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  1. I think the upmann range has seemed pretty consistent. I've had recent production Connie A and PCs and they have been great. I've heard good things about the No. 2s but can't personally give a valid opinion. Upmann seems to have come up on 24:24 quite frequently recently which, I assume, is a good indicator to recent production.
  2. I will definitely wait for reviews to come in before making any purchases. I am going to assume that pricing will be more in line with the Connie A than Connie 1. While I am not a fan of larger RGs, some are excellent so I won't write it off straight away.
  3. Congratulations Jeremy

    Congratulations Jeremy!
  4. irma in cuba pics

    Some incredible pictures there. Hopefully the damage won't take too long to repair when it is all settled. Interestingly Cuba have already sent doctors to other islands in aid https://www.google.co.uk/amp/www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/irma-hurrican-cuba-doctors-carribbean-islands-sends-hundreds-castro-a7938171.html%3famp
  5. The Aging List

    While I haven't heard of any such list, neither have I looked for one. When a cigar is at its 'optimum' is too subjective a topic to make a general statement as it's due to personal tastes. Some people like cigars fresh, others want a few years while others still want long term aging. I have had a lot of cigars where one from the box tastes like it's perfect, then another seems like it will need another 2 - 3 years to smooth out. I buy more than I smoke to give me a selection of aged vs fresh. Although most of the cigars that I have with a decent amount of age on them are those that are more expensive/more elusive to buy (I still can't bring myself to touch my des dieux too often!). Most of the fun comes in building these lists yourself. Smoking in the name of research, what better excuse!
  6. I can't see this being true as it just seems like a poor deal for the NC manufacturers. I assume from the original statement that it's just a straight swap but Cuba receive double what they give? If NC manufacturers can't advertise that they are using Cuban tobacco why would they bother doing this? I'm also sure there would have been some 'official' leaks and evidence to try and prove that they have a superior product.
  7. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    I had to do a double take, those BBFs look massive next to the Churchill!
  8. Connie 1 vs Connie A

    Sorry I just took my estimate of prices from here (quite selectively though!). Connie A is currently available to buy from the store for $359 whereas Connie 1 can be picked up for less than $200 which is why I said close to double. It certainly feels like a big premium to pay!
  9. Connie 1 vs Connie A

    In my opinion the 'A' is a superior cigar. BUT when the price is close to double that of the Connie 1 it will depend on the budget of the smoker. If you have the money for the 'A' then go for it. If you are looking for a budget conscious regular smoke then pick up a box of Connie 1s as you wont be disappointed (in my opinion).
  10. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    A Tabernacle lancero from a couple of days ago. Full bodied but not overly peppery which was a pleasant surprise. Glad I had a can of coke with this as it had quite a kick!
  11. I went for the partagas D6 and Bolivar libertador. The D6 is expensive, comes in boxes of 20 and the box is a silly shape. It's poor value when compared to a D4 and the shorts are very good The libertador is expensive (costing more than the club allones LE) and only comes in a box of 10. Both are great cigars, but they price themselves out. There is plenty of equally good regular production available that presents better value and the same (variable) quality.
  12. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    A club allones by the Red Sea. Draw was tighter than I would like but the flavour was still full.
  13. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    A Magnum 56 earlier this afternoon to celebrate moving into the new place in Cairo. Went down well with a nice coffee and the shade in the back garden was a welcome break from the heat!
  14. Video Review - Rafael Gonzalez 88

    Nice review! The performance of the dry boxed cigar were interesting, it does seem that cigars are perform well 'fresh' now as long as they have acclimatised. They may be pricey, but at least they are an unusual release. I'm tired of seeing petit robustos and fat monoliths being released as REs so I picked up a box to put away.
  15. That first half was something else. I don't think Australia should question their position in world rugby now; the ABs would have done that or worse to any side in the world. It's easy for Lynagh to bemoan the state of the side while that is going on, but it's not like SA or England would have faired any better. Just my opinion of course! The second half was interesting though. NZ took their foot off the gas and/or lost concentration which allowed the aussies to shine. What would have happened if there had been a better densive showing in the first half?

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