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  1. I'm toying with this idea myself. So far, I have narrowed it down to two candidates: -- a self-assembly home sauna (the two-person version) but I have some concerns that the Western cedar might be unsuitable even if I line the interior with Spanish cedar; -- and a piece of lab equipment: a temperature and humidity controlled cabinet used by laboratories to store samples and grow weird shit in petri dishes. The deterrent here is the price of many thousands.... I also looked at antique furniture, having seen some very nice retrofitted examples in Europe. They are insanely cheap right now ... nobody seems to want or appreciate a truly well-crafted piece of furniture with beautiful wood any more. A linen press or armoire would offer oodles of space, and might even be good-looking enough to tick the WAF box...
  2. No photos ... too embarrassing. My father had this quirky view that the people who needed protecting were his wife and kids. So he pooled around in a beauty old Renault 5 while my mother drove the Yank Tank -- a Ford Cougar. The more steel between her and other cars, the better, so his reasoning.
  3. The Audio Files

    Hmmm.... how does one spell "demerits", again? Anyway, a decent performance car will have manual transmission, and I have always found that transmission braking is quite sufficient in most circumstances....
  4. The Audio Files

    WHat's the old joke? "I want to die like my grandfather, in my sleep. Not screaming like his passengers."
  5. The Audio Files

    If it's a genuine performance car, then the sound quality of the music shouldn't really be a priority --when you go round Brands Hatch, Bathurst or Brands Hatch, are you really interested in the accurate undistorted sound reproduction of Placido Domingo's breathing technique? I'd start trawling the internet forums for the make and model in question. Chances are that there are plenty of other folk out there who have posted their experiences and recommendations for all the possible solutions already... Referring strictly to the music and not to any other occupants, I take it? Me, I am happy to plug in my iPod and accept its shortcomings when I am driving. I reserve serious listening for the home ... I'm old-school. No digital file can beat a proper set-up, IMO.
  6. No changes to todays 24:24

    I suppose it's cheaper than my patent remedy: hard spirits.
  7. Wednesday Funny

    Couldn't happen here ... white men have no rhythm.
  8. The Audio Files

    What exactly did not tick your box? A car interior is a very well defined and measurable space, so audio manufacturers can tweak and optimise their products for specific vehicle models to a degree that I would have thought impossible for aftermarket replacements. Especially as cars are not like audio rigs at home which can be changed at will without having to un- and rewire everything....
  9. We're facing this issue right now. I am wondering ... how expensive could it be for me to get my own bloody satellite? I know Australia is a country with a smallish population and vast distances, but does that really mean the only option is to have the state build and roll out a monopoly service? NBN, I suspect, will be a textbook case for generations to come of how the state should not be trusted with implementing solutions. My odds of getting good internet would probably not be any worse if I plugged my cable right into the back end of a donkey with diarrhoea. At this rate, I may end up investing in a herd of carrier pigeons ... it may be a tad slower, but at least I would get the benefit of a decent dinner now and then.
  10. Not to mention that autocratic regimes have a habit of imploding without warning and quite speedily. Who predicted the Arab Spring even six months before it kicked off?
  11. Do they have drop-bears in QLD? Maybe one of them landed on Ken's computer...
  12. A lifting of the embargo. This will lead to more upward pressure on prices and availability, as the US market will be opened up and Cuban cigars will be heavily marketed to American consumers. This may well also lead to a reduction in quality as the Cubans will be pushed to increase production. I also see a possibility that such demand may lead to sales of Cuban leaf to NC cigar makers for them to create multi country blends. Increasing restrictions and prices across the world. I fully expect that by 2030, at least one country will ban tobacco outright. Fashion always changes. Currently, producers are moving away from small ring gauges, so I expect them to move right back to producing and promoting lanceros, panatelas and similar vitolas in a decade or two. My above points about restrictions and demand will also play into this, as small RG and shorter cigars will allow for larger production numbers and shorter smoking times. China will be the biggest cigar market in the world as the increasing wealth of its population will mature and will lead to bigger spending on the good things in life in all areas. Smuggling and counterfeiting will keep increasing, driven by extortionate taxation. This should actually be good news for established retailers because reliable and trusted sources will become of increasing importance.
  13. Glad I have no plans whatsoever to fly into Russia....
  14. What are "Clubs"?

    Of course it's not listed. The first rule of Fight Club is "you don't talk about Fight Club".
  15. aged cigars - thoughts?

    Years ago, I splurged on an insanely expensive Cuban Davidoff at their shop in St James' in London. It wasn't worth the trouble an the expense. On the other hand, that half box of SLR DCs from the mid-90's I scored from a German Casa was without doubt and hands down among the top five of my all-time great smokes, right down to the last one I incinerated in 2016. Rich, smooth, spicy, velvety ... utterly gorgeous. Better than (bad) sex.

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