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  1. HDM DC Monte No 1 Ramon Allones Gigantes Cohiba Lanceros and Trinidad Fundadores have been available for a couple months but its almost a waste to smoke them in their first few years because they really open up with 4 or 5 years down. With the premium price they demand I chose to rest them.
  2. The mirror signs were found in the basement of a building that was built in the late 1800s. It is now a tuxedo/formal wear store in my local downtown. Rumor has it the basement was used as a speakeasy at one time. I haven't tried to date them but they may be from the prohibition era. Van Dam is my grandmothers maiden name so I had to have that one also.
  3. Here's a few in my collection.
  4. We used to catch sharks for sport and keep the numbers down to a reasonable level. Haven't been allowed to do that for a while now they are getting out of control.
  5. Thank you for the responses. It wasn't really if I should buy but how many. I have no doubt they can improve with more time. I don't think it's fair to judge a cigar in the first couple years, glad to hear they are good now. -I missed the Mag50s last month but have a 09 cab that I will tap into one of these years but I should grab a couple SLBs for back ups. -You can't go wrong with another cab of Punch DCs. They'll be something special in a decade if you can wait that long. If you can't then dress boxes are all the same.
  6. You got it. Always interested, now just piqued to a new level.
  7. Would anyone care to share their thoughts on how this cigar is developing now at around 2 years old? It has recently piqued my interest!
  8. I leave them as is with paper in place so when I get to a new row I can pull them up with the paper if they've nestled in tight.
  9. Sealed boxes

    I often request sealed boxes from other vendors, they arrive sealed @25% of the time. Some vendors more than others will ship them sealed.
  10. I smoked one yesterday on the golf course and you are spot on with your review. I did not give it the cadence or attention to fully realize everything it had to offer but it was a really enjoyable cigar.
  11. Down to the last few from this box purchased last year from a 24:24 event. One of the best boxes I have in my humidor!
  12. Great flavors of shortbread, cocoa, subtle honey sweetness, cedar and a little spice that fades at the half way point. Flavors intensify in the last third.
  13. I purchased a box of the 2001 CoLa right when they came out in January '17 before it was common knowledge that all the 5x5 packs popping up were 2001s. Several had old dry mold on them, a few felt plugged, about half had wrapper damage (peeling and chipped feet) most likely from being dried out and brittle at one point in time. I returned them but I was out shipping both ways. The response I got from the vendor was that I should expect cigars that are 15+ years old to have encountered some less than ideal storage conditions at one point or another. I used the credit towards 2 boxes of BCG which will probably appreciate at the same rate as CoLa over the next 5 years.

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