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  1. I'm a passive collector, if they fall into my lap I'll grab them, but don't actively hunt anymore. I probably have 5-600, with a lot of 80's 12" singles.
  2. Nice rig!
  3. I second Intelligentsia, their Black Cat is not only a great espresso roast, but makes an excellent bold drip coffee as well.
  5. Completing a backyard putting green installation.
  6. --------------
  7. Looks like the RGIII experiment has fizzled and he will be released by end of the day. Yeah, who didn't see that one coming.
  8. I am 100% singles now and while dividers do take up a lot of space, they are very good for grouping various size cigars such that it limits sticks from sliding from back2back, & side2side in the drawers causing damage. I have a 100% CC drawer and then the rest of the drawers are set-up by my perceived strength/body..
  9. Huge fan of anything from RoMa Craft, Crowned Heads, Warped and Tatuaje.
  10. John's customer service is second to none!
  11. The only thing scarier than Hank is the constituent base who continues to re-elect him term after term.
  12. Arlin closed his shop a few years ago and then reopened saying he didn't know how to do anything else except build humidors. He was getting up there in age, as we all are, so I hope all is well with his health and it is simply a business decision or perhaps just another break.
  13. Bacon wrapped grilled pork tenderloin medallions with an apricot, cinnamon & cayenne pepper glaze.
  14. Solo operator or started a business with employees. Worked in corporate America for 27 years and stated a solo business last year. First let us know what you do and how long you have been doing it for Started a Golf training aids company focused on short game improvement, in business about a year. Would you , have you or could you go back as an employee? Are you now fundamentally unemployable This is a conundrum I struggle with daily. I love what I do now, but miss the stability of a weekly paycheck. I am lucky enough to have a wife with a good job and benefits which has made the transition easier. That being said, my wife works in a very unpredictable industry and her job could go away in an instant, which keeps both of us up at night. I would love to think I could assimilate back into a corporate job, but it would be a real struggle to deal with the daily stress. The good the bad and the ugly of being self employed. Again as a sole operator or as a owner/GM of an enterprise with employees. GOOD: I get to set my own hours, work in my pajamas and don't have to answer to anyone, but myself, and of course my wife. The only travel I do is go to the post office to ship out orders. I probably work the same amount of hours as I did in corporate, but they are now spread out all over the full 7-day/24-hour week. I enjoy the ability to come up with creative marketing ideas and implement them immediately without the need for an executive board approval. I get a lot more done without endless meetings and creation of CYA documents. Working at home I'm able to take breaks thoughout the day to handle small house projects, wait for repair people and play with the dog. There is a great sense of satisfaction when a marketing campaign I created from scratch leads to sales. BAD: I don't have a corporate marketing budget with which to make mistakes, now its my money and have learned some tough lessons along the way. My word is my bond to my customers, but being at the mercy of manufacturers with different definitions of customer service can make that difficult. I don't have a market research, analytics, IT, accounting or Ecommerce department I can go to for help. While I am an introvert by nature, I actually do miss the camaraderie of working as part of a team. My wife thinks her job is more demanding than mine and that sometimes leads to animosity toward me because I get to stay home all day. Since I don't travel any longer I don't earn any frequent flyer & hotel points. you find a cigar an important part of your mental makeup? Do they play a role? Definitely! Being able to sit outside with a cigar allows me to relax and think about the business from a totally different perspective. I get a lot of great marketing ideas while I'm enjoying a smoke.
  15. While Piggy likes to tell everyone he is the smartest person in the room, unfortunately he usually is. That being said for us lower intellect, knuckle draggers I haven't found much of his engineering jargon helpful, though appreciate his efforts to try sorting out the issues for newbies with wineadors. Like you, I purchased a wineador with the hope of achieving the mythical "Rock Solid 65/65" storage environment espoused here and on every other cigar forum on the net, with little to no luck. I get pretty close in the winter when I am able to unplug the unit, but as soon as the weather turns warm and I plug the unit in I am fighting the temp/RH from top to bottom of the unit until I unplug it again. As piggy mentions, its an imperfect system and you have to come to grips with that fact. I've also heard that 2 lbs of the mythical beads will ensure your perfect 65/65, I tried them and found no better rh maintenance than with my $7 bag of kitty litter. I'm afraid its mostly trial and error based on your environment and set up. I've stopped stressing about it, do to the best I can and enjoy my cigars. Best of luck achieving nirvana.

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