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  1. A Guide to 24:24 & 24:72

    This is awesome, this cleared up a couple questions I had about these sales. Thanks!
  2. Hello from Washington State

    Thank you for the welcome brothers!
  3. My wife does not smoke and I am perfectly okay with that, I actually prefer it that way. She is semi-supportive with me smoking cigars as long as it is in moderation (1-2 smokes a week)
  4. How often do you smoke

    1-2 a week. Any more than that and the wife will take notice
  5. How you light your cigar

    Loving my new Xikar EX. Before that my cheapo Ronson never let me down.
  6. Hello from Washington State

    Hello fellow cigar smokers, Just joined yesterday and looking forward to meeting you folks and becoming a contributing member to the forum. I have been smoking cigars for about 10 years and am thoroughly enjoying the hobby. My only experience thus far has been with NC's and from what I can tell, the slope into the world of CC's appears rather slippery. Excited to learn something new and take in the plethora of knowledge this place has to offer. Cheers!

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