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  1. I've thought about cigars and pipes like this. I still can't justify paying huge premiums on HTF or limited release cigars. To me there is just not enough difference in quality to justify the additional cost. I have bought a bunch of aged boxes and will probably buy a few more until my stock ages. With pipe tobacco however the cost is roughly 1/10 per hour of smoking versus cigars so I pay whatever premium I have to to get the tobacco I want. Still most of the cigars and pipe tobacco I smoke is readily available at normal prices.
  2. FEB 16s are good and I'm sure they will continue improve for many years. One of the few cigars I've really enjoyed young. I split a box with a couple forum members hear, when I smoke through the 10 I recieved I will probably wait a couple years before I crack open a new box.
  3. I've been through a few boxes of HUHC with 1-3 years on them. A couple years makes a big difference to me with these, or more likely it could be that the tobacco they were rolling in 2014 was better than what they had to work with in 2016. I can't recall a plugged one but I have heard of it happening, but I wouldn't say it's common. I haven't tried the MMC because I am satisfied with the HUHC and I don't see a reason to pay more to try the MMC.
  4. Isn't it ironic that Cuba missed the boat on taxing the $hit out of tobacco? The EU and Australia beat them to it, to the point of drastically cutting demand.
  5. The only way I see a drastic increase in production and maintaining or improving quality would be to bring back a capitolist market. The Cuban government skims too much of the profits and doesn't reinvest enough in infrastructure or land improvements. If they allowed the farms and factories to be owned by individuals and private companies the capitol would flood in for improvements if the taxes were kept reasonable. Could you imagine investing in a Cuban tobacco farm like people invest in wineries in Napa Valley? As long as the communist rule and govern there is no hope.
  6. Partagas - smaller vitolas

    Shorts, fresh or aged, morning, noon or night.
  7. HDM DC Monte No 1 Ramon Allones Gigantes Cohiba Lanceros and Trinidad Fundadores have been available for a couple months but its almost a waste to smoke them in their first few years because they really open up with 4 or 5 years down. With the premium price they demand I chose to rest them.
  8. The mirror signs were found in the basement of a building that was built in the late 1800s. It is now a tuxedo/formal wear store in my local downtown. Rumor has it the basement was used as a speakeasy at one time. I haven't tried to date them but they may be from the prohibition era. Van Dam is my grandmothers maiden name so I had to have that one also.
  9. Here's a few in my collection.
  10. We used to catch sharks for sport and keep the numbers down to a reasonable level. Haven't been allowed to do that for a while now they are getting out of control.
  11. Thank you for the responses. It wasn't really if I should buy but how many. I have no doubt they can improve with more time. I don't think it's fair to judge a cigar in the first couple years, glad to hear they are good now. -I missed the Mag50s last month but have a 09 cab that I will tap into one of these years but I should grab a couple SLBs for back ups. -You can't go wrong with another cab of Punch DCs. They'll be something special in a decade if you can wait that long. If you can't then dress boxes are all the same.
  12. You got it. Always interested, now just piqued to a new level.
  13. Would anyone care to share their thoughts on how this cigar is developing now at around 2 years old? It has recently piqued my interest!
  14. I leave them as is with paper in place so when I get to a new row I can pull them up with the paper if they've nestled in tight.

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