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  1. Partagas D4 from a Monday clearance in may (didn't make note of the box code or date). I find D4s can be pretty hit or miss but the ones I have had from this purchase so far have all been excellent, although not the prettiest. The first third opened with a clear partagas sweet pepper flavour. Not as bold as a partagas short, but then again I wouldn't want a robusto of that intensity. The second third sees the body step up to just above medium. The pepper flavour is still there but it has started to turn from a sweet pepper to a stronger white pepper note. The final third is a continuation of the second. Very peppery/spicy and a straight medium body. These were from a Monday clearance and haven't had any significant time to age after the initial rest but I would be surprised if anyone wanted anything more from it. I would say it's a 91 point cigar at the moment. They would probably benefit from some aging, but why bother when they're like this. The important bit, time: 82 minutes from start to finish.
  2. I'm driving around the US for a few weeks at the moment. I needed some oven gloves to leave Las Vegas yesterday! I felt like I was in an oven
  3. It was a great job, I worked with a number of children with mental health difficulties which was difficult at times but I enjoyed it most of the time! Its been great to be able to work abroad too, although I am glad to not be doing another Mongolian winter
  4. I'm a primary/elementary school teacher I worked in special needs in the uk for a long time until I decided to work abroad. I quite like it and working in international schools allows me to travel and gives me some extra funds for cigars and holidays!
  5. Well I definitely didn't see that coming, particularly after the first 4 warm up games. Barrett is definitely no carter at 10, I wonder if this will make NZ look at their options there now. As a lions supporter, if you had offered me a drawn series before the tour I would have snapped your hands off. Plus it's always nice to hear some New Zealand whining at the ref for the decision at the end! I'm glad one of these decisions went against them for a change
  6. Oh dear. I think my thoughts on this are pretty much the same as when special K has his moments. They are idiots, but it's infuriating to see such talent being wasted! If these guys were ranked 500 on a good day it would almost be comical. But to see talented players throwing a gift away like this is maddening. Hopefully they will look back on these times when they are older (possibly more mature....) and think the same thing. However still being able to make a good living from what they do makes me think that this may be slightly unlikely.
  7. Great review John. 'Subtle' seems like a word rarely used for new cigar releases these days. You've got me looking forward to pulling my box out of the locker at the end of the year already!
  8. I didn't think horn won but these things happen, it wasn't totally one sided in my opinion and I thought Pacquiao could have done more. As for the credibility of boxing... As others have said too, I think any credibility boxing had went flying out the window when the Mayweather Mcgregor fight was announced!
  9. I personally find whisky too overpowering to accompany a cigar. While I do sometimes pair them together (normally at the end of a night when I may not be in the best position to make a well thought out judgement) it's not something I would immediately think of to recommend as a pairing. But life's too short. If you like whisky and you like cigars, why waste time having them separately!
  10. Well that result came as a bit of a shock. The ref was brave to give SBW that (deserved) red, nice to see him showing some backbone even if he had a game best forgotten. I still can't see the lions getting another win though. Thought the allblacks were very quiet today. While some of that comes down to the lions defence I'm not certain they can keep it up for another game. Hope I'm wrong though!
  11. Wow..... just wow. The stupidity of some people never ceases to amaze me. The lengths people will go to to become 'YouTube stars' these days is shocking. I can't believe nobody watching it thought this was a bad idea either.
  12. I bought a box in today's 24:24. I don't plan to open them for at least 12 months so hopefully it will be something special. The price is high, but not as high as I feared. I wouldn't be able to justify them as a regular smoke, but you can't have too many boxes of 10 for special occasions.
  13. They do look pretty good and the pricing will be interesting. I would expect $290 to $300 a box. I would like to be proved wrong though!
  14. I can't say I had any issue with a haka being performed yesterday. I'm just not sure why a Super Rugby side were doing it? It used to be a great spectacle to see, but now I am tired of seeing it. I am also tired of the Kiwi whining whenever a side does not look at them/moves an inch/dares to breathe while it is happening. I can't forgive them for performing it in the changing rooms in Cardiff when the Welsh were going to sing in response. The IRB needs to stop pandering to whatever New Zealand want.

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