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  1. Aced it. Found it faster to not actually look at it. The errors always jump out at me.
  2. Garage sale the extras at the next herf. Problem solved.
  3. First car was an 86 Chevy Cavalier Z24. That thing ate alternators like candy. Lockup solenoid failed so it would stall in traffic. Loved and hated that damn car.
  4. You paid me for that last one..... Lol
  5. Looks like two for two, for me, our herfs have been on rainy days.
  6. I do all my takeoffs by hand, but it's only because there's no rhyme or reason to how the air distribution side of HVAC is laid out. I mark up the PDFs with Adobe Acrobat, and then transfer my count to a piece of paper. I also use Adobe to scale my drawings for any linear slots that may be shown. It's more accurate than I trust myself to be with a scale.
  7. Uh, we may need to talk....I don't feel you've been thoroughly prepped...
  8. Good morning from Texas.

    Howdy from Houston
  9. Of all the excuses I've heard....... That one is the best.
  10. We get coins taped under the faucets ever year at the office. You'd be surprised at how it never gets old laughing at the people that forget to look, and then get a good soak.
  11. the anejados program

    This article populated in my Google news feed this morning. Pretty good stuff, thanks Ken.
  12. I'm still trying to get @merkonakis to show up. He acts like The Woodlands is an hour away or something.

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