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  1. Good for him. These women need to learn.
  2. I lit up a RASS yesterday and the burn was going typically wrong at the beginning. The wrapper just didnt want to burn as fast as the filler. I used Prez 2nd short puff method and it totally worked for me! I did it occasionally for the rest of the cigar. The burn was perfect until the last 1/4. Small victory for me!
  3. The few 15 PP ive had from a 50 cab have been sublime.
  4. Hmmmm. Yes i have also observed that taking a 2nd draw is sometimes needed to see the wrapper burning. Well thats when i know im going to have problems.
  5. Pulled out my first ever connie a from a sealed container at 65rh 64f. Lit it. After half an inch i knew i was done for. I let it go out. Later discovered it had tunnelled in the centre over an inch down. This doesnt happen all the time but i think its my lighting technique. When there is wind it makes it harder to toast properly. Then when i have the cigar in my mouth and bring the flame to it, its hard to know where im lighting (since u cant see it) so maybe im burning the center too much? It just makes me scared to try these bigger more expensive cigars when i cant even light them properly. I need help.
  6. My gf says i stink whenever ive smoked and returned home. Pretty much everyone i know says they stink. Maybe they r right. Oh well I can honestly say if she knew how much ive spent on them the past year we would not be together. Luckily im super sneaky when necessary.
  7. I went through 50 of them rather quickly but really was not impressed at all. Not for me i suppose.
  8. Too complicated!!!!!!!! MHO. How on earth is the avg joe supposed to know how to "properly" store his cigars?!?!?!?!?
  9. @PigFish are you saying that 65F is too close to too cold?
  10. I try to store at 65rh 65f but i cant imagine how brittle they would be at 60%. I guess possibly some are getting better flavor and or burn at 60 but u have to be so careful with them. I notice wrappers breaking and coming apart it makes me want to increase humidity not decrease. I had a rare nc today stored at 63f 69rh and it felt so nice in my hand. Smoked fine perfect burn. I dunno! Sent from my SM-G920W8 using Tapatalk
  11. it's pretty common with cuban cigars unfortunately. Just grab another and try it. I have a boc of 2010 D4's that have a very tight draw. its annoying.
  12. because I spent 20k on them for some reason and now i have to smoke them
  13. go pens
  14. If you guys ever put on a tasting in Toronto, i'll be there!!!
  15. I think we get 1 day here in Ontario. But honestly i have no idea. I'm always the last to know about vacation days.

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