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  1. Not sure if I have seen this posted yet. Just seen the news that Roger Moore has passed away aged 89 after a battle with cancer. He will be missed. http://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-40018422
  2. Current production: Partagas D4 has been great. They improve well with age but I enjoy them as they are. Over two years of age I think the Juan Lopez No.2 is hard to beat.
  3. Congratulations guys. That's a massive number of reviews!
  4. I don't think it's the beginning of a series, it seemed to have a quite clear cut ending. This thread does seem to disappear at times, a bit of persistence is definitely worth it!
  5. Some awesome pictures and some quality big smokes! Shame about the hoyo DC, they're great when they're on.
  6. Thanks. The countryside here is stunning when it's not frozen!
  7. If you were after another joe hill then I thought the fireman was a good read
  8. So after being stupid enough to run a half marathon yesterday, I needed a walk to try and shift the soreness from my legs. What better company than a Monte 4! The first half opened with cocoa and creamy coffee notes. Very smooth mouthfeel. The burn was a bit of a mess but there was a bit of wind and it didn't need touching up or relighting so I didn't mind too much. The second half really stepped up a gear. The cocoa and coffee were still there but a more powerful pepper and wood flavour came to the fore. Pepper isn't a flavour I usually find with montecristo but in this box of monte 4s it has been quite evident. Overall a great cigar. Started just under medium body and finished just over.
  9. It actually wasn't too bad, managed to get round in under 2 hours so I'm pleased. Although it just happened to be the on the one day of the year that we had 3 hours of rain in Mongolia! I'm feeling it today though!
  10. I've been silly enough to sign up for my first half marathon on Saturday. I think Sunday will need to be good food and a good cigar with my feet up!
  11. I really like Joe Hill! You will have to let us know what you think of it.
  12. While I hate cheats in sport I found this hilarious. He was deservedly punished for what he did and I don't rally see this as making a mockery of what happened. Some people are too sensitive.
  13. I have a box of 2014 SCDLH La Fuerza. While not a 'premium' cigar, it never fails to hit the mark. The molasses flavor goes so well with a drop of nice rum too.
  14. The trailer certainly looks good! I was worried after all the issues they have faced trying to get this made over the years that it wouldn't be up to much. I will certainly be going to see it.
  15. Wow, that looks all over the place. I must say I am slightly impressed that despite the different RG of each cigar, they fit into that box perfectly.

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