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  1. GrouchoMarx

    downton abbey to the movies

    I don't go to movies - I don't care what it is. I have home theater set up. I can have a stick, wine, pause for a pee. Then they're the price - here, 2 tickets, 2 popcorn and 2 cokes is over $50. Nothing is worth that price IMHO.
  2. GrouchoMarx

    Behike Box Pictures

    I don't have a 54, just a couple 52s and a 56. Tucked away - Christmas and New Year's only.
  3. GrouchoMarx

    Small Lizard

    Looks like my ex...
  4. Looks good! But exactly what is it? Some kinda curry??
  5. I'm not including anything that needs to be cooked, as I tend to see comfort food as ordering in. SOOOOoooooo.... pizza it is! Simple - thin crust, double pepperoni and double cheese.
  6. I've had my share of problems with rogers, but I've always managed to sort everything out to my satisfaction (and advantage). Last time, out internet was out for 2 hours (due to a repair being done somewhere) - I called, and "escalated" it as I wanted $200 off my bill due to the outage. I got it - and that wasn't the first time. I think there's an art to dealing with these tele-weenies.
  7. GrouchoMarx

    The next cigar trend....and why?

    I think we'll see history repeat itself. From thick to thinner and long (and then back). Hopefully the nazis will be defeated, and cigar freedom will once again shine brightly upon us all!
  8. GrouchoMarx

    The next cigar trend....and why?

    SACRILEGE ! Never say it! Don't even think it!! Bad boy!!
  9. Just picked this burr grinder up to go with the (same make) espresso machine. Trust me on this, it DOES make a difference!
  10. Well, with the range rover on the fritz I guess Di lost the coin toss to go get another bottle or two?? (J/K)
  11. GrouchoMarx

    The Land Rover Experience

    Hey @El Presidente I hope you keep us up to date with any replies!
  12. What is this thing "excess inventory" ???
  13. GrouchoMarx

    Plain Packaging Options.

    fkn nazis.
  14. I'd rather stick needles in my eyes.

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