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  1. Sounds like a great trip! You can't really go wrong in Rome. The city isn't too big so I walked everywhere when I went and had a great time. I can't recall any specific restaurants but the gelato is truly incredible. As for cigars, fincanto is fine for some singles and you may find the new regional edition if that's your thing. I liked sitting outside with an espresso, a cigar and just people watching. Have fun!
  2. Wow, that Lorenzo is so wide it barely looks like a pyramide! You will have to let us know what it was like, enjoy!
  3. I previously bought samplers, singles and five packs when I first started smoking cigars. Since I've been buying boxes I like to keep a variety of cigars in my humidor (they say variety is the spice of life!) so I don't have any more than 1 or two boxes of any particular cigar.
  4. The rise of the immediate gratification in society is worrying. Many people seem to have no patience. I find it amusing that people could complain that fast food may take longer than 2 minutes to be served to them! With regards to the too long didn't read attitude to forum postings, the only time I would not read an extended post is when it is punctuated too poorly. Everyone makes mistakes with punctuation but the thought of reading a 500+ word posting without any paragraphs just makes me want to get the red pen out!
  5. In no particular order my top 7 current production would be: Punch DC Lusitania Partagas 898 Cohiba Lancero Punch Punch SCDLH La Fuerza Upmann Magnum 50 With the Montecristo no.2 and Juan Lopez 2 as back ups. The Monte 2 can be very hit or miss but it's a classic and the good examples are excellent!
  6. I remember smoking a Black Prince a few years ago to celebrate qualifying as a teacher. It was fantastic at the time and I have been keeping an eye out for reasonably priced boxes. Such a shame that your 99 stock seems to have peaked!
  7. I can second Mary Beard's SPQR. I thought it was very well done and was detailed enough despite being a more general history.
  8. Congratulations!
  9. I fully understand the partagas short burn out. I think they're a pretty dependable but one trick cigar. They're good, but I'm never surprised by what they deliver. I'm taking a bit of a break from them and trying to avoid taking anything from the same box twice in a row
  10. This seems almost unbelievable. The article suggests that there is currently a degree of limited availability of Fuente cigars and this will certainly make that worse. Hopefully the people responsible are found soon.
  11. It's my birthday next week so I'm heading to Seoul on Sunday. No plans for Saturday, probably recovering from a few gins tonight!
  12. I find this really interesting. Most cigars will be 80 points+ with many around the 90 mark. Would you think differently if a cigar was an 8 out of 10? A 4 out of 5 film for example would be pretty good! If there is a possible 100 points then surely there must be 10 - 20 point cigars?
  13. I would go for Punch Punch (as long as it is current production). I need to pick up a few more 50 cabs while I still can!
  14. The bottom gives it away but I don't think the box looks too bad as a whole. Definitely not worth keeping though. A $200 price tag would certainly be wishful thinking for a box of fundadores!
  15. Drinks - Gin (with tonic, martinis, or a combination) Food - Pulled pork Music - Most like just a mixed playlist Movie - Animal House Sports - Boxing and/or rugby Cigars - Lusitania, BBF Dress code - casual T shirt and shorts (although maybe a toga for animal house if the gin is going down well) Hookers - Of course not..... After the week I have had at work this sounds perfect. Now just need to find a way of getting rid of the other half for 8 hours or so!

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