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  1. Over 2 - BTO OCT 12 Cohiba Robusto. Just about perfect in every way. Under 2 - Custom roll from Alphonso in Varadero. Smoked a couple a month or two after they were rolled and they were seriously good.
  2. 13' CCE on a beautiful day
  3. I'll be at Game 3 in Calgary on Monday night. Go Flames!
  4. Churchills, and they smell absolutely incredible. So hard to resist smoking one ROTT.
  5. I'll throw my hat in for PLP's. I've got boxes under a year old that are smoking great. They can be prone to tight draws though. Had my first Majestic last night and it was great. Much better than the few Regalias I've had. I also recommend Quintero Brevas and RGPE's for more cheap and cheerful goodness.
  6. A C&C favourite. RGPE
  7. I have no problem cracking a box and starting into it, the real struggle for me begins when I get down to less than half.
  8. Sampled an Alphonso Robusto that was rolled in January. Excellent!
  9. There are a few I have yet to try, but the ones I've had I've enjoyed immensely. Coronas Especiales, Robustos and Siglo VI would be my top 3 in no particular order. I do agree that they need a couple years on them before they really shine.
  10. Du Prince. Superb.
  11. Thanks for the feedback and recommendations on the JLP's. I've got no issues with a cheap stick for the yard or golf course and my expectations are never big going in. Much worse to be disappointed by an expensive cigar when your expectations are sky high. Smoking a PLP now that is better than many cigars I've had at 5X the cost.
  12. Stocking up on some of my favourite budget smokes. Took a flier on the JLPs, never tried em' JLP Cazadores Partagas Milles Fleurs RG Panetelas Extra PL Panetelas
  14. This is true, but the OP is from Canada. We regularly get taxed hundreds of dollars in sin tax when things hit the border. Turns a bargain into a huge headache. As a fellow Canadian I say buy what you like to smoke and also consider buying what is too expensive to acquire in Canada. Trinidads are expensive in Canada so I would no doubt pick some up if you like them. Customs and Cuba REs are nice but if you aren't interested in smoking them just buy what you like to smoke. And as others have said be sure to have someone open the box and closely inspect for mold and beetles.
  15. SLR Marquez SGA OCT 16

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