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  1. Agree with all the above--looks like maybe a machine made cigar to me as well? Head just has that look to it.
  2. ARG DIC14 Sir Winston ARG JUN15 Siglo 6 RAE JUN15 Siglo 2 SOM JUN16 Punch Punch RAE MAY14 RGPC
  3. I was wrong...it wasn't plume at all, because I've come to my senses and realized there's likely no such thing. Sorry for calling you guys all those horrible names.
  4. Ronnie--they did make this--the PL Lonsdales and if you're able to fill a cooler full of them let me know please (even if it's just a small cooler) ..
  5. If you've never been to South Beach you should go. Have dinner, walk the beach and have breakfast before you head to Naples next morning. It's worthwhile, as the above posters have said. I don't believe there's anywhere I've ever been which compares to the vibe in SoBe.
  6. I too smoked a Siglo 2 today. Lit at 2:25 and tossed it below at 3:29 per picture time stamp. So 1 hour and 4 minutes. Was at the local county fair with my 5 year old and my Dad. There's only one reason I go every year (well my 5 year old too) and it's the Cattle Feeders and Pork Producers. Hard to decide between smoked pulled pork nachos or smoked Ribeye sandwich. This year I went with smoked Ribeye. So good. They smoke the whole Ribs out back of the building and serve them thinly sliced with juice and onions up front. If any of you smokers (meat that is) have never done this do it. It's an incredible sandwich--really. Oh and the cigar. This Siglo 2 was one of the ones I find occasionally which is a full on assault. It was very strong and full. Almost seems like this over-powers the flavors. The sweet citrus, creamy coffee and toasted tobacco is there it's just almost overpowered by the strength of the cigar. I don't know if this is due to too much ligero or whatever in the blend, but it puts the strength right up there front and center. Was enjoyable enough, but I like these a lot better when they're dialed down a bit. This is my favorite PC right now and most likely my favorite cigar right now.
  7. I don't get a ton of transitions out of these. But it's an awesome mild-med smoke. Very very good. ULA JUN14. Around 1.5 hours if we're counting.
  8. I'm going to a noon game tomorrow-- Arizona Diamondbacks at Cincinnati Reds. One of our vendors has Diamond Club seats (1-4 rows behind home plate, private catered fine dining and booze--1st class), but he also had some first row 3rd baseline tickets with all you can eat hotdogs, soda, peanuts and chips. It will be 96 degrees F so I may regret not picking the Diamond Club seats. However I insisted some other guys experience the Diamond Club. I like to watch baseball. Played for 15 years as a youth and love it. Thrilled when the Reds won The World Series in 1990. Big Reds fan. It's a shame there's been a decline because it's a great sport to learn about, study and enjoy. I'll take some pics and post them. Nothing quite like the Wrigley Field experience I will admit, but just being at the ballpark and enjoying the day is something I am really looking forward to.
  9. Jason--can we get a spreadsheet with all your awesome analytics, charts and graphs? Purty please? Nice review by the way!
  10. The bottom 3 look decent--likely weighted in the box passes' favor, but it seems to me a trade of any BHK and a Duke for a Monte Sublimes and a CPE is a bit skewed. As Onsto and Boosted have said the Monte Sublimes should take an extremely special EL for a swap. BHK or Duke just isn't that stick. It's more of an availability issue than anything to me. Not really objecting just putting in my 2 cents as was asked.
  11. I had a similar experience with a friend of mine a few years back. We were on the lake and his batteries completely died. Nothing, nada. No crank. Time to paddle. Was going to call Marina for a tow-- I asked him to toss me his phone as mine was dead. Since I was standing on the back deck of his bass boat I said don't toss it to me,toss it down on the seat. He tosses that phone so perfectly it hits the seat and bounces right over the side into 20 foot deep water. It's amazing how the F word echoes on a lake!
  12. I find this surprising. It seems to me the particular "profile" of the Marque becomes more well defined with age. In reviews you guys have done you mention flavors being muted and not well defined on fresh/young cigars. Especially with Cohiba in particular. I freely admit I don't think I would do any better in an aged blind tasting but it seems a universally accepted phenomenon with Cuban cigars that they "settle in" with age. A great example is the caramel in Por Larrañaga which doesn't seem to show up for at least several years. I suppose I can see (to your point) how there would be a diminishing frame of reference to 5 year plus aged cigars compared to freshies simply due to the lack of consistently smoking 5 year old cigars. However if a person had more patience than most of us and only smoked cigars when they reached the 5 year mark they would most likely do better in an aged Tasting than a fresh tasting. Hopefully I am understanding this correctly.
  13. Figured I would post this in a new thread: I wonder how a group of extremely well versed and experienced Cuban Cigar Aficionados would fare in a blind tasting competition? Is 60% the absolute best you can hope for as El Prez mentioned in the newsletter. If some of the most experienced smokers in the world were put in a blind tasting competition would 4/5 be a given in a standard production Tasting like the one we're doing? Further in blind wine tastings are there people good enough to guess say 10/10 blind samples of certain wines, down to the vintage even? Just curious? Any feedback appreciated.
  14. The confusing codes. More commonly see CCLE (Oct 99), but CCLL not quite as common. It seems there was some mistakes in the transition CODIGUNETA code (9876501234) and the alternative transition code where Oct 99 (LEOO) and Nov 99 (LLOO) would combine to make CCLE and CCLL. 99/10, 99/11. I would say your box is November 1999.
  15. 1.) Cohiba 2.) Siglo 2 (would go with larger cigar like Siglo 6 or Winnie but I don't think I would like being forced to fire up a cigar that large every day) 3.) Cohiba Gran Reserva (And I just contradicted #2, oh well, three or 4 puffs and toss on GR--so be it., assuming an unlimited supply.)

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