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  1. In no order: Monte2 RyJ Churchill Fonseca 1 Monte edmundo / double edmundo PSD4
  2. Someone mentioned the partagas culebra (which I'd like to see too). Another partagas which has become an occasional favourite is the presedente.
  3. Your February 2018 cigar Awards

    Best: A '16 SigloVI that I brought back from my trip to Havana. I try one about every 2 months, and they're just getting into their own now. Worst: a "farmie" that I picked up from my local B&M.
  4. I don't see it going gangbusters very soon - 10 years is way too soon, 15 at least. You still have to re-charge them - more often that a gas car. Plus there's till very limited places to do so. PLUS I can fill up my car in 5 minutes - versus.... hours? Oh - and that happy electricity has to come from somewhere. Nope, not going to happen all that soon, in spite of what the green wackos want.
  5. A "twist" to breakfast.....

    Well, I'm not surprised. After all, back in my day, we used to call lemon gin "panty remover".
  6. The demise of HDM

    I'm definitely a Hoyo fan. I got a 3 pack of epi2s from a friend - I just couldn't consider them "box worthy" at all. Now I have some epi1s that are excellent, Le Hoyo de San Juan that rock and my occasional palmas extra that I also like.
  7. That one on the bottom right looks a bit like my ex....
  8. The tighter they close their grip - the more that slips through their fingers.
  9. are you a dog or a cat person?

    I have 2 dogs. I like cats - but I just can't eat a whole one all by myself.
  10. attack of the mutant crayfish

    Let me know when lobsters can clone themselves.
  11. I guess "debbie does dallas" doesn't count?
  12. Real? Fake? Can't be sure?

    Green seal.
  13. I’m confused.....

    Avast me hearties ! I'll be taking one them sticks and force ya to walk the plank.... Harrrrr

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