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  1. Try xylitol gum. It helps when I get palate fatigue, although your case seems much worse. Feel better!! I know that gum after a week or so gets the taste buds, gums, and tongue in a better place.
  2. .......and yet I bet they sell out on 24-24. I know I'm in.
  3. 06 SLR DC. Not much to say here other than perfection. Everything I love in a habanos in encapsulated in one cigar. Feeling fortunate to smoke it
  4. Great review John. Thanks.
  5. 07 TEB SIG VI. Smoking great.
  6. Great convo here and so happy to read it as a owner of coffee roasting company. My best advice for all home brewers would be to get high quality fresh roasted coffee, understand water temps and dose weight , but the best investment you can make is in a good burr grinder (roughly $125). PM me for any specific questions we have many how to videos and great people to help you make the best home coffee for you. Just like cigars...drink what you like.
  7. 2003 des dieux. Yum!
  8. 02 CoLa + touch of warmer weather + decent bourbon = sanity (brief).
  9. 14 Rag. This week can't end soon enough. Yuck. Again, back to balance with a great cigar and fine bourbon.
  10. 07 CoRo after a long day at work. Balanced restored.
  11. Well said and very true. Really floored on how good the cigar is smoking.
  12. Wait a min. This one is really good. RAE 14 Romeo Belicosos. I wanted a refund when I received this box. The first 3-4 had been boring and very muted. I revisit a year later and I'm frankly shocked how good this cigar is smoking. Kills any recent Romeo churchills for me. Cherry and cream and tons of lush smoke. 95 points all day. This one is a real happy surprise.
  13. Mag 54. Mel ago 16. Great construction lots of Connie A flavor in this cigar. Don't love the price point, but a tasty fresh cigar.
  14. Happy Birthday Di...Hope its a great one

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