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  1. I do not believe we can stop them. European terrorism such as ETA or the IRA cold be stopped because these were not religiously motivated, because their popular support was getting very very tired of the bloodshed, because they were interested in their own survival, and because fundamentally their goals were well defined in the here and now (defence of their own culture and political independence, mostly). This meant that they could be talked to -- even at the height of the terror, there were channels of communication open. How can you do this with people who have no such limitations, with people who have no hesitation to send out to die those who are looking forward to death, with people whose guiding beliefs are utterly absolutist? How can you talk to people for whom their worst enemies are their own fellow believers? I do not believe we can. So all we can do is remain vigilant, try our hardest not to let them spook us into abandoning our values and freedoms, and try to minimise the harm. And yes, I do believe that this will involve making deals with lesser devils (such as authoritarian POS rulers in the Middle East). And it will certainly have to involve much greater involvement on our part to try and win the "hearts and minds" of those who live amongst us, to go and deal with the Muslims in our communities as fellow citizens, friends and colleagues. Foreign threats are far easier to detect and deal with than the home-grown variety, so let's try hard to make sure that our Muslims really are *ours*, that they do not become isolated or threatened. Every immigrant Abdul who feels part of our community and who dobs in some fellow mosque-goer who makes extremist noises is more valuable to us than ten highly trained security staff.
  2. How does the saying go? We have to succeed every single time, but they have to get lucky just the once.
  3. Invest in aluminium furniture? Import a cane toad to eat all the wood mites (and hopefully any tobacco beetles)?
  4. That's two different issues, it seems to me. Legal versus illegal performance enhancing measures is a matter of regulations within a sport. It's a governing body deciding what to permit, and what to ban -- no more, and no less. If they ban certain substances or practices, that is up to them and says nothing about the fairness (or other) of the contest. "Unfair advantage" is far trickier because "unfair" is such a nebulous (not to say "weasel") word. Is it unfair for an athlete to have access to the finest first-world technology and expertise in order to produce the very best performance his or her body is capable of, when someone from a small and poor country is denied such a huge advantage even though they may have far more innate ability? Is it fair to deny athletes from a poor nation the shortcut of pharmaceuticals to make up their competitive disadvantage?
  5. If you have the readies, there is a cunning alternative: the H. Moser Swiss Alps. Impeccable Swiss craftsmanship and credentials, and it looks enough like the Apple to confuse the issue. As an added bonus, it really only does tell the time -- no badgering, hectoring, nagging. The only issue is the CAD35,000 price tag...
  6. We have vetting, and it is strict. But what can one do about those who are already here, who are citizens? We cannot and will not put all people with such a cultural or ethnic background under general suspicion. That would be against everything we stand for, and it would be EXACTLY what the terrorists want.
  7. Under-age: HU Connoisseur #1 ... can't remember the box code, but it came from a reputable merchant up in Brisbane ... it was glorious, and the box is just about empty. I had planned to age some... Over-age: my single solitary survivor of the RyJ EL robusto from 2001 ... a chance find in a box of mixed stuff, and it was stupendous.
  8. This is Britain. We are Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus and worshippers of more gods than you can shake a stick at. We are Celts, Anglo-Saxons, Huguenots, Vikings, Germans, Indians, Africans and every other ethnic group under the sun. We are the original melting pot, welcoming all faiths and all races and all ideologies to settle and shelter on this sceptre'd isle. This is our heritage, and our future, and it is our strength. Deluded maniacs who delight in blowing up children will never succeed in changing this. We prevailed when Napoleon was our enemy. We defeated Hitler. We endured and survived the IRA. We will defeat this enemy, too. We shall never surrender.
  9. I would disagree. Success is not the only measure of a great athlete, or a great team. The ability to recover from adversity and defeat is equally impressive, IMHO. It demonstrates depth of resources and will better than "merely" winning.
  10. Plus, all the top teams and indeed the whole of the Premier League were riding a tide of money. Competition was certainly there.
  11. ... but will the Australian government actually *receive* the GST? #wherearethe165million
  12. How about Manchester United? Under the leadership of Alex Ferguson, between 1986-2013 they won 38 trophies, including 13 Premier League titles, 5 FA Cups ad two UEFA Champions League titles.
  13. Ziploc bags are your friend. If they can't be found, a few yards of cling film (Saran wrap) may do. Or, if you have baggage space to spare, invest in a tupperware box. I have used all of the above to transport cigars by the box to Australia, and never had any problems.
  14. ... and people talking loudly. Seriously, I do NOT need to hear the detailed instructions on how to get to the dunny and back -- just follow the flipping illuminated sign. And do NOT enlighten me from ten rows over which other film involving <insert star's name> you have had the pleasure of viewing, nor indeed the finer plot details of said movie. Nor am I interested in a blow by blow account of your last date -- he's a chauvinist pig, we get it, now shut the hell up. And I absolutely certainly do NOT want to hear stage whispers of "hang on, is he the good guy or the bad guy?" being shouted at the entire audience every five flipping minutes by someone with the attention span of a concussed hamster. And while we're at it: civilisation met surely be circling the drain of history when so many folk seem quite unable to chew with their mouths closed. The rustle of popcorn in the box is bad enough, but do people really need to share their snack by adding loud masticating noises with the rest of us???
  15. “Happiness? A good cigar, a good meal, and a good woman - or a bad woman; it depends on how much happiness you can handle.” -- George Burns "There's peace in Larranaga, there's calm in Henry Clay, And a woman is only a woman, but a good cigar is a Smoke." -- Rudyard Kipling

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