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  1. I would recommend that you don’t write them off completely and try a few more. While the smoking time is obviously less than that of a corona gorda or larger format cigar, I find I am perfectly happy enough with a good pc. I find the bolivar pc for example has enough of a kick, particularly when young, that I couldn’t have another cigar after even if I wanted one. When the weather is cooler I find I don’t want to sit out for too long with a cigar. I have also found pc’s to be perfect summer weather cigars, when it is too hot to be sat out for too long! Anyway, size doesn’t matter and the best things come in small packages..... apparently
  2. Although I'm not into collecting REs / LEs I can understand why it is a thing for people. Packaging absolutely plays a big role in the take up of a cigar and it's price. Would the Talisman cost the same amount if it had a JLP band on? Of course not. I can't think of a particular RE that has failed to sell due to it's brand, but there seem to be so many these days that it is hard to keep track of them all.
  3. I love Monte 4s and always keep a supply to hand. I also find that the Epicure 1 is never far from my rotation. I tend to enjoy variety in my cigars but those two I tend to reach for the most.
  4. Get some singles of both and see which one you prefer. I enjoy short Churchill’s but I would take care when picking a box as quality has not been the best over recent years (although they have made a few appearances on 24:24 recently so it may be on the up). The Connie A is excellent and deserves its higher price point, but it is quite a bit more when compared to the RyJ
  5. My advice is to go with whatever one you like there most. While some drinks do pair with cigars better than others, life’s too short to worry about such things. I’m currently having a Fanta/orange soda with a cigar which isn’t a combination I’ve seen many go for. I had a milkshake with a cigar a few weeks ago (a strange pairing but it worked). Half the fun is in finding out what works/doesn’t work for your tastes.
  6. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Currently half way through a Lusitania. Got to love lazy Friday afternoons!
  7. Great review guys. I find the settling period interesting for any cigar, I’ve seen some mixed reviews of the Talisman so far so perhaps they have smoked them too wet. Although a box purchase is highly unlikely for me I am interested in trying one just to see what all the fuss is about.
  8. I’m half way through season 2. I’d never seen it before but a friend kept recommending it. I’m ready to give it up already (the other half is trying to stick with it), there’s no way i will make season 7.
  9. The idiocy of some professional players these days is mind blowing. I hope there is some cctv of this incident that comes out. I’m imagining it was a bit like Benny Hill.
  10. I’m currently watching the walking dead on Netflix. It’s pretty good but I’m still not totally loving it. It was absolute trash but I did love the Spartacus series that’s currently on Netflix.
  11. Thanks for the review. I’ve not yet tried a Mag 54 but love the 46, 50 and 56. The price premium in comparison to the 50 is off putting but maybe I will pick up a few singles or a sampler to try.
  12. A few questions on Cohiba

    I don’t find Cohiba to be any more or less problematic than other cigars when it comes to draw, however due to the price premium it’s certainly more frustrating when there is an issue. I bought a box of robustos a couple of weeks ago as I do enjoy them a lot. However I can’t say they are really worth the price premium. They cost double that of a box of Juan Lopez no.2 or just about any other robusto. Are they twice as good as a JL2?
  13. One thing I will never get used to with living in Egypt is working on a Sunday. Even with the weekend beginning on Friday I just can’t get my head around waking up and getting out the door for work knowing it’s a Sunday. With this in mind it’s a great excuse to get out for a cigar and coffee to unwind in the evening. I bought a box of especials a few months ago and the few I had sampled previously had been okay, but nothing to really shout about. Hopefully this will be an improvement. Appearance: the wrapper is quite pale, but I tend to prefer this with HdM. There are a few prominent veins but the cigar feels well packed with no soft spots along the length. It won’t win any beauty pageants but everything is where it needs to be. The first third opened very mild. A very creamy smoke with some hints of wood and clove. Lots of smoke being produced and the burn was excellent. Into the second third and the body built up to just a touch below medium. The cream moved towards the background with the wood and ‘forest floor’ becoming more pronounced. There was a slight pepper on the retrohale but this was coming in and out. The body remained just below medium in the final third. The cream had gone but the wood flavour was coupled with what I would describe as a mint or menthol character. Overall a good smoke. It showed some signs of youth but it didn’t detract from the cigar overall. The burn was excellent throughout and it produced a good amount of smoke. It will be interesting to see what happens to these with more time down but if you are contemplating picking some up then I would recommend at least picking up a 10 box. They’re noticeably different to the epicure 1s (which are my to go Hoyo) but I’m glad I have these in my rotation. A solid 89/90 pointer
  14. Good review. For me every mag 56 I have had have been absolutely stellar. If it wasn’t for the price and ring gauge I would happily smoke a ton of these. They definitely do have potential for the next few years at least.
  15. I don’t have a great deal of experience with plpc’s specifically but the ones I have had couldn’t be described as bland even when young. I would also be surprised if you had a whole box of duds too. Maybe as CB said these just aren’t to your taste. I would keep sampling them every 6-12 months just as you’re doing and see what happens. Your tastes may change or you may find a few winners in there.

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