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  1. 1 Box from Cuba

    Prices on the island (in CUC)
  2. Your February 2018 cigar Awards

    Best - ORG SEP 16 Regios Worst - OMS AUG 16 HUHC (the entire box has been very poor thus far), although a Punch 48 was pretty close.
  3. Was wondering if this thread had been started and I missed it. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s picks! 1. CoRo BTO OCT 12 2. LGC Medaille d’or No. 4 ETP SEP 15 3. HU Mag 56 TOS DIC 15 4. Dip 2 TOS SEP 16 5. HdM Du Prince RAE AGO 15 6. SLR Regios ORG SEP 16 7. RASS BMS AUG 15 8. Punch Punch ALO ABR 16 9. RASCC ULA JUL 15 10. Alex Corona Gordas (2017)
  4. The aroma on these is intense!
  5. Alfonso Custom Rolls

    Picked up 5 robustos and 5 piramides from him last year at this time. I’ve found them quite tasty and very approachable fresh, particularly the robustos. To my palate they tasted somewhat similar to Diplomaticos.
  6. Quintero Petit Quintero, mainly because of price point for a daily smoke. Rotated many others around this one but probably have burned through 2-3 per week in the last 9 months.
  7. I can confirm this is the price
  8. The score from a visit to a B&M today.
  9. Edmundo vs Petit Edmundo

    I’ve only had one Edmundo and thoroughly enjoyed it. On the other hand I have a box of 2015 PE’s, smoked through about half of them thus far, and really only enjoyed a couple of them. They have power, but they just seem very flat in term of the Monte DNA I’m used to. I need to try a few from another box to see if I’m missing anything because many folks rave about them.
  10. Havana Report - Feb 1st-5th

    Thanks for the update. Any sign of Trinidad La Trova down there?
  11. RUO or ROU box code

    2 boxes of Monte 3 RUO DIC 15. Great flavour when they aren’t plugged or have a horribly tight draw. 3/4 of each box is nearly unsmokable without a draw tool.
  12. Newbie Box PASS 2017/2018

    That’s cool if your willing to accept that risk. I’m just a bystander in this all anyways and was just letting the OP know about the real risks with shipping up here. I have had parcels disappear before. I know that I am not willing to give CBSA the chance to bend me over any more than they have in the past. I’ve got better things to do with a few hundred dollars.
  13. Newbie Box PASS 2017/2018

    It’s does get complicated when the Canadian receiving the box gets a massive bill from Customs. Or the box gets seized. Marking the box as a gift does not exclude it from taxes/duty.
  14. Your Cigar of November

    ERDM Infantes and it wasn’t even close.
  15. Congrats Chris! Enjoy a cigar or two while you can! And thanks again for organizing and running this pass.

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