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  1. The old sweetheart isn't. Guaranteed. - MG
  2. They are way too expensive. When I found out how much the Peter James case cost, I laughed out loud. Then, I kept looking at it and looking at it, and bought one this spring. I love it. And it is way too expensive. - MG
  3. In a word, yes. Baseball is a shadow of its former self in terms of popularity. When I was a kid (I'm 51) baseball stadiums were full, kids collected, traded, and studied baseball cards like they were being tested on the statistical minutia on the back of each card. Lots of reasons for that. Some blame the baseball players strike, the year without a World Series, the (sloooooow) pace of the game vs. football and basketball, etc.. Here's some interesting reading below. Not trying to rain on anyone's parade. If you like baseball, there's no American game richer in history and lore.
  4. Take a look at the "crowd" the next time you watch a game. The seats are mostly empty. - MG
  5. @Riverstyx You definitely will not ruin your cigars storing at 70% Rh.
  6. Absolutely stellar Dip #2 TOS MAR 16 from the FOH Christmas sampler. Easy contender for top cigar of the year so far. - MG
  7. Just nubbed a fantastic Dip #2 with a sweet Southern iced tea. Happy birthday! - MG
  8. I want one with nail clippers. And boom. Lots of boom. - MG
  9. A Sancho Panza would go well with that book. - MG
  10. What is the reluctance for writing receipts based on? Why isn't this a standard practice, or at least a "no problem" when it's requested? I've heard so many people say they couldn't get receipts or they were like pulling teeth. - MG
  11. One could make the argument that we've been exploring an ultra-light version of ending the embargo since Obama's changes (at least until this Friday comes). The result? Sky-high, ridiculous price rises, US demand for travelling to Cuba way overestimated, even more food going to paladares instead of "the people", etc... Haven't heard of infrastructure improvements (do we count the luxury mall?), fair pay to farmers, or the like. Too little too soon to say this would be what an embargo end looks like? Yea, I'll buy that. But still. None of my comments should be taken to be supporting the embargo. The embargo is probably only exceeded on the clusterf**k scale in US Policy history by Prohibition. Kennedy and Castro are both in their graves still waiting for the other to blink. My eight-year old grandson has more mature dispute resolutions on his school playground than this. What was "key in the survival" of the Cuban government for decades was the Soviet Union propping them up. Mama (bear in this case) running a sack lunch to school every damn day for the kid who can't seem to keep the lunch money in his pocket between home and the cafeteria. I imagine the boys in DC thought this would (maybe) be the wake-up call to the Cuban people "that the govt they have is perhaps not an ideal one," when it was shown how well they walk without crutches, but it wasn't. Eventually there will be no more 50 year old replacement parts for machinery in Moscow's street markets. What then? I hope we don't find out. - MG
  12. Excellent example of something that didn't (and wouldn't again) work, Rob, but that wasn't capitalism. A capitalist reaps the gains and suffers the losses of his investment. What Wall St. conned Washington into in '08 was something very different. If I could gamble with other people's money and keep the winnings (but not pony up the losses) I'd spend a hell of a lot more time in Vegas. But, if you're saying capitalism isn't always perfect, or fair, or turns out the way you want it to, then sure, that's a no-brainer. Completely agree. - MG
  13. The fact that the embargo was and is used as an excuse for all ills does not mean that its removal would end the excuses. They'd just find something else to blame. Socialism doesn't, and in fact can't, work. There will always be excuses and finger pointing to try and mislead the masses, but it doesn't change the big picture. You can have a revolution without a god, but never without a devil. - MG
  14. How about Smithy or someone picks a couple sticks, removes the bands, and you guys do a blind review? - MG

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