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  1. Thanks for that! I know that some shops do offer such a service in parts of Europe, and it does reduce the pain of the retail prices somewhat ...
  2. A NC a while back -- La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero Chiselito. Knocked me right on my purdy ass ...
  3. How helpful are they in taking VAT/GST/sales tax off the price for tourists?
  4. I wold say it very much depends on the cigar. A couple of weeks ago, I fired up a San Cristobal Muralla, box code FIN OCT 05, and it was definitely over the hill: muddy, thin, flat, not at all what I remembered from other sticks I had smoked from that box over the years. But then, I have had smokes that were 15-20 years old which were absolutely utterly glorious (SLR DC from '98!). If you are stuck on the idea of gifting your sons (lucky sods!) some cigars from their birth month and year, why not wait until it is time, and then source a box or two from a specialised merchant? That way, you will not have the stress and uncertainty of buying and storing them now for the next 18-20 years. Let the dealer do so in his own professional climate-controlled facilities. Have you considered alternative ways of properly commemorating your sons' coming of age? I have a number of nephews and god-children, so know the problem. In a couple of cases, I went with a wrist-watch from the year of their birth (surprisingly inexpensive, if one shops around), in one case I laid down some port, and there are several cases of wine in deep storage awaiting a really special piss-up... Oh, and congratulations to you and the mem to the new arrival!
  5. It probably helped that I lived within staggering distance of Eccleston Street, and that I have a perverse liking for haggis... Perhaps you should make plans to revisit Canary Wharf -- this month's music is pretty good, with Errol Linton, Jools Holland and a Buena Vista Social Club tribute....
  6. Nah, it happens all the time. Just think "Uggs"...
  7. Oops, sorry ... all those politicians look alike to me.
  8. Brilliant cigar crawl! My favourite was always Boisdales Belgravia, over in Eccleston Street -- good and proper grub, a hugely impressive stock of whisky (and whiskey), and a very comfortable cigar terrace. They close at 1 a.m. though.....
  9. "Australian finance minister Scott Morrison announced an immediate cigar tax cut of 50%."
  10. Drat and double drat. Wish I could make it, but a family Easter at Nelson Bay interferes ...
  11. Crikey and blimey! Have had something like that happen to me a few times, but this one is a doozy! Usually it becomes such a bother that I either ditch the cigar or remove the wrapper entirely .....
  12. Congratulations and many happy returns! I always stand in awe of such an achievement.
  13. Love the idea! And I would likely end up using it to clean my latest must-have cigar accessory: my reading glasses, without which I could neither cut my cigars properly nor read FOH...
  14. ... or start hunting for the Tainos ....
  15. Same here. IMO, they are that happy rarity of a cigar that is as smokeable out of the box as it is with a bit of age. When they first came out, I bought a few singles and smoked the last of those (must have been 2013) not too long ago, and based on that they will age very well indeed. And I have also been working my way through a box bought last year, and they are just as tasty. Nor is the format excessive, in my view: a proper robusto in girth with an extra half hour's smoking pleasure added in length ... definitely a two-dram smoke!

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