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  1. CUNTINT Singles Question

    If your buddy wants some singles id suggest getting on the Double Corona samplers that randomly get thrown up on 24:24. Last batch i got ended up smoking super nice.
  2. Called from Cuba

    You go every two weeks? Work there? Or just pleasure?
  3. Back from Havana

    Very nice load to bring back, the trip looked great
  4. Guess we will find out once more vendors get these in... maybe there will be more wrappers exactly like these... but it’s doubtful ... time will tell as people receive their boxes
  5. This is way past variance in shade
  6. Here’s one, but I️ believe these were what they called “pre release” on Instagram from some guy called “the don” Quality on them was ... weird. Looked like fuente anejo wrappers
  7. And let’s be honest... Instagram is probably the last place people need to be buying cigars from. I’ve seen robustos supremos, behikes, Cohiba sublimes on there in gallon ziplocks full of them...
  8. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Woke up to a sick baby this morning... time to catch a break now that mom is home from work
  9. Had one recently that was gifted to me. awful thats the nicest word i could come up with to describe it
  10. Fly fishing Cuba

    These videos are great, id love to get into fly fishing but my wallet and wife would hate it.
  11. Inventory

    spreadsheet with a tab for each container/wineador. I also smoke a fresh cigar out of each box receive, if theyre really bad i add a note to stay away for a while. If theyre good... they get a

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