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  1. I wish. I'll be watching on Big Ten TV, maybe at the OSU Alumni club here in Raleigh. - MG
  2. Love the Buckeyes, bro. - MG
  3. Agreed @BrightonCorgi. I was surprised how much I like these. And the packaging is so cool. I love the little coffins the twisties come in. Great for interesting storage after the cigars are gone. - MG
  4. I thought I saw it while searching for cigar scissors the other day!
  5. Is this it? Or similar? Search Amazon for: Victorinox Swiss Army Cigar Knife
  6. Prez, I'm surprised to see the value placed on "true to marque flavours". Is it really that important that an Upmann, for example, taste like an Upmann, or simply that it tastes good? If this is another way of saying you value consistency among cigars of the same pedigree, I completely understand. But surely a blind-tasted cigar that you enjoyed wouldn't depreciate in your opinion if you later found out the cigar was X, and although enjoyable, didn't taste line an X? I realize I'm probably reading too much in to this, but then, I do that. - MG
  7. Partagas Serie P No. 2, TOS NOV 15 Rafael Gonzalez Petit Corona, SOM MAR 16 - MG
  8. +1 on the Modus. Couldn't be happier with mine. There is a new version now as well. Available on Amazon. - MG
  9. I once told my son to give my cat to someone he didn't like if it outlives me. - MG
  10. These are way underrated, IMO. With a few years on them, they can be fantastic. - MG
  11. I've never tasted it in a cigar, but your description of uni is spot on and your admiration of it matches mine. Fresh sea urchin is not to be missed. - MG
  12. Here's one... - MG

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