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  1. Plume or Mold (Remake)

    Hello Sergio. Yes that is most definitely mould on those cigars. From the pictures you have put up it looks as though your average humidity reading for the last 3 days is 78% that is far too high and likely to cause more mould very quickly. While the humidity level people store at can be quite subjective and down to personal preference, many members here prefer to keep their RH below 65% While dropping to 69% is a start I would recommend going lower and having a look on the board at some similar threads about storage conditions. I can’t say I’m an expert on this (there are some very knowledgable people here) but I can say that, keeping my cigars at a lower humidity, I haven’t had mould on my cigars and they smoke great. Good luck!
  2. The only crazy person is the one who would pay £799 for a box of 10 fresh cigars before any serious reviews are out!
  3. Scotland certainly put a big shift in today and can be proud of that performance. Wales on the other hand should be ashamed of how their game ended and how they failed to put away Georgia. Gatland may claim all of their props were injured but as Martyn Williams alluded to, that’s rather convenient for them. If wales are to move forward they need to ditch Gatland as soon as possible I thought the England Aus game was a very scrappy affair from both sides, the final score line doesn’t really reflect the game. I’m glad England won but some of those calls were pretty lucky!
  4. LCDH in Varadero?

    I bought from both plaza America and 63rd while in varadero. I had no trouble with either and staff at both were quite friendly, I wasn’t allowed into the humidor in either though. While I was there I didn’t have any issues with over charging of what I bought, but in both stores their cohiba and RE selections were being sold at a higher price than Havana. It was interesting as the price stickers on the boxes showed the higher price rather than just opportunistic demands from staff.
  5. HdM epicure 1 for me. I started to go off them a few months ago but it didn’t last. Although I love a good Mag 46, I find myself reaching for the Epi 1 far more often and never regret it. Good fresh and great aged. I need to order some more very soon!
  6. Hopefully it’s a sign that stock is around. I can’t recall any coming up on here except for locker sales. The Casa I picked them up from had a decent supply of these and the especiales no.2 also, along with ‘17 lanceros and fundadores
  7. From following the FoH mould/plume investigation thread I would say I am pretty certain that the substance on those cigars is mould. I’m also pretty certain now that ‘plume’ does not exist, although I would be very happy to be proved wrong! Of course that doesn’t mean your cigars are bad, just wipe it off and smoke away!
  8. Some JUN 17 HdM elegantes, JUL 17 Lusitanias and ENE 17 especiales. Picked up on a recent trip to Beirut.
  9. The only flavoured cigar I had was an acid (I think it was a kuba kuba). I didn’t like that the flavour came from a coating on the leaf, I assume it was some chemical spray as I couldn’t discern what flavour it was other than very sweet. When that sweet coating came off the cigar that was left was extremely mild with no real flavour. I have not and would not smoke another
  10. I enjoy the Mag 56 more than the Connie A despite its larger size. If you can get a box of 56’s at a sensible price then I would pick one up before they are gone. That being said the Connie A is definitely an excellent smoke. If you can only get a box of 56’s at an inflated price then I would happily pick up the A’s.
  11. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    An EML mar 14 la fuerza overlooking the Med with a coffee, glorious afternoon!
  12. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    A custom roll lancero with a beer in Beirut. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!
  13. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    2014 Monte no. 4 with a large black coffee. The first day of a week off work, starting very well indeed!
  14. While I enjoy a good pyramides there aren’t any other >52rg cigars that I smoke with any regularity. If a petit robusto and a petit corona take a similar time for me to smoke then I essentially pay the higher price for the extra RG of the robusto, which I don’t really want anyway! When tobacco taxes are by weight a large rg cigar can be quite a premium. While there are some very good larger RG cigars, I am yet to be convinced that the larger size adds anything to the flavour or complexity of a cigar. Tapering the end would make it more comfortable in the mouth for me, but i don’t think it would be enough to get me to buy more.
  15. I’ve heard that H&F put on a good night for these cigar launches. If I lived in London and had the money spare then I would happily go along! I won’t (or at least highly doubt) I will be buying any talismans but I am certain they will be a very big seller everywhere

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