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  1. hot chillies - can they hurt you?

    I quit at anything above serano. Habaneros almost killed me with immediate hiccups and the spicy anus the next day was just as bad.
  2. Hello from Houston

    Howdy! Glad you made it to the herf on Saturday!
  3. I sent a PM with my contact info. I'm fine with regular group texts too if not everyone wants to use WhatsApp....mostly because I don't know how to use it, yet.
  4. Now I have to figure out what what's app is....
  5. What a Motley Crew!!! Thanks for letting me join. Not a bad way to pop my herf cherry. 😁
  6. I'll be going wheels up here in about 30 minutes. Depending on 290, shouldn't take more than a couple days to go 12 miles.
  7. I think we've all had bad experiences with TaKillYa.
  8. @merkonakis texted me earlier, sounds like he's got the flu.....
  9. Unless I'm bleeding or dying, I will be there.
  10. Haha, that and Hoppes #9. Notice nobody has said they like the smell of gear oil. That stuff smells like rotten dinosaurs.
  11. bananas on a boat

    So what happens if you're listening to the oldies station and the Banana Boat song comes on?
  12. As disliked as he seems to be, I think Christian Bale could pull it off. Cavill is a great suggestion, too. Wonder how long until they go Dr. Who, and select a Jane Bond?
  13. Is that Judge Reinhold? How long ago was that, he looks like he's still in his teens.

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