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  1. Thanks for the updates all! Very pleased to hear that things are going as best as one could hope for!
  2. @Jimmy_jack That guys ashes are definitely real. He has a website, and I've read interviews with him talking about his long ashes. There are also several videos hes posted to prove it. The cigar is still smoking and burning and he'll crack off the ash in one solid chunk. I think half of it is a perfectly constructed cigar, and half of it is experience. Although I also imagine a big part of this experience has helped his ability to pick out a cigar that has the potential for long ash...
  3. As long as Cuban cigars become legal here, I'd say San Diego, USA.
  4. wow, great work!
  5. Anyone from Cali know if the Tijuana LCDH has these? Thinking about going soon.
  6. will do, thanks! Still curious to hear if people have info on these. Have not seen them anywhere...
  7. what's the price for a box, and is it recent production?
  8. When's the last time any of you have seen these available?
  9. Thank you! This has been a dream come true. So happy my 91 year old grandparents were able to see this in their liftime. That made extremely important for me...
  10. I'm scared that the consequences may be negative, more than positive...
  11. I'm in! If any members in LA want to meet up for this, pm me!
  12. Woah, the stick on the far side of the picture looks like it's being strangled by the ribbon.
  13. looks like I'm headed down the same route. I've got a class at this time that I'll need to miss...

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