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  1. Cigar choice

    PLPC great stick, better price.
  2. Yes sir that is Mr. Overton. All I can say about his diet is that it is not atypical of older Texans. You have to love and admire his style. I can't say for certain but I thought I recalled reading that the Thompson coming home with him from the Pacific. Whether or not he is permitted to own a class III weapon I can't imagine too many bureaucrats, ATF agents or law enforcement officers volunteering to disarm him. I envision him lighting a Tampa Sweet off the glowing muzzle while smiling at the aftermath if such an attempt was ever made.
  3. Las Vegas cigar bars

    One of my favorites.
  4. Las Vegas cigar bars

    I think we have all overlooked a viable Vegas cigar smoking option. You can smoke in all the strip clubs I have been to in Vegas. The people watching and scenery is usually pretty enjoyable.
  5. Negative sir. I am pretty decent photographer but don't know the first thing about videography or editing. That interview is impressive though, hats off to whoever is responsible.
  6. Folks please keep Mr. Overton in your thoughts and prayers. He was admitted to the hospital last night due to pneumonia. Let's hope he pulls through and returns to enjoy a lot more stogies and whiskey on his front porch.
  7. @Dozerhead, @WoadyCypress, @CooGAR Gentlemen I know this is really short notice but it just so happens we are planning on getting together Friday evening (8/11) for an impromptu herf. @BEVOSREVENGE, @rxavier1979, a friend of his and myself will be meeting at Roegels BBQ (2223 S Voss Rd, Houston, TX 77057) at 1730 CDT for dinner and moving down the road to Stogies for an after dinner smoke. If any of you are available please feel free to join us. If you happen to read this at work and don't have any sticks with you just show up anyways we will have plenty of extras to share. I am dropping off a few boxes from a group buy three of us went in on as well as the extras we usually gift to each other. Just beware you will have to purchase a throw away NC to be allowed to smoke in the lounge. If you can't make it this go round we are planning on putting together a Houston area herf towards the end of next month once we get a feel for the venue. Also open to suggestions for alternate venues if anyone knows of any. Maybe one where adult beverages are allowed? I have also been working on a list of Houston area members so I could notify them by name of the big herf. I have included their names below if I missed anyone please feel free to let me know so I can notify them/you when we get the herf scheduled. @boopdeep, @scap99, @Scardinoz, @david8017, @mdinius @jsavoie88 I will start a thread in the Watering hole forum and tag everyone I am aware of when we set the date. Again you are all welcome to join us tonight if you're available.
  8. Las Vegas cigar bars

    Sadly no. I always got caught up playing poker and smoking my own when I have gone. Although it is on my list for the next trip.
  9. Las Vegas cigar bars

    Try En Fuego Cigars and Lounge at 328 W Sahara Avenue. On the north end of the strip just west on W Sahara. Great little place where they hand roll their own customs. The owner is friendly and the local patrons are always playing cards and telling tall tales. Probably not the fanciest but definitely my favorite based on atmosphere, definitely not snobbish. They also have a newer location in Henderson I haven't been to. Also they are next door to the Golden Steer Steakhouse. They don't serve the best steak in town but they have been around since the late 50's and still have tables reserved for Dean Martiin, Sammy Davis Junior and Frank Sinatra. They used to eat there because most of Vegas was still segregated at the time and the Golden Steer would allow Sammy to eat there with the rest of the Rat Pack. The place has been renovated but not remodeled, so it is vintage 1950's Vegas. I reserved the Sinatra table and still have fond memories of eating at the same table as Frank.
  10. How would you respond.....

    Welcome to the world of Cuban cigars, you have just learned lesson 1; Cuban QC sucks. Lesson 2; Buy from FOH. Lesson 2 negates lesson 1. Rinse, lather, repeat.
  11. Whatcha reading?

    It seemed like a natural pairing. Should I be concerned that my smoking habits are influencing my reading list?
  12. 5 boxes of Diplomaticos El Embajador ER Paises Bajos (SGA SEP 15). Apologies for the vertical shot which wants to load horizontally.
  13. Zarges aluminum cases

    I only point out your sickness because I am compulsively following in your footsteps. Perhaps we will both end up on the same episode of "Hoarders." We can celebrate our cable TV debuts by getting together for a smoke!
  14. When I saw that @Isaac had posted this I assumed it was a documentary about his prophet like talents. Don't think I missed you calling your shot again yesterday. As always; Think Siglo V!
  15. Zarges aluminum cases

    You need to seek help for hording tendencies sir, its a sickness I have some 10+ year old RyJ Churchills with your name on them next time we meet up.

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