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  1. Going on 30 minutes with nothing sold out... I hope the "I can't get on 24:24 fast enough to get any cigars" crowd was able to pickup at least one box today
  2. My first thought would be an air-tight travel humidor with a 58 or 62 Boveda pack.
  3. Little Tunny AKA False Albacore?
  4. Bovedas just work. Any fan would help, but a computer fan(s) might be easier in the long run w/o battery changes to deal with and most likely more size and speed options. Like @Islandboy said, the cooling unit will throw your rH way off during every cycle and will most likely lead to condensation (dripping, pooling, etc.) issues at some point. There really isn't a simple/cheap fix for this.
  5. Don't expect perfection. Set the temp to 66*, skip the HF beads, and use several large Bovedas at 62% rH if you're primarily storing CC or 65% if you're primarily storing NC. I'd also suggest investing in a couple electronic hydrometers to monitor different areas of the humidor for large variances in temp and rH. Adding fans that run 24/7 would help to balance out the temp and rH. Once it's somewhat stable, add cigars, acclimatize, smoke, and decide if you're happy with the results. Best of luck and keep us posted.
  6. That's was the outdoor weather temp and rH when I was smoking. I store my cigars around 60 rH.
  7. Ha, 75/75 just happened to be the weather conditions outside where I was smoking. I store near 60 rH.
  8. Cigar being reviewed: Montecristo No. 5 MUL JUN 14 - Smoked on Friday 5/19 at 9:30pm. Weather conditions when I was smoking were 75*F & 75% rH with cloudy skies and calm winds. (These are not my humidor storage conditions). Pre-light: Surprisingly, there was very little aroma. I even went back to the humidor and pulled the box. Very faint traces of light hay and tobacco. I choose a straight-cut and gently toasted the foot with a soft flame lighter. 1/3: The draw started off tighter than I'd like. Of course, I didn't have my draw tool handy so I just plugged along. I'm not good at identifying subtle flavors, but I was able to identify flavors that I'd describe as hay, toasted tobacco, and a faint cream that built towards the end of the 1/3. Strength was medium. 2/3: As I moved into the 2/3 of the cigar, the cream became more pronounced, but never dominated the other flavors I was tasting including toasted tobacco and a slight floral bouquet on the retro that I just couldn't place. Strength remained medium. 3/3: As I entered the home stretch, the cream faded and toasted tobacco became the primary flavor until the cigar turned 1/2 through the final 3rd. Strength was medium. Total smoking time: 45 minutes.
  9. Agree to disagree... this question is asked and answered almost weekly. Taking five minutes to search and read a little would answer these questions. If you're serious about getting the 'cream of the crop' or locker stock from 24:24 - you should be on the site and ready to roll around 8:15pm EST.
  10. Every 'boo-hoo I can't get any cigars' post like this is another nail in the coffin for 24:24 as we know it. @JohnS has some good advice.
  11. I suspect many of them resurface as seconds on the secondary market.
  12. LOL... Cohiba "air"

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