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  1. Opus X

    They haven't fallen off the deep end yet. Just my opinion but smoke one and save one for another year.
  2. Beer Cellar

    Cellar is not cooled, but being in the basement temperature hovers around 60 degrees year round. Not optimal for storage but the cost outweighed the benefit.
  3. Non-Cuban Cigars

    I would prefer the standard Opus x lanceros but out of the lost city it's probably the only size worth smoking. My two cents anyway.
  4. FOH'ers Daily Beer

    Happy Father's Day... a little Geuze VAT 79 after completing my beer cellar (separate post). Have a great day!
  5. Beer Cellar

    Just finished another project.... a beer cellar under our basement staircase. Added a small wine rack at the back end as well. My favorite part are the bottles I cut the bottoms off of for the lighting. Unfortunately it was recycled glass and didn't cut as well as I would have liked, but they both broke unevenly so.... they're both equally as "rough". Who's coming for a drink?
  6. Coffee Maker

    I second all of the responses for pourover and chemex, and add the aeropress to the list. All methods are useless without quality fresh ground coffee. If you're not interested in the above methods, Bonavita 8 Cup Brewer is a solid and inexpensive option. No bells or whistles, just perfectly tempered water showering (mimicking pourover) into a stainless non-heated carafe. Still, not the same results as a pourover cup.
  7. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    H Upmann #2 on the course.
  8. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    That raisin profile is the reason I stray back to Opus. Enjoy~!
  9. Worst box of cigars you own.....

    ROE AGO 15 Cohiba Robustos. Dark and absolute flame proof wrappers. Such a disappointment. Has become my box of yard cigars... if the tractor runs it over, so be it, move on.
  10. Not new, but maybe new to some. One man band in this series setting the bar for a cross between folk, blues, and rock. Live stuff is far superior to his studio releases. Roll The Bones has to be one of my favorites..... Late July is just plain cool...... makes getting the electric chair sound like a walk in the park..... Built to Roam is another good one to jam through.
  11. PerfecDraw

    Funny this thread came up. This am smoking a monte 1 the perfecdraw came in handy. Plugged just past the band and after two attempts draws like a charm.
  12. Just my taste but I try to maintain no less than 60% no more than 64% at a consistent 66-68 degrees.
  13. Kennel Palate

    While my general preference is CC's, variety is the spice of life. Especially with some age on them its hard to write off NC's altogether. Some of my preferred NC's are: Illusione Epernay le Grande Illusione Singulare 2010 through 2015 Illusione ECCJ 15th and 20th Padron Family Reserve (Natural) FFOX - Aged (3+ years) only anymore Fuente Don Carlos Personal Reserve Ashton VSG (Aged as recent years have been almost terrible - VSG from 2005 are great right now) Ashton ESG - Aged (3+ years) Smoking a variety of different marcas (I feel) allow you to catch nuances that strike your palate more than others. And you'll find your tastes will change over time as well.
  14. Newsletter

    Great addition with the newsletter. Well done by the whole team.... yet another reason to love FOH.
  15. TOS 2015

    I'll second that the Magnum 56 from TOS are superb. Both November and December boxes the same. Ring gauge aside one of the best from 15 I have had.

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