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  1. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Beautiful night here in VA and I’m celebrating the birth of my daughter (3/9) with a TEU JUL 10 Cola!
  2. Di's first fish

    Nice fish!
  3. Newbie from Cali

  4. CoLa arrived just in time for my 7th wedding anniversary... 7/10
  5. At least it's in my left ear
  6. Wedding festivities + '14 BPC = Sublime
  7. FOH shirts ? y not

    FOH Rompers!
  8. New Wineador

    I've had one cooler without bovedas for weeks and it's still holding at 64%rH.
  9. $275-$350 / box You've got to account for the recent price hike
  10. New Wineador

    Are the Bovedas holding rH when the cooler isn't running?
  11. My opinion is that you're overthinking it. Leave them at home in the cooler, they'll be fine.
  12. US Customs slashing cigars

    I'd suspect the cigars are being cut open to inspect for smuggling of controlled substances and narcotics. Doesn't seem too far fetched to me. I'd be upset if this happened to me, but it's just the CBP agent doing their job. Sucks, but that's the world we live in. Some of you guys with these cut cigars should get in touch with a home roller. I'd suspect that they could be re-rolled and smoked. Might be fun to see how a new wrapper and binder would change the flavors.

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