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  1. found joeaclem on instagram. Posts from 2017. I think he's still alive Actually i'm still not 100% sure its the same person.....
  2. Nice review! Btw that same burn issue is the bane of my existence. Bloody annoying and joy sucking.
  3. What The Swiss...

    Maybe we should stop eating things that live and breathe and have a brain Maybe not though. Honestly i dont care what i eat as long as someone prepares it for me.
  4. Its possible to have too thin a wrapper?
  5. I have the same problem. And yes smoking slower makes it worse but the faster you smoke the worse for flavor. But the last few cigars i have smoked have burned perfectly. The weather is very cold and dry. I have the burn problems in hot / humid weather. Whats your weather like?
  6. Got my first "smart" watch for Xmas, a Samsung gear s3. Bit pricey for what it is but I'm having fun with all the different watch faces
  7. Who here vapes?

    I got into vaping a few years ago as i was sick of the ciggy habit and it was supposed to be a lot less expensive. I spent a lot of money on vaping lol as i tend to get obsessive about things. Always new devices tanks and juices to try. Basically have stopped vaping. I dont smoke cigs either. But i did find nasal snuff which is dirt cheap and does the trick for me for the most part.
  8. Good info about Trinidad that i did not know. Thank you!
  9. Equifax Data Breach

    Wow what a joke. Corps seem to have no clue. Its just too easy for the criminals now. I mean its beyond scary its insanity.

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