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  1. There are plenty of cigars I wish were bigger, party shorts, JL2 and magnum 46 I wish were Churchill sized at times. While I would want some cigars to be slimmer (I’m looking at you magnum 56!) I wouldn’t actually want any to be shorter. Imagine if the Sir Winston was minuto sized, we would all be wishing they were DCs!
  2. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    An ABR 2013 Siglo VI for me this evening. Pairing it with a very sweet strawberry cider. Not the best pairing but it’s my birthday and I’m sure to move on to something more appropriate shortly!
  3. offal - do you eat it?

    I’m always up for trying anything with the hope of being pleasantly surprised so offal is fine with me and it can be excellent. Sheeps head is considered a delicacy in Mongolia. Can’t say I was a big fan though.
  4. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    A fantastic 2015 short Churchill on a hot Cairo day.
  5. who said...??

    You’ve got me wondering now! I will have to have a search for a couple but won’t spoil it
  6. who said...??

    I’m pretty sure many if not all are Shakespeare (It does help that I have recently been teaching about some of them) too much of a good thing is As you like it, but I am hopeless at putting the rest to a specific play without the help of the internet.
  7. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    A great way to start a long weekend. Enjoying the warm weather in the garden with a magnum 54 and a Guinness, with some dalmore waiting for later.
  8. I would go for: Punch Punch Connie A RyJ Short Churchill’s Lusitania HdM Elegantes La Fuerza Montecristo No. 4 Siglo I
  9. I think/hope that they may be priced reasonably (in comparison to some LE prices at least). I’ll go for: Dumas - 360 Maltes - 440 Leyenda - 500
  10. It’s a shame that these anejados releases don’t live up to expectation. The idea behind it is great. Unfortunately when they are releasing non-standard vitolas for each marca it doesn’t allow you to see the benefit that the aging process has had. Imagine if they just put away 10,000 boxes of a regular production cigar to be released with an anejados sticker after 10 years. 10 year old ‘anejados’ Siglo VI would go for mega money.
  11. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    I did panic when I saw the lagavulin and coke!
  12. Absolutely. The aged examples I’ve had of the especial have been fantastic
  13. To say it has been a tough week is an understatement. Work had me take a group of 12 year olds on a week long international residential trip, which is as fun as it sounds... So when I got back I felt pretty exhausted and in need of some me time and a good cigar! I chose the especial. These are hard to come by at the moment but they are worth the effort to find them in my opinion. I bought my box a few months ago and this is the first one I have tried from it. I picked one of the uglier examples, I tend to keep the best until the end and some age has set in, but it looked perfectly acceptable. The initial draw was fine, I prefer it on the tighter side and this was exactly that. The first third opened slightly under medium body. Typical Monte flavours (to my palate) of creamy coffee and mild cocoa. The second third really took off. The body upped to a straight medium. The cocoa flavour took on a slightly bitter/darker chocolate flavour while the creamy coffee started to bring in some wood notes. The final third was a continuation of the second but a peppery character was evident also. These are still too young for my tastes and this was evident in the final third. It got slightly bitter at times but overall it was excellent and exactly what I needed after a long week. I’m not sure why the coffee shop decided to put hearts into my flat white, but it looks nice I suppose i would currently give it a solid 91 at the moment but I can see these developing into something special with time. I won’t touch them again until next year now but I look forward to seeing hem progress!
  14. If cigars were hookers

    The Cuaba range is ridiculous/infuriating when it is compared to what’s left of Saint Louis Rey now. They thought the serie A, SLR DC and Lonsdale we’re taking up valuable shelf space that would be better suited to cuaba tradicionales and exclusivos? They scrapped the bolivar gigantes but continue to produce divinos? One of the heads of HSA must absolutely love cuaba for it to carry on avoiding the chop year after year.
  15. With high price premium cigars I don’t get bummed out because of the price when they’re poor. I would say I get more annoyed by it. If you are buying a premium, LE or RE cigar then it’s not unreasonable to have expected slightly more care to be put into its construction and to assume it’s going to be a well performing cigar, which isn’t necessarily what happens. I personally only buy cigars within my means and won’t overstretch my budget to get the latest ‘must-have’ cigars or pay over the odds for hard to get cigars. So when I come across a dud (which isn’t too often thankfully) its not a big issue. I think if you have saved for or spent your whole budget on a premium cigar (like the Talisman) and it needs to be pitched after an inch then it’s going to hurt more than tossing a rubbish party short.

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