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  1. I've never tasted it in a cigar, but your description of uni is spot on and your admiration of it matches mine. Fresh sea urchin is not to be missed. - MG
  2. Here's one... - MG
  3. Whisk(e)y, in any of its forms. After getting deathly ill on the stuff during a college fraternity pledging "event", I can barely stand to smell the stuff today. I want to love single malt, good bourbon, what have you, and many of my BOTLs here and elsewhere do. I just cannot stand the stuff. Rum, gin, pretty much anything else lies somewhere on the spectrum between acceptable and highly desirable, but no whiskey. The difference between the best and worst drams I've had is the difference between guzzling gasoline or kerosene. - MG
  4. My ULA JUN 14 box is fantastic. Looks like I should keep looking in that timeframe, and avoid more recent offerings. - MG
  5. Great post, Nico. Very good and interesting comments, and your English is perfect, so don't worry about that! Yes, let's hear more from you! ( The only language I can't figure out on FOH is whatever one they're using in the Cricket thread. No idea what they're saying. ) - MG
  6. I've been wanting one of these for a long time. My wife wanted to get me one for Christmas, but I just couldn't find a source. Until now! 1,000 thank-yous to my awesome BOTL @dshapiro who picked up one for me a few weeks ago! Dude, you are the best. - MG
  7. Eastern U.S. time, yes. - MG
  8. Yep. That's the one. I oppose REs and LEs in theory as most do here. And then I "cheat" on my regulars with RA Club Allones and Superiores. But I hate myself in the morning. Probably. - MG
  9. Boli #2 tubos are THE under-the-radar cigar IMO. Smoking through a box of 15s now. - MG
  10. The one I saw discussed on here not too long ago was Saudi Arabia, "KSA" on the band. - MG
  11. Interesting, and surprisingly logical in a way. I've always wondered about this too. - MG
  12. This. I can't imagine carrying thousands of dollars in cash around for days in a third world country, even if I wasn't under the influence of rum much of the time. - MG
  13. I had one of these last weekend at the beach. It easily tied with a RA Superiores for my cigar of the year so far. Just a fantastic smoke. - MG
  14. Same here. One of the best purchases I've made. - MG
  15. Partagas Serie P No. 2, ETP SEP 15At the end of a beautiful, 74 degree North Carolina day... - MG

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