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  1. A good average day is 1 cigar on my lunch break.
  2. Dr Joe FTW!!!! RIP as he seems to be gone for good.
  3. Just tell us...
  4. ya me too. mine start out ok, but as soon as i have to ash it you can see whats happening. depressing.
  5. Interesting. I have major tunneling issues about half the time. I suspect you are correct about quality being the culprit.
  6. But how did you decide to do LT aging at higher humidity levels? Have you compared LT aging results between 68-70 and 58-62?
  7. How much are customs vs habanos in general. Roughly. ?
  8. My first box ever of D4 was from 2015 and that box was amazing. I got this green pepper taste + TWANG! that I have been searching for ever since! Oddly enough my second box was from 2010 and wasn't nearly as good. Tight draw to boot.
  9. i think maduro wrappers just do not agree with me
  10. Smoking my first one right now. Hmm.... Love the size. Its quite the stretch for me to notice any typical RA flavors. POSSIBLY i get something here and there. Probably wont go back to these for another 6 months and try again. Typical LE fail for my palate, lol. Honesty wish i had lit up a RASS instead.
  11. hmmmm. I thought I did. but if i didn't then I apologize. you said something about the masses, agreeing, quesada, etc... Anyways... The part I don't understand is how Quesada is insulted by "an inferior product being held in such high esteem throughout the world". My point is ok maybe construction is not as good as NC, but , so what. ? There is also flavor to consider as well.
  12. Lol... The market has spoken because thats what they can buy in the us. Also if i roll up some turds with perfect construction does that make it worth buying also over a cc?

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