments sake these are the SWGRs I have in my possession now (but not for long). Notice the 3 different shades on these. If you boxed these up it would probably look like what El Hoze has. I would say JohnS theory is plausible. But I suppose anything is possible with HSA.
  8. Haven't received yet, but here's a pic the friend of mine who picked them up for me took. Same code PTR NOV16.
  9. Found a box--same code and date as well. Looks like they're making a reappearance potentially. Would make sense on the every 2-3 year schedule.
  10. Quit telling people about RGPC....they might discon...not even gonna say it. Seriously though they are excellent excellent cigars. The 4 I enjoy most lately are (in order) the RASCC, the RGPC, SP Non Plus and the Party Short. Seriously great and consistent cigars all of them. I'm on a RYJ Mille Fleurs kick too at the moment, and also I'll second the PLPs. I think one could buy all these boxes for around one box of Capuletos. No brainer for me.
  11. 5 hours ago, JohnS said: I really didn't think about the ashtray all that much, but now since you posted it @JohnS I want one! I predict there will be over 100 entries to this contest. Great idea to delegate some data mining. Might have to steal this idea myself.
  12. Here's a few I found, hope this helps some. Great idea putting all in one place! http://www.friendsofhabanos.com/forum/topic/129418-travel-tofrom-cuba-from-the-us/ http://www.friendsofhabanos.com/forum/topic/130004-1st-trip-to-havana-trip-report/ http://www.friendsofhabanos.com/forum/topic/128688-some-questions-before-cuba-trip/ http://www.friendsofhabanos.com/forum/topic/128276-need-advice-on-purchase-to-be-made-in-havana/ http://www.friendsofhabanos.com/forum/topic/129055-my-trip-to-cuba-some-questions/ http://www.friendsofhabanos.com/forum/topic/127850-us-based-cell-service-in-cuba-thread/
  13. I have a guy near me who is a knife magician. I've taken knives to him that looked absolutely awful and they came back looking pristine. One day my stepson and his friends decided to use a Randall knife I have in my collection as a throwing knife. If you don't know about Randall's look them up. I recommend calling around and see if you can find someone to fix it up. It's worth it to make your knife great again.
  14. I can't find seem to find on CCW how many cigars this technically is, but my mind imagines an ungodly amount!!
  15. An interesting theoretical discussion @planetary. Really I just hope they smoke better than other Punch I've had from 99-01. There were some real crapper Punch from that time in my experience.

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