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  1. The bottom gives it away but I don't think the box looks too bad as a whole. Definitely not worth keeping though. A $200 price tag would certainly be wishful thinking for a box of fundadores!
  2. Drinks - Gin (with tonic, martinis, or a combination) Food - Pulled pork Music - Most like just a mixed playlist Movie - Animal House Sports - Boxing and/or rugby Cigars - Lusitania, BBF Dress code - casual T shirt and shorts (although maybe a toga for animal house if the gin is going down well) Hookers - Of course not..... After the week I have had at work this sounds perfect. Now just need to find a way of getting rid of the other half for 8 hours or so!
  3. RyJ I find to be pretty Jekyll and Hyde. When they are on they can be fantastic. But too often they can be rancid to my tastes. Perhaps they suffer a bit from overproduction? There are a lot of available vitolas within RyJ and most seem readily available at any time. Whenever I look at Duty Free in an airport it is normally the most represented brand there.
  4. Unfortunately people are suckers for a second band/limited/special release so I can quite easily see an average consumer buying this over the Punch Punch, particularly when they come in boxes of 10 so the price is lower. I guess we shouldn't bemoan a sub 50 RG release but I think I would actually prefer to pay the premium for a re-release of the Black Prince or RS 11 and have it as a 'premium' option to the PP than this.
  5. This does seem like a strange release in that it is very close in size to the Punch Punch and it is not a +52 RG. As a marca Punch has been stripped down to the bare minimum over recent years, I don't understand why they would discontinue all the corona gorda options then release this which is essentially the same? I do hope that these either improve with a bit of age, or as production continues. Recent Punch Punch has been of a high standard so these will need to be something special to justify the higher price.
  6. I must admit 'Nob Designs' did make me laugh!
  7. If they're from May 15 I assume you have had them for at least a few months. As Polarbear said, try one now, then again every 6 months until they make the heavens align. This is the only problem with 10 count boxes in my opinion, when a box becomes perfect you may only have a few left!
  8. I personally don't age cigars by choice. I buy boxes of cigars that I like or want. Over a year I will smoke maybe 60 - 70 cigars. So I buy more than I smoke and over time they gather age. I don't pay much attention to box codes as they all are capable of doling out rubbish along with great cigars. While some cigars may age better than others, I would say they were good cigars to begin with. You can't polish a turd! If a cigar is poorly constructed and poorly blended when you get it, I can't imagine it will age well. I don't believe there is any link at all with RG and good aging. Small RG cigars age just as well as larger!
  9. These do look interesting but, like others, I am concerned about how well they will be constructed. Cuaba often misses the mark. I personally have not had too much luck with Partagas salamones either. These must be difficult to roll so I hope they get it right along with the blend. 70 cuc seems like an excellent price for them too.
  10. At least it was only a 3 pack then rather than a full box of 25! Keep an eye out for the 24:24 sales and you can pick up something genuine. You can always keep that box as a memento of your trip
  11. Yes sorry to say they are not genuine. Out of interest what are they supposed to be? Hope you didn't have to pay too much for them!
  12. I would be interested in seeing the price point these come in at. Surely they can't be at/above the Behike, but then again stranger things have happened. I think the examples I have seen so far look great and I may be going against the grain but I like the presentation. I don't think we should pay extra for more bands or shiny boxes, but if you are paying mega-bucks for a cigar then the box may as well look nice too! Hopefully they will be priced fairly sensibly and readily available so I can try one. When they reach the market is another question entirely!
  13. There are some cracker large ring guage cigars, but I don't think I could ever find myself regularly smoking them. I really enjoyed a Magnum 56 single I had last year, which was enough of a prompt to buy a box, despite the price. Having said that I don't think I would ever find myself smoking them regularly even if I could afford it. I find that the larger RG doesn't correlate with increased flavor or complexity and the size is not the most enjoyable or comfortable. Those Mag 56's are stellar cigars though!
  14. I'm hoping to see the new Logan movie tonight. Then I have an assortment of small jobs and a medical to get done ready to move in June. The weather is starting to warm up here and I can honestly say I will not be missing the Mongolian winter!
  15. I have a 2014 box of la fuerza. To me the taste is pure molasses. It reminds me of the smell while driving past the rum factories in Cuba. Give them a bit more time to see how they develop.

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