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  1. Down to the last few from this box purchased last year from a 24:24 event. One of the best boxes I have in my humidor!
  2. Great flavors of shortbread, cocoa, subtle honey sweetness, cedar and a little spice that fades at the half way point. Flavors intensify in the last third.
  3. I purchased a box of the 2001 CoLa right when they came out in January '17 before it was common knowledge that all the 5x5 packs popping up were 2001s. Several had old dry mold on them, a few felt plugged, about half had wrapper damage (peeling and chipped feet) most likely from being dried out and brittle at one point in time. I returned them but I was out shipping both ways. The response I got from the vendor was that I should expect cigars that are 15+ years old to have encountered some less than ideal storage conditions at one point or another. I used the credit towards 2 boxes of BCG which will probably appreciate at the same rate as CoLa over the next 5 years.
  4. Congrats to the 26 who picked correctly. Punch Punch was my guess from everyone else's reviews. Only 3 in current production so I thought it was a no brainer when you guys mentioned leather, woody, grassy, sweetness, Cuban twang. I have smoked about 15 from an OCT 14 cab and they fall right in line with what most of you experienced, fantastic cigars. I should have stuck with my instinct and guessed from your reviews rather than my own smoking experience(chocolate, cinnamon/nutmeg, harsh and boring). I forgot to factor Cuban inconsistency into the equation. Good luck to all on #2
  5. The one I smoked was pretty bad also. I wish it had some hay, citrus, woody twang to it but it was quite different from that. I read some reviews on here before I smoked it and I thought I knew what it was going to be. After firing it up I quickly came to the conclusion that it was not the cigar I was expecting. My guess is for the one box pressed Corona Gorda that I have not tried yet. If I'm right I will probably never pursue another, if I'm wrong I will chalk it up to getting a dud because I really enjoy the ones I have.
  6. You're welcome, those were in addition to the Mag 46 and Boli Belicoso Fino which are powerful in the first couple years.
  7. Partagas Shorts, Partagas 898, Bolivar Petit Coronas, H Upmann Petit Coronas are favorites of mine that always satisfy when I want a kick.
  8. The feet need more protection. These things go half way around the world twice.
  9. Illusione- MK Corona, 88 Robusto, Connecticut Rothschild, Epernay has been hit or miss for me but mostly hit. Warped- Flor de Valle, La Colmena Tatuaje- 7th Capa Especial, 10th anniversary, Brown Label especially with a couple years on them. Actually I've enjoyed every Tat I've had with a couple years age. Crowned Heads- JD Howard Reserve and some Jericho Hill My Father- Lancero, my 2014 boxes of La Atiguidad corona grande and Blue Label corona gorda are getting really good. I am relatively new to the sport so take it for what its worth.
  10. I've been smoking cigars for a year and a half. 95% CCs for about 8 months after I discovered them. The last couple months it has been 50-50 and have really enjoyed most of my NCs again. I have recently been sampling high end NCs, mostly Fuentes, and they will probably consume most of my cigar budget for a while. I really enjoy a couple lines from Illusione, Crowned Heads, Warped, Ashton, Tatuaje and the Garcia family. I can't wait to see how some of these develope over the years. Dominican tobacco is my favorite at the moment but CCs will always be a part of the regular rotation.
  11. It holds 2 Boli 1 or similar size tubos perfectly!
  12. 2011 Short from a recent trade here. Great little cigars these are.
  13. I bought a 5x5 of these a month ago. They were in rough shape. I sent them back but was out $40 for shipping both ways. I was not happy that the vendor did not disclose that the were from 2001. Had I known that I would not have purchased in the first place. I have no interest in discount 2001 stock.
  14. Win the game: Patriots Player to score first: Matt Bryant MVP: Tom Brady Most yards: Julio Jones

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