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  1. stress. anxiety.
  2. Who here vapes?

    I got into vaping a few years ago as i was sick of the ciggy habit and it was supposed to be a lot less expensive. I spent a lot of money on vaping lol as i tend to get obsessive about things. Always new devices tanks and juices to try. Basically have stopped vaping. I dont smoke cigs either. But i did find nasal snuff which is dirt cheap and does the trick for me for the most part.
  3. Good info about Trinidad that i did not know. Thank you!
  4. Equifax Data Breach

    Wow what a joke. Corps seem to have no clue. Its just too easy for the criminals now. I mean its beyond scary its insanity.
  5. Dr Joe Show

    His enthusiasm about cigars is very infectous and his show was like gold when i started looking into cigars.
  6. Cryptocurrencies

    It's a hard cap of 21 million. Can be purchased on different online exchanges, depending on where you live. Or from another person. Or from a Bitcoin ATM.
  7. Cryptocurrencies

    Was into it for a while but i had to sell everything because i was constantly looking at prices of everything it took over my life lol. I still have a small amount of bitcoin. I have a hard time believing that a cryptocurrency will be adopted by the masses or even a small percentage of the masses. But i could definitely be wrong. Not a bad idea to own a little bitcoin or ethereum just in case it goes to the moon
  8. That ORIS is perty I only own two tag heuer watches that are both quartz. I love them both but when i bought them years ago i had no clue about watch movements. Im dying to buy a mechanical now. Not sure why really though!
  9. it is NICE. But I really dig the new one with the blue seconds dial. Or just the blue face one. I like blue!

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