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  1. Linea Classica = Classic line; Robusto, Esplendido, Corona Especial, Lancero. Pretty much covers the non Behike, Siglo or Maduros.
  2. I like the Texans finally taking a QB. Watson in poised and doesn't shrink in the spotlight. I worry that he isn't a prototype pocket passer but he has more potential than anything we have had in years (maybe ever). Then they picked up a LB and a RB? Clearly our O line needs help, hopefully they address those needs in the next couple of rounds.
  3. Did anyone see the Cardinals Piscotty get hit with the ball 3 times in the same at bat/trip around the bags?
  4. Well that is truly disturbing. The guy who posted these was a Mexican resident and genuinely believed that the LCDH in question was incapable of selling fakes... a 25 count box of 2014 Piramides suggests otherwise (assuming he is being honest about where he bought them).
  5. I found this picture on social media. The counterfeiters appear to have really high quality (if not authentic) Cohiba and the Edicion Limitada bands. However they overlooked the fact that Cohiba EL in 2014 was the Robustos Supremos, the Piramides format was last offered in 2006 and both came in 10 count boxes. I tried to tell the owner that these were fakes and he replied that he had purchased them at a Mexican LCDH. Which could explain what appears to be authentic bands, but opens up a whole other ugly can of worms. I have heard rumors of fakes at LCDH's but has anyone actually stumbled across any or is it just cigar forum urban legend?
  6. I respectfully disagree. I offer exhibits A & B as proof. They only have to say Cohiba to fool the ignorant,
  7. Amazing how prevalent they are. I would ask why you didn't tell him but I have been down that road and now it usually ends badly.
  8. She alone is worth the price of the trip. Now what should I give up; 24:24 or eating?
  9. Welcome. You found your way to a great resource and better people.
  10. Smokum not to make light of your hometown but your description of Chicago as "The New Detroit" is both apt and humorous.
  11. I had somehow not smoked a torpedo until I pulled out a Dippy 2 that was gifted to me tonight. I must say I rather enjoyed the mouth feel of smoking a large RG with the tapered head. I may have to move some torpedos further up my list.
  12. Severe drought? Haven't we been seeing articles of perfect weather conditions and record crops in 2017? Are they referencing previous years?
  13. If you were asking me that is not my box. Just a photo commonly seen on instagram. For some reason the counterfeiters are getting lazy and just throwing the labels in boxes rather than applying them.
  14. This is the DIY kit I was referring to.
  15. Tell him to walk away. It has the look of one of those DIY Habanos kits complete with seal and DOP stickers, which they placed in the wrong location. They should be on the cardboard outer box.

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