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  1. I have his Whiskey Drip framed in my office. Love it. I remember he did artwork for Cardinal Zin labels and, I believe, for Bonny Doon Winery back in the day. I bought his "Gonzo Art" book for myself for Christmas. Quite a talent. I went to a symphony concert last October around Halloween where they did a "Danny Elfman's Music from Tim Burton films" program. In the program notes, I believe it was Johnny Depp who was quoted saying Elfman was to Burton as Steadman was to Thompson. Kinda neat, I thought. - MG
  2. No one does. In practice, I don't think anyone can. Hell, maybe not even in theory. Still doesn't make it anyone's fault but the producer's. - MG
  3. Sorry to hear this. I love Steadman's work. We always hope people we admire in one facet of life are truly good (or at least OK) people in general. - MG
  4. I agree fully with all of this, except the first part of the last sentence. NSA created nothing, only discovered a back door Microsoft left wide open. Microsoft's house, Microsoft's failure. NSA did not create a way to break Windows. It was sold broken. - MG
  5. ... or fondly of Microsoft, who created (likely unintentionally) then sold this vulnerability in a product millions trusted. NSA were naive (more likely blindly arrogant) to think if they found it, no one else would, and apparently too trusting (again arrogant) in their ability to avoid data theft of their own systems. But this is Microsoft's baby, 100%. Hard to say "you're responsible for my bad product because you didn't tell me my product was bad" with a straight face. - MG
  6. I love how Microsoft blames NSA for finding yet another hole in Microsoft's swiss cheese of an operating system. - MG
  7. I've wanted to find a site / source for custom rolls, as everything else I can, and prefer to, get from FOH or other quality merchants. But finding a source for customs that looked trustworthy enough (for me) has proved a challenge. When fakers go to lengths to replicate boxes, bands, stickers, serial numbers, etc... imagine how tempting a market would be for products with no official, or even standard packaging or identification... - MG
  8. Precisely. I used to "fall" for that every time, still do occasionally. Oil on the outside to that degree can mean overroasting and unintuitively lead to a less flavorful cup than the drier looking beans. But, just like cigars, drink (smoke) what you like. In these areas you should be selfish. Yours is the only opinion that matters. - MG
  9. How good would she have to look if you live in a monastery?
  10. Love the ashtray! - MG
  11. I wish. I'll be watching on Big Ten TV, maybe at the OSU Alumni club here in Raleigh. - MG
  12. Love the Buckeyes, bro. - MG
  13. Agreed @BrightonCorgi. I was surprised how much I like these. And the packaging is so cool. I love the little coffins the twisties come in. Great for interesting storage after the cigars are gone. - MG
  14. I thought I saw it while searching for cigar scissors the other day!
  15. Is this it? Or similar? Search Amazon for: Victorinox Swiss Army Cigar Knife

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