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  1. Well if indeed Dr. Gotleib intends to employ science to make his decision there are two recent studies conducted or partially funded by FDA to use as the basis for exemption. The first showed that premium cigars were not targeted to nor used by minors, which was the primary goal of the previous administration's regulation. The second one showed that while no tobacco product is safe, the occasional indulgence in premium cigars shows a minuscule increased risk in tobacco related diseases.
  2. Cool, but I don't think a beer cellar in my house would last more than a weekend before it was an empty box.
  3. Great gestures guys!!!!!!! Glad someone is taking care of our vets!
  4. In order to boost our Twitter following we are giving away a golf/cigar package. You just need to follow us and retweet the giveaway. You can find us on Twitter @infogolfgearbox
  5. You guys must have had better luck than me. We had an S9 and the the quality of espresso was terrible either too bitter or too watery.
  6. Ditto. I had a gorgeous manual Pasquini espresso machine and a Rancillo Rocky grinder and just got tired of the hassle & mess to make espresso drinks. Next, we went with the fully automatic Jura 9, which made garbage quality espresso, especially for the price of that unit. Bought a french press and have never been happier. During the winter I make hot coffee and during the summer I use it to make cold brew coffees and lattes. This morning I had a cold brewed white chocolate latte, yum.
  7. John's customer service and workmanship are the best in the business!
  8. Fried chicken and jalapeno waffles with a cayenne bourbon maple syrup.
  9. Demoing some new golf training aids from vendors for possible addition to the store.
  10. Always liked his music, but never saw him live. Did that look & sound like a normal performance of Black Hole Sun, cause he seemed a bit out of it to me?
  11. Probably the best draft by the Browns since they returned to the NFL. Hated their 2nd /3rd round picks, they passed on a lot of good DBs there and their secondary is extremely porous. I expect the Steelers WRs to have a field day twice a year until they shore up that position. I heard one pundit say the Browns got a lot of freakish athletes, but will that translate to wins? The early prediction is 3-13 next year.
  12. Will Smith as Agent James West and his son as the Karate Kid.
  13. This print hangs in my guest room.
  14. I'm a passive collector, if they fall into my lap I'll grab them, but don't actively hunt anymore. I probably have 5-600, with a lot of 80's 12" singles.
  15. Nice rig!

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