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  1. Awesome. Much appreciated.
  2. Wasn't too impressed on my first Club Allones but this is my second box. Here's to hoping they come around for me. TOS Diplo No.2
  3. Got any pictures to share @BellevilleMXZ? Sounds like a good deal.
  4. One can only hope.
  5. I missed getting one on my trip. Nice man told me they would "be in tomorrow between 9 & 1". Of course my flight was at 10am the next day so never got to see if he was telling me the truth or not.
  6. Young Rafael Gonzales. Some good flavors but definitely more "mongrel" than I remember. Will revisit down the road.
  7. Pres, my thoughts exactly. Had one of these while outside the Hotel Nacional having a mojito(or three) and thought it was a very good cigar. I'm sure my smoking environment also had something to do with this Not often do I have time to smoke something of that size and if it could somehow shrink down a bit, I could definitely see myself smoking a lot of them. With that said, I did purchase a box and I am pretty excited to see how they will progress. In your mind, anything regular production wise that shares similar qualities?
  8. La Fuerza from the Christmas sampler. Quite good.
  9. Just stumbled across a relatively new article http://www.cigarjournal.co/new-habanos-releases-2017/
  10. Will keep you in mind if I come across any
  11. Was able to grab a box of Capueletos in Havana a few weeks back. Saw the Topes but don't recall seeing any Dantes. Have seen a few video reviews lately so they seem to be trickling out into the wild. Hopefully we will start seeing them on here in the near future
  12. Some fairly warm weather in NY. EP Carrillo short run 2013
  13. In terms of price, my guess would be Havana. As far as selection, I will leave this to some that are more well traveled than I.
  14. While I did have a great experience on my trip, I can definitely see how travelling there from the US is not for everyone. The money issue and overall infrastructure can be problematic but if you do your research and go into it with the adequate expectations, you will set yourself up to have a good time. For most people, given the choice between travelling to a "risky" location and a more typical spot, the choice is easy. Why take the risk? Hard for me to imagine things changing soon for US citizens.
  15. Yep, got one from them also. I placed a small order a while back and was a little surprised to receive the gift. Not complaining tho. Interesting point about this vendor running other sites.

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