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  1. Steak and fellatio day...

    My wife has known about this for years. It’s actually a breast cancer fund raiser similar to no shave November.
  2. Steak and fellatio day...

    This day is absolutely real.
  3. Happy birthday Rob. All the best.
  4. UFC 218

    Agree with this 100%. But like @cigcars said... it's a good thing I don't gamble either. Just hoping their all good fights. UFC Pittsburgh from September.... one of the better series of fights I've seen in a while. Must have been something like 8 of 11 fights ending in knockouts.
  5. Yes, a cab together. As soon as I opened to check on them I noticed the holes, immediately closed it back up and began bagging (after a few expletives).
  6. One of the risks of collecting. While it hurts losing a portion of my collection is better than losing all of it. I figured I would get everything into a deep freeze ASAP, then check again once I have them back into "tempered" conditions. Do you have any additional recommendations for cleaning the humidor itself?
  7. So, I found this during my quarterly check earlier this week. ULA MAY 14 Siglo VI. I immediately bagged all contents of the humidor and put the first round of maybe three in the freezer. The link above states 6 days at 0C for adults. At -17C (0F), what do you think duration should be to be as safe as possible? I have placed round two in a refrigerator for the time being at 4C to hopefully slow the degradation or quicken the freezing time period. Thoughts? Also - in cleaning my humidor, I have vacuumed every shelf, nook, ledge, etc. Will wiping it with distilled water and vacuuming again help while I was for the acclimatizing process to begin yet again? This all stems from a few weeks of cooler temps in the AM, when my wife (Not placing blame on her whatsoever) turned the AC off in the house. When I went to do my quarterly check the humidor temp was nearly 24C. Clearly - I should splurge for a cooling device in my humidor. Typically temperature never exceeds 20C. What other precautions should I take in prep to get back to normal?
  8. Opus X

    They haven't fallen off the deep end yet. Just my opinion but smoke one and save one for another year.
  9. Beer Cellar

    Cellar is not cooled, but being in the basement temperature hovers around 60 degrees year round. Not optimal for storage but the cost outweighed the benefit.
  10. Non-Cuban Cigars

    I would prefer the standard Opus x lanceros but out of the lost city it's probably the only size worth smoking. My two cents anyway.
  11. FOH'ers Daily Beer

    Happy Father's Day... a little Geuze VAT 79 after completing my beer cellar (separate post). Have a great day!
  12. Beer Cellar

    Just finished another project.... a beer cellar under our basement staircase. Added a small wine rack at the back end as well. My favorite part are the bottles I cut the bottoms off of for the lighting. Unfortunately it was recycled glass and didn't cut as well as I would have liked, but they both broke unevenly so.... they're both equally as "rough". Who's coming for a drink?
  13. Coffee Maker

    I second all of the responses for pourover and chemex, and add the aeropress to the list. All methods are useless without quality fresh ground coffee. If you're not interested in the above methods, Bonavita 8 Cup Brewer is a solid and inexpensive option. No bells or whistles, just perfectly tempered water showering (mimicking pourover) into a stainless non-heated carafe. Still, not the same results as a pourover cup.
  14. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    H Upmann #2 on the course.

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