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  1. You're welcome, those were in addition to the Mag 46 and Boli Belicoso Fino which are powerful in the first couple years.
  2. Partagas Shorts, Partagas 898, Bolivar Petit Coronas, H Upmann Petit Coronas are favorites of mine that always satisfy when I want a kick.
  3. The feet need more protection. These things go half way around the world twice.
  4. Illusione- MK Corona, 88 Robusto, Connecticut Rothschild, Epernay has been hit or miss for me but mostly hit. Warped- Flor de Valle, La Colmena Tatuaje- 7th Capa Especial, 10th anniversary, Brown Label especially with a couple years on them. Actually I've enjoyed every Tat I've had with a couple years age. Crowned Heads- JD Howard Reserve and some Jericho Hill My Father- Lancero, my 2014 boxes of La Atiguidad corona grande and Blue Label corona gorda are getting really good. I am relatively new to the sport so take it for what its worth.
  5. I've been smoking cigars for a year and a half. 95% CCs for about 8 months after I discovered them. The last couple months it has been 50-50 and have really enjoyed most of my NCs again. I have recently been sampling high end NCs, mostly Fuentes, and they will probably consume most of my cigar budget for a while. I really enjoy a couple lines from Illusione, Crowned Heads, Warped, Ashton, Tatuaje and the Garcia family. I can't wait to see how some of these develope over the years. Dominican tobacco is my favorite at the moment but CCs will always be a part of the regular rotation.
  6. It holds 2 Boli 1 or similar size tubos perfectly!
  7. 2011 Short from a recent trade here. Great little cigars these are.
  8. I bought a 5x5 of these a month ago. They were in rough shape. I sent them back but was out $40 for shipping both ways. I was not happy that the vendor did not disclose that the were from 2001. Had I known that I would not have purchased in the first place. I have no interest in discount 2001 stock.
  9. Win the game: Patriots Player to score first: Matt Bryant MVP: Tom Brady Most yards: Julio Jones
  10. I also have the TUP JUN 15 cab. I tried one last summer and was disappointed, very bland. I am not worried at all, they just need more time. I will probably try another in six months.
  11. Thank you Phil. The flash on my phone's camera wouldn't come on for the second picture and I have no idea why the ember shows blue. I thought it looked alright so I left the flash off for the other 2 also. Thank you Monk.
  12. Punch Corona Box Code UTA JUL 07 Nice Cuban draw, very faint tobacco and cocoa on the cold. First third: Cedar and leather up front then cream and light cocoa with a long dark honey finish. Nice white pepper tingle on the retro. Second third: Leather and woody flavors dominate. I start to get the white pepper on the back of my tongue and throat. Cream is fading and dark honey is no longer present. Final third: Flavors really intensified all the way to the nub. Wood dominates with Mahogany, Oak and Cedar. New Leather is close behind and very pronounced. The spice has ramped up and the pepper tingle has worked its way to the tip of my tongue. Smoke time: 1:15
  13. Oh so many great ones, I don't know where to start.
  14. I recently went through a box of 2007s. I rarely smoke the same cigar twice in a week but this box only lasted 2 months. Great toasted tobacco, milk coffee, light chocolate and burnt sugar were the main flavors I got out of them. Pretty complex with a fairly distinct transition from 1st third to 2nd. Never had a fresh one but I do have a 2014 I received with a trade and I will report back after I smoke it.

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