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  1. Probably my favourite bit of gear ever. My Olympia typewriter. Made in Germany. Compared to all the computer keyboard action we're used to these days, it's like playing a classical piano. Bloody brilliant!
  2. = egg on your face, probably, right?... Maybe... Maybe not. Ah, the fun of an impending season! I know it's early days for big calls and, straight up, I'll tell you that I'm not an experienced NFL fan by any stretch, but I'm going to delve right into this year. However, as most know, when following a sport reasonably seriously, you get immersed in the off-season roster moves and the pre-season training and trial games. And this soon leads to Nostradamus-like predictions being wildly touted around with an unwavering, though wholly unfounded, show of expertise and certainty... Well, at least that's what happens with me... : ) Anyhow, due to my New England association (massive Red Sox fan) I'm plonking my arse on the back of the Patriots, for better or worse. Feel free to tell me all about their chances or lack of them, and/or let me know of your expert analysis/solid predictions/gut-feelings/wild guesses for your team this year. : ) Whatever the case, good luck for the season!
  3. The National looks like a grand spot to visit. It's on the list! On the website it's touting "Free WiFi", too... but from what I've heard of Cuba, this is not going to be of great benefit. : )
  4. MoeFOH

    email of the week.

    How about: "Bugger, we meant to send you all the counterfeit ones. Sorry. Can you please send us back all the good ones. We pride ourselves on order consistency."
  5. Great resource! Cheers. Any standout?
  6. I haven't been to Cuba, but it's definitely on the bucket list. For those that have been, if you had just one thing to suggest to a first-timer (activity, event, bar, restaurant, tourist site, whatever...), what would it be? (Detailed info/pics welcome and appreciated.) Cheers, Moe.
  7. Thanks, Jase. All looks good. A heads-up for members experiencing any layout/menu issues would be to ensure you're using the latest version of your preferred browser. Older versions might throw some funky layouts, etc. Thanks.
  8. Hi All, Just a heads-up to any members online over the next few hours: We're performing an upgrade to the Invision software today at approximately 5:30pm (Australian time - one hour from the time of this post). While the update runs its course, the forum will go offline. It should only be a brief outage, and we'll restore things to normal as soon as possible. If there are any technical issues that arise out of the upgrade, then we'll deal with those as quickly as possible, too. We'll post another update after the upgrade to advise of the overall status. Thanks. Moe.
  9. (hopefully not literally, unless it's your pine nuts or almonds...), what's your go-to home-cooked dish when you need to impress the socks (or pants, depending on the scenario) off of someone?
  10. MoeFOH


    It's a cracker, right! Can't wait to plough through some more episodes tonight.
  11. Yes. And the Rabbitohs sit atop the NRL!
  12. Started watching this series last night on Netflix. Binged up to the start of season 2. Classic British fare. Loving it! Anyone else on board? If not, what else are you watching?
  13. That's one thing I figured, but when I was single and contemplating it, the low buy-in (for something used, compared to a house) seemed very attractive. The real key seemed to be where you could moor it at a cost-effective rate and with as many lifestyle comforts as possible. Kinsale in Ireland was a perfect example of how it could be done. Although I'm sure there'd be better climates for it. But, then, less Guinness... Well, you can't have everything.
  14. Fantastic! Your uncle sounds like a legend. Love the boat's name! Living on a boat, I don't know, there's something very appealing about the lifestyle to me still, even when knowing very little about it. I was lucky enough to catch up with Ralph again last year--visited Ireland on our honeymoon. The old bastard is still getting around Kinsale like a champion, drinking like a fish... He must be mid to late 70s now... Loves it. I hope to get back to see him again before he inevitably shuffles off. Although he might outlive me, given how pickled he must be by now... Anyhow, once in a lifetime character. Also, had the pleasure of visiting St. Pete while in the States earlier this year. Great area. I imagine it would have been a grand area to grow up in.

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