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  1. You beat me to it. Although I would be willing to settle for just being able to buy them in Dalia format in 8-9-8 boxes aka exactly as they come. For the love of God HSA start producing these again.
  2. I am relieved to read this on multiple levels. I'm thankful that the money was returned and he will get the care he needs. But I am genuinely scared to click on this thread when I see it bumped as I fear it may be a member sharing news of his passing. It makes me incredibly happy to hear Mr. Overton was able to enjoy another Independence Day and to do so without worry. I'm sure he enjoyed some good whiskey and a few cigars.
  3. True, but the crash doesn't affect the supply of Weller, EH Taylor, Stagg, T.H. Handy, Pappy etc. That is my primary concern.
  4. At least it wasn't the Buffalo Trace distillery.
  5. This brings up a question I had never considered; with plain packaging laws would the gold foil have to be stripped from the cigar?
  6. SignalJoe

    Factory Codes Running List

    I don't believe that SGA was an El Laguito code, at least not in 2017. I have Diplomaticos regionals (Cuba & Paises Bajos) with that code from September, October, November and December of 2015.
  7. As a Redskin fan I can understand your reluctance to celebrating the nuptials of a division rival and Super Bowl winning quarterback. Though you must admit the guy is having a pretty good year.
  8. Deputy US Marshal Raylan Givens. With a tip of the hat to his antagonist Boyd Crowder. So many great characters from Justified and the writing couldn't be more brilliant.
  9. My Aristocrat cabinet has sat unused since I moved. I went to plug it in and adjust it only to realize that not only did I forget how, but misplaced the directions during the move. Does anyone have a pdf, or a jpeg of the instructions they could share so I can set the humidity?
  10. You can't smoke a bobble head! Looks like 13 head right about now. You can lead a horse to water... Stay away from my 1966's and you'll be fine. I'm bringing the food and the ordinance.
  11. Don't worry there will be others. This on the other hand worries me
  12. No doubt a great town with amazing entertainment and food for any and every taste.
  13. Depending on the day of the week I receive the box I may drive it to Austin that weekend and meet ya'll for a smoke and some bbq.
  14. Pretty impressive gentlemen! I enjoyed seeing the generosity and brotherhood involved. Glad I got to play a small part in it.
  15. SignalJoe

    robert griffin III

    The NFL has openly welcomed back all manners of criminals (murderers, suspected murderers, drug user/dealers, drunk drivers, women beaters, etc, etc.), however none of them have brought as much negative publicity to their organization and the league as Kaepernick. It is understandable to disagree with it, its another thing all together to deny it. The other aspect is the owner whose primary interest is financial (the NFL is a business above all else) would have to approve such a signing. I can't think of too many owners who would be willing to take that risk. Bear in mind the one owner who was willing to do so was rewarded by being publicly compared to a slave owner by Kaepernick's girlfriend. He also happens to be the same owner who just signed RGIII.

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