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  1. From time to time I still do. Some of my best NCs are a box of Tatuaje Regios from 2010. They continue to get better and better and are complex. I smoked a La Verte 2009 a few weeks ago that was stellar as well. Today I smoked a Fuente rosada R52 that was great. What they all had in common was that they were not overbearing cigars blended for a bland pallet. Sadly I don't see me going back to many of the boxes of NC cigars that I have in my humidor that I paid top dollar for and had to be quick on the trigger finger to even have a chance at. Way to many LEs not only let me down but we're just bad cigars. Having a "mediocre" CC that still has that twang is much more enjoyable and cheaper than the HTF stuff that I never had a chance to try before buying.
  2. Any kind of allergy medicine takes my taste buds away. Nice smoke!
  3. Any kind of allergy medicine takes my taste buds away. Nice smoke!
  4. I have some #4s and #3s from 15 that still have the old bands.
  5. Hmmm. More cigars that way. I like the way your think!
  6. Just cleared it up with the vendor and they will refund the shipping not doing a COD.
  7. I recently received a box of Monte 4s vice Monte 3s. The vendor has offered to pay for shipping but I'm not having much luck for international COD shipping. DHL does it but the closest one is an hour away. Any suggestions?
  8. That's it. I had my doubts but everything checked out with them.
  9. I was in Bahrain a few months ago but not near the airport. There is a decent shop at the end of American Alley. The owner is pretty helpful. Limited stock. Mostly Cohiba, R&J, Montecristo, and some Partagas. Sent from my SM-T110 using Tapatalk
  10. Compared to NC cigars I don't find them that spicy and they had enough body (for me) to bridge the gap. And thanks for the info on the Party shorts! Sent from my SM-T110 using Tapatalk
  11. Partagas petit corona (Party shorts) Romeo y Julieta Cazadores

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