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  1. I don't know if this is standard practice or not, but I was provided a clear envelope to mail my butane torch lighter to myself at Las Vegas Mcarran. It had forgotten to pack it in the checked baggage and made it to the gate with it. I had to provide a credit card number on the form along with my address. My card was charged and the lighter arrived about 6 weeks later via mail. It appears they burned off all the butane as it arrived with the igniter button taped down and wrapped in aluminum foil. Presumably due to the heat generated from burning off the butane. Not ideal but at least I was able to keep it.
  2. Mule brings back a full wheel or two!
  3. You wouldn't believe the struggles I have trying to find it with this cold weather snap!
  4. In my experience that question is followed by "I didn't say it was a good idea, I said I can't think of a good reason why I shouldn't try it."
  5. A ) That's illegal in Texas B ) I like my women like I like my Scotch; dark, strong and preferably 18 years old. C ) I'm pretty sure @BEVOSREVENGE likes his women with a little meat on the bone
  6. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and the New Year brings quality smokes and good spirits to pair them with. It is my pleasure to announce the first of what we hope will be quarterly herfs. Through the amazing generosity of all around good guy @Shikar and likely against the owner's better judgment we will be allowed to use the members area at Embajadores Cigar Lounge to host the Houston Area Friends of Habanos New Years/Pre Super Bowl Herf. Anyone in the area or who cares to make the drive is invited to attend. Bring a bottle of whatever suits you to share or be selfish with (your choice). The last go round was pretty grand, we got to put names to faces, swap tall tales, shared/swapped/gifted smokes and engaged in general debauchery. Things were going well until @BEVOSREVENGE took to dancing on the table but it turned around when @WhiteMamba started stuffing dollar bills in his boxers. We had to carry @Fatshotbud out after after he discovered a taste for Dave's rum. However no physical damage occurred to the facility so we'll call it a win and push our luck with another herf. The last go around I brought brisket, sausage and ribs from Roegels BBQ and it seemed to be well received. If yall want I will be happy to bring it again. So if you're bored, not scared of seeing a grown man in his boxers dancing on a table, have nothing better to do or are interested in joining some fellow cigar smokers for what should be a fun evening please plan to attend. We are trying it on a Saturday this time so folks don't feel rushed coming from work. We are also starting an hour earlier as the lounge closes at 10 PM. DATE: Saturday, February 3rd TIME: 5:00 PM PLACE: Embajadores Fine Cigars 1141 Upotwn Park Blvd., Suite 04 Houston, Texas @Dozerhead @boopdeep @WoadyCypress @scap99 @Scardinoz @david8017 @mdinius @CooGAR @rxavier1979 @jsavoie88 @Benzopyrene @shaffer22 @khomeinist @Weaponiz'd1 @Arinjit @Baktun9
  7. Easy solution buy more sticks! All kidding aside we are genuinely lucky to have Bob Staebell in Texas. Since I outgrew my "lifetime" humidor that I bought from him previously I will be ordering another one shortly. This time though I intend to pick it up just so I can wander through his shop in amazement.
  8. After a weird detour that took the package 3.5 hours north of it's destination the box has arrived in Austin according to tracking.
  9. @Fuzz Could you possibly pin this thread while the box pass is active?
  10. Oh,, I understand. This isn't my first time viewing mass transit from underneath looking up.
  11. tanking? ever acceptable?

    I think the real interesting part will be how long they can keep that nucleus together. Once those rookie contracts expire the Yankees, Red Sox and Dodgers among others will be offering life altering contracts to new free agents.
  12. This is why I stopped taking women to Subway. As soon as they got their 6 inch they knew I had been lying to them.
  13. Having benefited from traveling and living overseas as a young man, and doing same at my molesting Uncle Sam's behest when older I find that I am right where I belong. Not that I don't appreciate experiencing other cultures and lands I just find that I prefer Texas. If pressed I would likely say Germany or perhaps Italy. Overall though I tend to agree with words of John Gunther - "If a man is from Texas he'll tell you. If he's not, why embarrass him by asking?" Perhaps with a bit of luck the FBI will cease wasting tax payer dollars investigating something there is no evidence of.

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