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  1. The demise of HDM

    I'm definitely a Hoyo fan. I got a 3 pack of epi2s from a friend - I just couldn't consider them "box worthy" at all. Now I have some epi1s that are excellent, Le Hoyo de San Juan that rock and my occasional palmas extra that I also like.
  2. That one on the bottom right looks a bit like my ex....
  3. The tighter they close their grip - the more that slips through their fingers.
  4. are you a dog or a cat person?

    I have 2 dogs. I like cats - but I just can't eat a whole one all by myself.
  5. attack of the mutant crayfish

    Let me know when lobsters can clone themselves.
  6. I guess "debbie does dallas" doesn't count?
  7. Real? Fake? Can't be sure?

    Green seal.
  8. I’m confused.....

    Avast me hearties ! I'll be taking one them sticks and force ya to walk the plank.... Harrrrr
  9. If you have troubles with tailgaters / roadragers....
  10. Your Superbowl FBC Planning?

    Homemade Pizza, wings (that I cook from scratch at home with my own hot seasoning and blue cheese dip) - along with a plethora of micro-brew pints. Sticks : probably 3, trini fundy / monte2 / punch punch
  11. I'd like to send - but I don't need (or want) a paypay account.
  12. How does one do this without a PP account?

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