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  1. Refried beans flavoured cigars?
  2. It is that time of the year again to wear a poppy, to thank a vet, to pay respects at a memorial .... They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember them. Pour yourself something good, fire up a decent cigar and spend a moment remembering those who heeded the call and gave their all so that we might have a future.
  3. Then there is the platypus with its venomous spurs ... And what about those signs all over Sydney warning of "tree failure"??
  4. Bugger. I will be clearing customs at Heathrow at just that time ... guess where I'd rather be.
  5. Melbourne Cup

    $10 on Humidor, on the nose. I just hope the nag doesn't turn out to be the equine equivalent of a plugged dog rocket...
  6. That's what the ladies keep telling me, too....
  7. The internet is your friend:
  8. Thermal underwear is a must. My brother (the wuss) actually uses battery-powered heated underwear. Otherwise, my usual winter outdoor clothing is all natural. What works for me is layering: t-shirt, flannel/Viyella shirt, woolly jumper and a shooting vest. A woolly cap of some sort is a must -- we lost a LOT of heat through our heads. The air trapped between the layers actually works extremely well as insulation. Plus a decent supply of cognac, vodka, brennivin, schnaps, akvavit or similar.... And I never ever try to smoke anything special, as IME the cold changes the flavours too much to really appreciate them.
  9. Everyone's mileage may vary, but IMHO ... flavoured cigars are like flavoured coffee, or like adding cordial to beer -- WHY? What's the point of making one thing taste like another? If I want something that tastes of coffee, what's wrong with getting a cup of coffee to go with my cigar?
  10. Let\'s talk about watches:

    Just to confuse matters a little ... if you like this one, you may also like the pilot's watches by another German maker: Archimede. Very decent construction, reliable, and even more affordable than the Laco. This one is mine:
  11. What everybody else said: Upmann every time. They have the flavour, and I have never had any quality issues beyond the normal Cuban standard. I will admit to keeping some Monte handy, but not for smoking myself: I find them ideal to gift to occasional smokers and newbies.
  12. Let\'s talk about watches:

    I have the Jubilee Portuguese, and it is definitely one watch I will take to the grave with me ... excellent beautiful piece. BTW, there is a limited edition for their Milan boutique with a blue face ... simply gorgeous, and it may be worth keeping an eye on the watch auctions for...
  13. Cycling Australia

    Quite a few folk like to thread cable ties through their cycling helmet, with the stiff end poking out, to deter magpies. It appears to work, even though it makes you look like a card-carrying member of the tinfoil brigade. Personally, I prefer a shotgun.
  14. True. What the Powers That BE tend to forget is that there is a tipping point. Up to a certain level, most folk are reasonably law-abiding and will submit to the rules and regulations even when they are not happy with them. But there is a point beyond which their behaviour will "flip": when they refuse to accept the rationalisations and arguments anymore and perceive such burdens to be not just onerous but downright unjust. In the case of tobacco, it seems to me, that point has been reached. This goose has been milked too much, and people are making the decision not to submit anymore. This, alas, presents our gummint types with a problem: they cannot tolerate such widespread disregard for their authority, nor can they afford to be seen to be climbing down from their previous position/policy. Common sense and moderation are FAR less important to them than saving face and "being right". So they double down and crack down. I strongly suspect that for this reason, once their revenue stream from tobacco has diminished to a certain level, they will ban it altogether rather than admit they over-egged their pudding...
  15. Interesting article with facts and figures on this issue:$11-million-found-at-cooma/8380898

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