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  1. Sports – The Game of the Year - so far

    It was a great game, Ken. And the Broncos did turn things around from week 1 in remarkable fashion and in the face of a formidable opponent. However, can't help but still consider the Cowboys as stuck in 2nd gear. Michael Morgan and Lachlan Coote to come back; The big forwards still to warm into their groove; and but for the very unfortunate placement of an upright, they would have won that game at the death. That said, I was super impressed with Pangai Jr... man, he snapped back Taumalolo a couple of times, and was flying into most collisions as if wearing a cape! The other thing out of that game was Bennett's press conference bomb "You'll never divide us"... I know old Wayne is no stranger to abrasive press encounters, but this one had me reminiscent of Gus Gould's similar crack after an origin series win (so long ago now) that went something like "You'll never break me"... Despite the pressure and temptation which these scenarios invite, I'm always amazed that coaches take the bait. Actually saying things like "You'll never break me" or "You'll never divide us" means that they actually have in one way or another. And what's more, it's precisely the spectacle that the journos are after. Still, all in all, a classic game. And another very entertaining round of footy across the board.
  2. National Rugby League: Week One

    Souths lose a tough one in R2, when they really should have won... Oh well, there are some promising signs, I guess, but it already feels like we might be behind an eight ball the size of ANZ stadium! I am, however, mildly compensated by the universe in seeing the dear old Balmain Tigers/Western Suburbs Magpies spoil the party in Melbourne. That was sweet. And they deserved that victory 100%. Cleary has them very well organised. And the old Field Marshall Marshall--game management par excellence! Warms the heart a little...
  3. MLB Season 2018

    Yep, you guys still have a great rotation there. It should be pretty simple math: Darvish will win you a lot of games. And I'm still a massive fan of Jon Lester--what a pro. I continue to rue the day we (Red Sox) didn't offer him the right deal to stay. However, going to the Cubs was a lot better than some other options he may have had...
  4. Embeddedeth herein be my childhood education... (might explain things a little... worth lobbing into the mix in any case)
  5. Very glad you reviewed this one, Ken. Randomly grabbed a couple of these on Greg's recommendation when I was in there last... Perhaps Greg is on commision with these! Will smoke one over the weekend. Not a bourbon fan, so might pair it with a chocolate stout or a spiced rum. Cheers!
  6. MLB Season 2018

    Hey... What do you mean "keep in touch..."? The Yankees will need to keep in touch with us!
  7. MLB Season 2018

    Red Sox have fared pretty well in Spring Training... Concerns: A worrying little niggle suffered by Pomeranz, but looks like he'll be right for the start of the season. Mookie Betts hasn't really stepped it up as yet, but I think he's pretty bankable to bring it when required. Back end of the rotation is a worry, with E Rod and Stevie Wright starting on the DL. Johnson or Velazquez will get the 5th spot, but neither has been without troubles in some ST games. Positives: Benintendi, Devers, and Bogaerts look sharp, are raking. The addition of JD Martinez looks a sweet deal to rival the Yankees' big boppers: Judge, Sanchez, Stanton (what a fearsome line-up to face! Especially with Gregorious, Bird, in the mix, too, jeezus...). We also need Hanley Ramirez to have a bounce-back year. Price and Sale look injury-free and in the groove. Pedroia will start on the DL, not back till May; but love the resigning of Eduardo Nunez to cover there. When Pedey is back, the depth and options open to Cora should be a real positive. Cora--love this change! Smart, hungry young manager. Massive job to take on as your first manager's position, but I think he's got the history and savvy to excel. I'll be at Opening Day in Tampa and for the first home game in Boston... Can't freaking wait!
  8. National Rugby League: Week One

    A cracker of an opening round, I thought (despite Souths poor showing in the west). Knights/Manly, Roosters/Tigers/ Panthers/Eels Titans/Raiders... Great games. The only saving grace for clubs that didn't perform well is that R1 results can be, and often are, Jekyll & Hydish. Souths need to fix their defence, attack is fine. I actually felt a sigh of relief that Adam Reynolds got injured. I think Cody Walker needs to take charge. Reynolds always looks so clunky in attack, and he's no great threat as a runner. Great kicking game when he's on song, but that's not enough to be a top-flight halfback. And, I have to say, the Warriors looked as fit as I have ever seen a Warriors team look. They're always a flakey, wild card team, but if they put it all together they can be serious contenders. Three standouts from R1: 1. I thought the Panthers 2nd half was incredible; young Kikau amazing. 2. Titans comeback win; Ash Taylor simply sublime. 3. Cowboys beating the Sharks while seemingly stuck in 2nd gear; scary to think they may have oodles of improvement in them. For me, too early to put any concrete evidence forward on most teams, except, of course (as per Ken's line above), the Storm are going to be ridiculously hard to beat again. But we all knew that in November. Looking forward to R2 kick-off, tonight!
  9. Ok, I'm such a baseball nut that this would ordinarily weigh in heavily. But you guys are on the road on those dates... Wait, is that why there's a spare seat for me? There's actually a whole spare bloody stadium!
  10. Ok, got it. The good oil is that Richmond is not more than a quick stopover and DC is jam-packed with more than I can hope to see. I think Richmond intrigues me from its history and burgeoning cultural scene--craft beers, food, etc. And it just seems a little off the well-beaten tourist path. I like that, but I also don't want to be scratching my arse wondering what to do next. So I'll happily take on board what everyone is saying, and I'll apportion the appropriate amount of time to it if I end up going there. Options are overwhelming! But all this advice is great stuff. Cheers!
  11. Not a skier at all. However, I did think of Montreal at one point, also Toronto. Have heard good things about both, and they both kind of make sense in terms of heading to Chicago... Well, sort of. Anyhow, keeping them in mind; thanks for the input. Cheers!
  12. Yeah, thanks for that. Ken's gone on the huff on me it seems. Must have been because I forgot to take my shoes off when round at his place the other day... Anyhow, ok, yeah, that list (chopped off because it was so long! Ha ha) is amazing. DC is clearly at the top of the list. The one thing going against DC is that it looks like I won't have nearly enough time to spend there!
  13. Ah, nice one. I had not considered the ferry option. That could be cool. And, yeah, avoiding the crowds is a big plus for me. Cheers!
  14. Not sure I'll have time for this one, as Chigaco days are unfortunately filled with serious work type sh*t. However, like most Australians of my vintage, I have a deep understanding and appreciation of Milwaukee gained from Happy Days and the Alice Cooper scenes in Wayne's World... So I'll do my best to get there! Cheers!

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