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    Cigars, Golf, Pipes, and single malt Scotch among many other expensive hobbies and interests.

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  1. Assuming nothing comes up I will certainly plan on being there. Look forward to seeing y’all again!
  2. Thanks bud for the punch punch never thought I would need this heater in Houston.
  3. Your first ever box buy?

    HUHC They were cheap for a box and turned out to still be one of my favorites.
  4. Scotch Connoisseurs - Anything here with buying?

    Yeah it seems to be hard to find. I got some at the beginning of the year from total wine and then when I went back at the beginning of this month they didn’t have it and acted like it was impossible to find.
  5. Scotch Connoisseurs - Anything here with buying?

    Depends on what you like. I try to keep my max for a bottle under 100 just because I cant seem to justify spending so much when some of my favorite bottles are in the 70-80 range. Higher end (longer aged) stuff is certainly more smooth but to me it doesn't justify the huge price difference. Just my 2 cents. for what its worth my favorite scotch is Caol Ila 12.
  6. I'm in as long as schedule allows.
  7. Thanks @SignalJoe and @Shikar for putting all this together and the amazing bbq. There are some great Botl’s here in the Houston area and I look forward to some more great herfs.
  8. I’ll be there in about an hr. I’ll be the one with the obnoxious palm tree golf shirt
  9. I picked up a bottle of bullet rye. If you want some bring a glass. Look forward to meeting everyone.
  10. Upmann is my favorite like most here but I am also a fan of the Montie offering for the sake of diversity. As a side note I have found that a Churchill tube will easily fit two half coronas I like to keep one of each handy depending on the mood. also you can buy one tin of HUHC and just refill it from your box. I'm a cheep skate and the tins are a little more expensive.
  11. looks like a fun time. I’ll bring a bottle of something.
  12. They're both pretty cheap. The one thing to look out with on the tubos is mold. The RyJ tubos I had got mold so I took them out of the tube and rubbed them down and they have been fine. Also due to being in the tube they keep their round shape which in my opinion makes the draw better than being box pressed.
  13. Am I the only moron....

    I always prefer to use a tube when carying a single. Nothing in the shirt pocket but pens
  14. I'll be flying through Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, and Telavive. I will also be touring around Germany and Israel. Any good shops in those airports or in those locations? Also any regionals or anything I should be on the look out for? Thanks

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