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  1. 1. SCdlH La Punta EML 15 2. Cohiba Magicos SOM 16 3. Upmann Connie 1 MEG 17 4. Cohiba Siglo IV AMO 16 5. Upmann Mag46 LUB 15 6. Trinidad Reyes RMU 16 7. Padron 1964 Exclusivo Maduro 8. PSP2 ETP 16 9. PLMC EML 15 10. Fonseca No. 1 UME 15 The La Punta and Magicos were both sublime, but the former had me dreaming about it for weeks. The Connie 1 I had ROTT and made me ecstatic that the 3 blind boxes all had the same codes and were PSP quality.
  2. Preferred Style of Cutter

    I used to be exclusively a Punch with the straight cut for figurados. Now I’m 99% V-cut (Colibri gives the deepest, cleanest cut) as it’s foolproof, razor sharp, and perfect every time, with the 1% being punch.
  3. Top 10 for 2017

    Having 8 of the top 10 (missing the Tubos) and 10 of the 14 posted (missing the presidentes and E2), it’s nice to know I’ll have some beauties to smoke in a couple years!
  4. Cigars at their them.

    Woohoo I won something! Thanks Prez (and team)!
  5. Your 2017 best "Bang for Buck" cigar.

    PL Montecarlos. Any box code, any vendor (of course those from our host are a step above), and fresh or aged, they deliver an hour of creamy, caramel, vanilla goodness.
  6. How Many Boxes

    More than I need but not nearly as much as I want. But numbers wise, 106 CCs and 2 NCs.
  7. Running out of room!

    Gotta work on those Tetris skills. Have room for at least 8 more boxes! 😜😜
  8. What should I buy next?

    Mag 46, Dip 2, PSP2, aged RyJ Ex4, Connie A
  9. Your next Cigar related purchase?

    Cigars: Bushidos! Accessory: a new house so that I can start to think about a proper mancave/indoor smoking room (shhhh don't tell the wife)
  10. Your first ever box buy?

    First box period was probably some Phillies from a gas station prior to a round of golf over a decade ago. First box of Cubans was a 2014 box of BPC a littler over 2 years ago. Have purchased close to 200 boxes of Cubans since. I may have a problem....with storage 😝😛
  11. Cigars at their them.

    Cohiba Maduro Magicos SOM Dic16 Montecristo 80th Anniversario LAU Dic15
  12. Cigars at their them.

    A few of my favorites from my instagram account (@maltcuban) all purchased from our host: - Upmann No. 2 MEG Mar17 - SCdlH La Punta EML May15 (top cigar I've had this year and it isn't even close) - Dip 2 TOS Feb17
  13. You left out the Cincinnati style chili!
  14. Don't think I have the time. Back on a plane in a couple hours and off for work the rest of the week.

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