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    Fine cigars. Fine scotch. Manchester City FC. All European football.
  1. Rob, what about the new Bronco.
  2. Most of my smoking is done after 9pm, on my balcony, watching Netflix on the ipad. I find that it's the best way to unwind after a long stressful day. I'll be moving in a few months and my smoking habits will have to change in my new place.
  3. I'm an operations manager for a NY based payroll service provider. I have about 35 boxes are split 50/50 between NC and CC. I also have about 50 loose sticks in a tupperdor. Oh, and naturally there is more in the mail already. I just have to figure out what to do with all those NCs.
  4. That would explain the shortage in the Cohiba and Behike leaf.
  5. My ex-wife once mentioned I may have an addiction prone personality, I took care of that problem. But all kidding aside, I had good month financially, so I decided to invest some money in the hobby that brings me unquestionable pleasure. I already have a decent stash of NC boxes that I like. Now I'll be building up my Cuban collection. As all us smokers know, it's not a waste of money. It's an investment in a better future. At least that's what I tell my girlfriend.
  6. I'm smoking some of them now to see where they are and then I plan to come back to them every once in a while to see how they develop over time.
  7. I bought my first CC sampler from Prez about a month ago. Since then I purchased 6 boxes already. A slippery slope indeed.
  8. It's going to be the Euro, Copa America, beers and cigars all weekend.
  9. I concur. I have two desktops that are now empty. I could have spent the money on 2 or 3 boxes of cigars. That would have been money better spent. Now I keep all my boxes in large tupperware bins and I'm still running out of room.
  10. Euro 2016

    Chile and Argentina both play tonight. It's gonna be great evening for soccer and cigars. Who would have thought that Brazil and Uruguay wouldn't make it out of their groups. That's a major upset. I hope that US make it far in this tournament so that the sport can become more popular here.
  11. Euro 2016

    I'm rooting for Poland. It's said this is the strongest squad in 30 years. Lewandowski is probably the best #9 in the world right now. We're facing Germany on Thursday. It's gonna be a nerve-wracking day. Probably should call in sick to work.
  12. Great review. Can't wait for my stick to arrive.
  13. Babe Ruth

    The most recognizable people around the world will always be in the entertainment industry. At this point everyone around the world know what a Kardashian is, sad fact of our current culture, but most wouldn't know Steph Curry who is all that everyone talks a bout in the US now. If you asked people outside of the US who Joe Dimaggio is, many would say he was Marilyn Monroe's husband. Soccer and tennis players are probably the most recognized athletes in the world. Before I moved to the US from Europe as a little kid almost 3 decades ago, I knew Pele, Maradonna, Andre Agassi, Monica Seles, and many of the famous basketball players. I had no clue who Babe Ruth or Mantle were. Baseball and American Football players are pretty much unknown to the rest of the world. That's just my humble opinion.
  14. Hello from NY

    I've been smoking NC's for a year now and I finally took a plunge into the world of CC's. Awaiting my first order to arrive which is a sampler of 20, just to see what I will like. Can't wait. Enjoy your day everyone.

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