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  1. Coronation- Found these in every port call from the Mediterranean to the Gulf. Dependable and aromatic.
  2. A rowdy PSD4 that I purchased in tubo form while deployed to Bahrain last year. I wanted something with balls this morning but it's too young and spicy.
  3. MOE JUN 15- Love the Cazadores. I've only had newer ones and don't find them to be ball busters. They have strength but I'm picking up distinct flavors like raisin and bread.
  4. Absolute calm, cloudless summer morning and day 2 of leave. This is my first ever Trinidad. Very light, sweet, a little sour. The draw is almost overwhelming tight so I would like to try a better example of the brand. But as it progresses I can tell it's a great brand.
  5. I have seen more patches on NCs than CCs. Take that with a grain of salt since I have smoked less of the latter.
  6. Standard practice for all types of cigars. How was it?
  7. First purchase from FOH and I'm very happy. I'll be enjoying these when I finally get to shore duty.
  8. BRC from 2010. Fragrant and sweet hold the spice.
  9. From time to time I still do. Some of my best NCs are a box of Tatuaje Regios from 2010. They continue to get better and better and are complex. I smoked a La Verte 2009 a few weeks ago that was stellar as well. Today I smoked a Fuente rosada R52 that was great. What they all had in common was that they were not overbearing cigars blended for a bland pallet. Sadly I don't see me going back to many of the boxes of NC cigars that I have in my humidor that I paid top dollar for and had to be quick on the trigger finger to even have a chance at. Way to many LEs not only let me down but we're just bad cigars. Having a "mediocre" CC that still has that twang is much more enjoyable and cheaper than the HTF stuff that I never had a chance to try before buying.
  10. Any kind of allergy medicine takes my taste buds away. Nice smoke!
  11. Any kind of allergy medicine takes my taste buds away. Nice smoke!
  12. I have some #4s and #3s from 15 that still have the old bands.

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