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  1. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Putting the first of my grabs from the FoH box pass to flame. 09' Diplomaticos No. 4. Thanks @ChanceSchmerr for the great stick and the well run pass!
  2. PerfecDraw

    I'll add to the positive feedback. Just came in the other day and tonight it saved a Monte 3 from a box that has had some very tight draws. I wouldn't have even attempted to smoke this one before, but after using the tool this one smoked like dream. Go get one now!
  3. What do you do for a living?

    Don't get me wrong, I've been in some seriously bad spots before, but I can count those situations on one hand. The downside is I'm the only plumber for 6 schools, so when the shit hits the fan (and not the proverbial fan), I get the call. But in all honesty, I would rather work on toilets all day than be cramped up under a sink! Urinals can take a hike though...
  4. What do you do for a living?

    EDIT - Double Post
  5. What do you do for a living?

    As a plumber/gasfitter myself, a lot of people have this misconception about plumbing. Many plumber never deal with the "sewage" aspect of plumbing. Actually the majority of the people I went to school with only install brand new systems in new residential, commericial and industrial projects. Also many service company's hire out the drain cleaning work as they don't want to pay journeyman plumbers to do something a swamper can do for half the wage. I work for a school division so I do it all, but 90% of my work is heating systems.
  6. Box pass will be moving onto @shlomo this afternoon. Please note - Space within this box is very limited. I had to add a few of the pass cigars into the "gift/side trades" box to alleviate space in the two main boxes to allow them to close comfortably. I also rearranged a few cigars in the finger bags so they have more uniform size within the bags. This allowed me to stack and stagger the cigars more comfortably within the boxes. This now means that the labels on some of the bags "regular/discontinued/RE/LE" now mean nothing. It was a sacrifice that had to be made for the sake of protection of the cigars. If anyone is able to replace one of the cigar boxes with a larger box please do so. This also may mean changing the outer cardboard mailing box as it is quite tightly packed as it is. As mentioned in my previous post, the Cohiba Siglo VI Tubo (which contains the 2008 Cuaba LE) needs to be replaced with appropriate sized Piramide Tubo. To summerize - space is limited - two cigars (Cuaba LE and Partagas Corona) are now in Cohiba and Bolivar Tubos for protection purposes. See my previous post for details. - "gift box" now contains normal pass cigars - categorical labels on some finger bags now mean squat Clear as mud? Thanks again to Chris for putting this on!
  7. Ok time to get down to business. Sorry no time tonight for posting pictures of boxes with the codes if you want to take a look at them feel free to PM me. I also have to grab the code tomorrow for one of my Puts as the box itself is at my Dad's place. Thanks for putting this together Chris! Takes La Escepcion Selectos Finos RE Italia LEM OCT 11 Diplomaticos No. 4 OPM FEB 09 ERDM Infantes RE Cuba LAR MAY 13 Diplomaticos Excelencia RE Cuba SGA DIC 15 Robaina Farm Roll Torpedo Nov 13 Puts Diplomaticos Bushido (Czar) RE Asia Pacifico TOS OCT 15 Cohiba Siglo IV LUS NOV 09 Ramon Allones Gordito de Allones RE Canada 2010 (Will update with code tomorrow) EDIT - LRE ABR 10 San Luis Rey Marquez RE Cuba SGA OCT 16 Alejandro (Alex) Churchill - Comodoro, Havana April 2017
  8. Hi folks, Before I post my puts/takes I need to post a few pictures. The box pass arrived today and although there was no damage to the outer shell a few cigars inside had been "box pressed" by the lid of the boxes they were in. Neither of the cigars had wrapper damage as a result of this but the foot of the cigars was flattened a bit. The Cuaba Piramide LE 2008 had the worst squeeze. I managed to reform the foot enough to fit it into a Siglo VI Tubo for a little extra protection. Unfortunately the Siglo VI Tubo is just a hair too short for the cigar so can someone down the road please replace this Tubos with one of the proper size. I have moved the lid of the tubo to a "snug" location for the cigar and taped it down so it shouldn't slide down anymore. I left a note inside the 5 finger bag to be careful with this cigar and especially with the tubo and cap! The other cigar that had similar damage was the 02' Partagas Corona but thankfully it wasn't squished quite as bad. I have repacked this cigar into a Bolivar No. 1 Tubo and labeled it on the outside of the tube. Unfortunately I've got nothing similar in terms of age/rarity/category to replace these with otherwise I would work them into my puts/takes. Any additional packing tips for these are welcome.
  9. I'll throw my hat in if there is room for another Canadian!
  10. Plini

    Definitely not everyone's cup of tea. But as a lover of metal and progressive music in general I enjoy them. Not something I listen to everyday though! Great guys though. Saw them open for Dillinger Escape Plan years ago and me and a couple friends invited them to our table and had a few pops for a few hours with them while watching the headliner. Pretty humbling as a guitar player to sit and shoot the breeze with guys who have been on the cover of Guitar World magazine multiple times!
  11. Plini

    Got to see Plini in support of Animals as Leaders in November. Some truely head spinning musical talent on that bill!
  12. Over 2 - BTO OCT 12 Cohiba Robusto. Just about perfect in every way. Under 2 - Custom roll from Alphonso in Varadero. Smoked a couple a month or two after they were rolled and they were seriously good.
  13. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    13' CCE on a beautiful day
  14. NHL Playoffs

    I'll be at Game 3 in Calgary on Monday night. Go Flames!
  15. Churchills, and they smell absolutely incredible. So hard to resist smoking one ROTT.

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