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  1. This^^^^. And many of those celebs admit they rarely smoke cigars. My favorite is the full page feature on some absolutely useless luxury item like $200 beard oil. Cigar forums are really the place to get your cigar info.
  2. Candela a calling?

    I like the regular KFC from Drew Estates, but have not yet sampled the Swamp series candelas. To date my favorite candela is the Formorian from RoMa Craft Tobac. Here's the review from HalfWheel One of the best things I can say about a cigar is that it’s simply a darn good cigar and leave off any pretense or qualifiers. While some might look at the CroMagnon Fomorian as a good candela, or a good cigar when you want something different, neither of those apply here, as it’s simply a darn good cigar. Yes, the wrapper is a different color than 99.9 percent of what you will find in your typical humidor, and yes that makes this cigar stand out. But at the end of the day, it’s balanced, offers plenty of very enjoyable flavors, burns well save for a fairly slow final third, and leaves me wanting another. If that doesn’t constitute a recommendation, I don’t know what does. Too bad there aren’t more of these to go around.
  3. Well here is a quote from his website. Available for consultation No longer building humidors
  4. Seems to be a cottage industry down there ripping off cigar companies, Alec Bradley was also hit a year or so ago.
  5. Everyone knows that Habanos, SA has been behind the whole global UFO hoax for over 75 years. Its a PR stunt to drive sales!
  6. I always used to practice in front of the mirror before giving a speech. It not only helped me get down what I wanted to say, but also helped me to understand what I looked like when delivering the information, which is as important as the words you are delivering. Focus on your facial expressions and hand/arm gestures and use them as well as voice inflection to communicate the most important points in your talk. I always preferred having either a note card with bullet points of topics I wanted to cover rather than having a fully written speech. One thing I've found about public speaking is that most people are nervous about it, whether they admit it or not, and most audiences recognize how nerve racking it can be up there. Just be professional, make a strong effort and your audience will appreciate your speech! Good Luck!
  7. Thanks, I've done all that and still suck! My exposure always seems too dark or too light and I always seem to have hot spots & dark spots in my images as well as a hazy look to the shot. Mi000ke's photos are what I would love to be able to come away with. I know that also requires some serious time in Photoshop, something else, BTW, I suck at @mi000ke
  9. I like it, but suck at it. Bought myself a big Canon rig and thought I would get these tack sharp images and instead I take better pics with my IPad.
  10. Zarges aluminum cases

    Yeah, like a guy that buys 3,000 pieces of wrapped leaves that he plans to burn is concerned about a grand for two metal boxes.
  11. Cigar bands

    I had no luck with the Kenco bands they use such a light adhesive that most of my singles have come undone. I also wasted a bunch of them not being able to get them peeled apart. Plus I never understood why the side with the lines, which would make writing easier, is the side that is hidden? YMMV.
  12. New ashtray ...

    really nice, congrats!!
  13. Mine usually comes from bouncing around in my drawers and overhanding when trying to arrange by size, type, etc. It may start as a small crack, but over time takes the whole wrapper out.

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