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  1. A magnum 50 box of 10 is available from june 2013. I'm thinking to pick that one up. How were, or are those smoking? how was quality back then?
  2. I have contacted them and they have the Magnum 46 and 50, the Half corona, Connoisseur A, Royal Robusto, and the #2 reserva cosecha. Thoughts on the #2 reserva?
  3. This list is interesting. I wonder why the royal robustos are so low in the list. Is it because it's a crap cigar, or not many people have smoked it?
  4. Unfortunately, I never buy online because customs adds 2 to 2.5 times to the price of cigars. But I will be visiting an lcdh in the coming weeks and would like a recommendation on which h. upmann to buy next. I've had the half corona and coronas major and liked them both, mag 46 not so much. Based on those preferences, what should be my next box purchase from the h upmann line up? connie 1, royal robusto, other mags, sir winnie? Thanks.
  5. I know there's a tobacco shop at the duty free. Has anyone been there recently? how are prices and selection? Thanks.
  6. which LCDH?
  7. afaik, the connie 1 comes in slb's of 25 only. Nice looking box though.
  8. Hdm petit robusto
  9. Rogue oatmeal stout
  10. Camacho Connecticut. Tasty smoke.
  11. You could try the Ramon Allones Israel edition, a 2011 release: https://www.cubancigarwebsite.com/brand/ramon-allones#edicion-regional-israel It is around $23 USD in local shops. While in Tel Aviv, try Freddie's cigar and wine shop, a Habanos specialist. Otherwise, there's a nice cigar lounge and walk in humidor at the Tel Aviv port, worth a visit.
  12. Get both. I recently bought a 15 ct box of the petit robusto, now I'm eyeing a 25 cab of epi 2. I like the hdm profile, so getting both makes sense to me.
  13. I've been wondering the same thing. Is it just a sawn off version of the epi 2 or are the blends different?

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