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  1. I have a few vegueros for people who want a cigar but aren’t really into it. For people who smoke cigars I would just give them what I am having.
  2. David88

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    A 2014 Punch DC for me today while I work my way through a number of gin and tonics. While I enjoy a good Lusi the punch may just edge it as my favourite double corona
  3. David88

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    A Magnum 56 in the afternoon sun with a few drinks. I find the ring gauge too much but it’s an incredible smoke
  4. David88

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    A 2016 Connie A with a whisky and soda on a rather warm evening
  5. Pad Thai for me and if it’s served by a street stall in a dirty street in Bangkok then even better!
  6. David88

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    A ‘98 Punch Corona for me this afternoon. Enjoying a much needed vacation in the Dominican Republic. I brought my own stash of smokes but may pick up some NCs while I’m here
  7. David88

    Best Sports Books?

    I really enjoyed 'In Black and White' by Donald McRae. Its a biography of Joe Louis and Jesse Owens. It covers their friendship but also a contrast of how their own personal lives and careers unfolded at a difficult time for each sport.
  8. David88

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    It’s been a long year but finally I’ve got to the last day of term. Celebrating in the sun with a JL no.2 before I get ready for a long weekend at the beach
  9. Most reliable - Juan Lopez no. 2. These never let me down for flavour and I haven’t had any major construction issues with them either. The lemons - HUHC. I have a box of these from 2016 and not a single one has burned correctly. I’ve dry boxed with no effect. Although I like the HC this box has been nothing but a let down.
  10. I think it is based on a calculation and I would assume that there is a limited amount of tobacco that can be given or is suitable for each marca. While the H upmann small tubos are undoubtably big sellers I wouldn’t say that HSA can’t produce enough of them, purely because they are readily available in pretty big numbers in most places (at least in my experience so I am making a fairly big assumption). Withh regards to Bolivar. It can’t be compared to h upmann, but I was suggesting that the CJ and PC were of a similar size. If one were cut then that tobacco could have gone to the CG which was not a big seller but markedly different in size. I guess I just wanted to have my cake and eat it! It is interesting that minutos have not been cut, even when sales of some can’t be high. I would agree to that the RyJ pc and SP NP are living on borrowed time at the moment
  11. You should be expecting a strongly worded email from HSA any day now, you have unveiled their strategic future product plan!
  12. Yes cheaper tubos, readily available at any good Duty Free/wine merchants. Obviously I'm not knocking them, there is clearly a market for them and they must be selling! But maybe one of those could have been sacrificed over the PC?
  13. While you can understand some deletions some just make no sense, at least from my point of view. H upmann is a busy marca with new additions on the way so something has to go to make room. I get that. But the pc? Over the coronas major/minor/junior? Then you look at Bolivar. The corona gigantes was sacrificed when one of the corona junior and pc would have, maybe, been an easier pill to take? Unfortunately I think if a marca doesn’t get the big numbers in sales, it’s going to be cut down to the bare bones (unless said marca is cuaba!) This has made me think though.....we’re due 2018s chopping list soon! Who will be next!?
  14. Great work with the review! I have a box of AMO Oct 16 waiting for me in the locker, I'm looking forward to bringing them out now

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