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  1. So presumably it's a good thing that the terrorists seem to be concentrating on putting their bombs into electronic hardware these days, rather than into old-school letter/parcel bombs?
  2. D'oh ... of course. Must have had a senior moment there....
  3. For me, RyJ have always been part of my regular rotation. I love the Ex#4, the belicosos and the #1 Cedros, and the 2001 LE robustos were quite simply stupendous smokes. Taste aside, together with Montecristo and H Upmann, the RyJ have always been a quintessential heritage brand ... perhaps that is their problem today. Perhaps a brand makeover might be in order ... In which context, two curious facts: firstly, that for some reason, RyJ do not seem to find favour with the Powers That Decide on regional edition releases. I cannot think f a reason why not. Secondly, I have discovered that in Australia they seem to be the favoured brand to stock for general tobacconists. Most stores don't stock cigars at all, but when they do, they very much tend to be #1 - 3 in tubos. For me, this indicates an issue with market placement.
  4. Let's wait and see. They may plough the extra leaf into more anejados, RE and LE products rather than general production runs.
  5. Agreed to all of the above. I love them both, and have both in my regular rotation. If I have the time, though, I would always go with the RASS because its larger RG means it gives bigger smoke and a better mouthfeel, and it does not smoke as hot as the RASCC.
  6. That's one reason. But Bond has to reboot every time they get a new actor. A new face requires a new style, a new tone, a new direction. The same happened with Batman. They are ongoing franchises, and the film makers cannot simply swap out one face for another and keep on in the same style. As for favourite Bonds, I am vaguely surprised no-one has yet seen fit to mention David Niven in the original Casino Royale. Few people ever managed to portray an English gentleman as he could...
  7. he he ... One flaw in your otherwise cunning theory: donkeys work hard and don't cost much to keep. Government ... not so much.
  8. I may get back to you on that, thanks. As for best places to buy, I think I have Diana's email on speed-dial ....
  9. I fully understand and support the rule about banning all mention or discussion of other vendors. Even mentioning a name is likely to elicit reactions and may start discussion of exactly the unwanted sort. That said, what about accessories and other items not sold by our Glorious Leader? If I wanted to purchase a humidor or one more cutter to add to my collection, would it not be permissible to ask -- and receive -- advice and recommendations?
  10. IME, Aussies are missing out on the really good deals, big time. For the past 15 years, I have been travelling from Europe to Oz and back. In the last two years, that has reversed ... and suddenly I started noticing how much better the deals are when the flight does not start in Australia. I can literally get first-class flights from Europe at the same price they are offered from Sydney. Mostly, they'd be the Middle Eastern carriers such as Emirates and Etihad, but I've had the pleasure of flying Singapore and Cathay at those rates unobtainable Downunder. This may well be due to the smaller market in Aus, but it still grates...
  11. "Krush your enemies. See dem driven before you. Hear de lamentations of deir women." ... Ooops, wrong soundtrack. Sorry. I really hate that question. It's like one of those stock conversations starters "so, what music do you like" .... well, the contents of my iPod literally run from Monteverdi to Metallica and from The Man in Black to generic dance floor anthems, so that's always been a question I feared. I'll give it a go, though: Classical ... a big Romantic symphony, something like Dvorak's "New World" or Vaughan Williams. Maybe some Sculthorpe. Blues: Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Lightnin' Hopkins. Otherwise, I have been known to bliss out to Jean-Michel Jarre....
  12. Wrong sort of smoke, mate...
  13. The thing about Roger Moore is that he was always fashionably dressed in whatever role he played (The Saint, The Persuaders, etc) ... and that his tenure as Bond largely fell into the decade the fashion forgot. Unlike the fashion of the Sixties (Connery), the threads of the Seventies did not age well and are still a bit of a laughing stock. The trouble faced by the Bond producers is that even though they did not create the whole super-spy action genre, their films were so successful that they became almost synonymous with the genre as a whole, became archetypal. So how can they reinvent themselves without losing the core formula? How do they reinterpret and reinvigorate the franchise without looking too much like all the other copies and clones out there (Bourne et al)? Bond movies have become part of our cultural canon: people go to see it because it is a BOND film, because they and their parents (and grandparents) grew up with them. To mess with that is horribly dangerous, and why the transition from one actor to another is always such a tricky business.
  14. ... As true to Fleming's life as his other great work, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?
  15. Did he jettison smoking, or was he made to do so by producers wary of the anti-smoking lobby? That aside, if my memory does not fail me the original Bond (him from the books that too few fans ever bother to actually read) was very much a cigarette smoker. He wasn't really a gentleman as Ian Fleming created him ... always that bit too flash, too loud, too forward. Barrow boy made good....

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