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  1. Or just get a Samsung Galaxy and use its lithium battery to light your cigar....
  2. Smoking a D6 in seven minutes ... is an excellent way of getting mouth ulcers in eight minutes. Plus, I'd be barfing for my country at that speed. Both volume and distance.
  3. There is, of course, decent Pinot from the New World, but on the whole I find them to work out very differently from Old World Pinots. Does Pinot come in casks these days?
  4. Are we talking New World Pinot, or the good stuff from Burgundy?
  5. 1-2 a day, but it varies: more if it is a slow day, less when I am busy or when it is raining. It used to be more when I lived alone and could please myself by smoking whenever and wherever I wanted, but I have since surrendered my independence and have been banished out of doors. This does tend to force changes ... ahh, the sacrifices one makes for married bliss.
  6. Went with a Punch Robusto RE Switzerland (box code EMA NOV 07). When I first bought them, they had the full richness of Punch, but these may be past their peak. This one was very smooth, on the light side of medium, creamy with just a hint of spice. Ash was very loose.... Paired with a four-shot espresso. Smoking duration: just over an hour. A bit short for me...
  7. ... while I appreciate your idealistic stance, I fear it is fated to fail. My proposal may not find favour, but it has one big advantage: it is realistic. It is a reasonable compromise for all but the most diehard anti-smoking nazis, and above all it offers a more powerful lure to governments than virgin pheromones for unicorns. National or regional governments always have other sources of revenue, but local government does not have these possibilities. Furthermore, I would accept that public health is a legitimate concern for governments, both as a matter of principle and ideology, and because we all share the cost of healthcare. Reducing harm reduces pressure on our tax bill. This goes for 'flu vaccinations and car exhaust pollution as much as for tobacco. Thus, I have no problem with reasonable restrictions, or with provisions -- equally reasonable -- to minimise exposure and deleterious effects of tobacco smoke. Put simply, a waiter/waitress has a hard enough time on the job and it's no unreasonable hardship for me to repair to a suitable fumoir to indulge in a smoke and a wee dram. OK, not so wee a dram. Also consider that at least in the UK, pubs are under severe pressure. They are disappearing fast. Giving them the chance to be competitive by offering a desirable feature such as smoking facilities would help their chances of survival. It would preserve jobs -- particularly important in the countryside. In short, this would be yet another fillip for government, one which they can implement and shout about without having to spend money while increasing their take through sales and business taxes. It is the anti-smoker brigade who are the totalitarians. It is they who are absolutist in their demands and fanatical in their cause. To respond in the same vein is not viable, IMHO. Decades of anti-smoking propaganda has established the "fact" that smoking is harmful in the public consciousness, and there is no changing that. So the alternative is to try for compromise, to appeal to the instinct in the public mind to live and let live. The more we are reasonable, the more they look bad. Just my tuppence...
  8. I may be outing myself as a grumpy old fart here, but I rather like not having phone reception on planes. It's nice to have a few places left where the general public is being spared the annoyance of having to share the intimate details of someone else's phone conversation willy-nilly. Not all of us enjoy it all the time to be treated to the LOUD emotional ructions of a relationship breakup of total strangers, or to have handed sensitive commercial information shoved down our ears by people who appear to be labouring under the delusion that because they are having a private conversation on the mobile, everyone within shouting distance is mystically struck stone deaf. It's bad enough to have to suffer through this in restaurants, on the streets, in toilets, on public transport ....
  9. ... as the bishop said to the actress ....
  10. The public policy issue has always been two-pronged: to safeguard the health of other members of the public, and to protect the health of staff. The first can easily be addressed by restricting entry to smoking-permitted places to consenting adults. The second is trickier but could also be resolved with a bit of imagination. Given that our governments never willingly say no to another stream of revenue, I have always advocated a licensing system for smoking venues. If your local town has 100 hospitality venues (bars, restaurants etc) then why not issue 10 licenses annually and auction them off? The marketplace could then decide how much value to place on accommodating smokers, and the town would receive a nice wedge of dosh every year. Add in some reasonable regulations such as requirements of high-spec air filtration (surely also welcomed by smokers) or mandated healthcare insurance for staff, and we'd be on to an equitable resolution for all. But then, what do I know? I am just a filthy evil smoker...
  11. OK, I have to ask: have you ever smoked a cigar up there? And if so, what was it like?
  12. My brother has a habit of not turning off his phone when flying. I have a habit of ringing him when I know he is on board. Consequences? Annoyed cabin crew, the odd panicked fellow passenger, and one seriously ticked off sibling. As far as I am concerned: Result!
  13. I know DM stocks it, along with Obstler and some decent Irish whiskey (but no akvavit, alas). But none of the other big chains (including those associated with the supermarkets) seem to have discovered the Croatian heritage market yet... One thing about being your own boss: you can never shift the blame on to someone else when things go pear-shaped...
  14. I think I may have admired your work from the other side of the counter.... (but most of the big chains are still not stocking slivovitz!)

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