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  1. Get both. I recently bought a 15 ct box of the petit robusto, now I'm eyeing a 25 cab of epi 2. I like the hdm profile, so getting both makes sense to me.
  2. I've been wondering the same thing. Is it just a sawn off version of the epi 2 or are the blends different?
  3. Have you been to A La Civette tobacconist near the Louvre? how are prices and the selection? I may be visiting in the near future.
  4. welcome to the forums
  5. I use plastic tupperware with bovedas. You should open them once a week/2 weeks just to "burp" them, circulate the air inside. Very low maintenance, and the bovedas last a long time.
  6. Nice review. I got the feeling that the cigar didn't wow you, being aged that long.
  7. Monte 5 10 ct, sd4 tubos
  8. My ready to smoke cc's are at 62%, nc's at 65%
  9. Although not as fancy as the pics above, the lcdh in Yerevan, Armenia, is a nice place to hang out too, with a nice walk in humidor.
  10. Thanks for the review. What flavors did you get?
  11. welcome, better late than never
  12. Just wondering why a single factory can't have more than one code? I mean, why can't la corona release boxes with TOS and LEP?
  13. I store and smoke my nc's at 65%, using boveda packs. My "ready to smoke" cc's are stored at 62% in a separate tupperdor.
  14. Brickhouse

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