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  1. srbuck

    Horrible news out just now!

    Wow;; His last episode is now airing on CNN...In Berlin..You can get ANYTHING you want.. In Berlin...ANYTHING...Agree with one of the previous posts; His daughter will hurt forever as will the Spade children..
  2. Black Mountain;; Have 3 CD,s on random From 07 Into the future, Wilderness Heart from 2010 and from 2016 Vol IV.. Do google them and watch the piece from KPEX. Space to Bakersfield very sweet Strat # played by Stephen McBean on a J Mascis model Fender. Amber Weber has a beautiful[ Can remind of a young Grace Slick] voice.. It can be hard to break into the FOG,s rotation. Glad they did!!!!!!
  3. srbuck

    Dead and Company

    After Watkins Glen;; I guess I saw the Dead about 4 more times.. Saw Jerry Garcia's band at Oberlen College in a chapel.. Very laid back.. I looked last eve at ticket $$$$ for Blossom Music ctr...For 40.00 you can toss a blanket; I am sure there will be a lot of colorful goings on.. To get under the roof; I'd be looking at 225.00 to 400.00 and lets face it; it's not like seeing the Stones!!!! I saw Radiohead about 20 rows back at the same place.. Great show.. I am very content to sit in my little cigar room..4 bookshelf speakers and I have like 20+ CD's coming this yr. from deadnet..about 30 I already own.. I can smoke what I want and since I found my way to OZ I have to admit it's getting better all the time.. Well my bros. it's that time again.... I love you oh but Jesus loves you the best and I bid you good nite good nite good nite.....
  4. srbuck

    Dead and Company

    Hey John in Cle;; Ya never know;; I am less apt to travel at 65 than I was at 21. All we had on us was the clothes on our backs.. No tent no food no beer; Pharmacutical greenies!!! mi000ke; got there a lot earlier.. I swear we walked like 6 miles... It rained about halfway through The Band;; The most beautiful girl in the place danced topless on a speaker tower during the Band.. I believe it was the 1st time The Allmans toured after Duane passing.. The place was a mudhole.. I did a lot of things in my life to make me forget..I will never forget my little 21st birthday jam!!!!;;; mi000ke;;; You guys sound pretty good.... It is time;;;;; The Grateful Dead live at The Great American Music Hall... 8/13/75.. This one ends very quietly. Nice after midnite... H upmann #2 Pikesville OUT!!!
  5. srbuck

    Dead and Company

    Hello Counselor;; Old DH in Ohio;;; most likely not;;; They play Blossom music ctr. Near Akron... The Deadnet site has been taking a lot of my $$$$$ lately.. Just pd for 4shows on 11 disks to be released 5/5/17.. Also in for the yrs 4 Dave's picks releases.. The 1st is from Boston 4/2 73 VERY GOOD!!!!! I like Dave's picks so far but my collection is sparse in comparison to the hard core... BTW.. I turned 21 on 7/28/ 1973... At The Watkins Glen Summer Jam.. The Dead The Band and The Allman Bros..What a long strange trip it still is. "Buck"
  6. Hello 2 skinny;; June 4 1974 3 other bands and Springteen for 2 dollars Did not sell out;;; About a month later opening for Wishbone Ash;; He never opened for anyone after that!!!I guess about 4 more times in 10 yrs.. Now I'd rather listen to old Grateful Dead shows as is my norm.. I can tell the future just look what's in your hand[Usually a cigar]
  7. Hello Di.. For some reason the easy to follow, usual method I order is unavailable.. I would like a box of Partagas Serie E #2 at 279.00 US money if any still available.. Thank you.. Mike Buckley  Canton, Ohio USA "Buck"

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