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  1. Wrappers

    I think one thing to consider is the size of the cigar, namely the ring gauge. The wrapper is a percentage of the total cigar, and therefor the total cigar flavor. When you smoke a thinner cigar, a higher percentage of the taste is coming from the wrapper. A thicker cigar... you get the point.
  2. Interesting thanks guys! Do you think there’s room/opportunity for something new? Just curious. What would you like to see?
  3. I'm curious, besides FOH, where do you guys go on a consistent basis for cigar-related content? I know we can all agree that Cigar Aficionado is mostly driven by advertising dollars and pretty much all other printed cigar publications have gone out of business. One of the things that I really love about cigars isn't just smoking them, but I love the culture, I love the fact that its a hand-made art, still, to this day, all manual. Especially at a time when so much is mass produced. But at the same time, I don't really see a lot of places to go visit when I'm lounging around on a Sunday afternoon to just enjoy reading about the world of cigars. I'd love a place to read about the latest story or a profile on a cigar family I know nothing about, or get some articles on fermentation. Working in the digital design space, a part of me has even been thinking about starting something like this on my own.
  4. With CCs I do it on almost every puff. With NCs I have to really watch the pepper, especially the Nicaraguans. I’ll only do a few times with those
  5. Hey guys how many of you rotate your stash throughout the year? I have a NewAir wineador that gets pretty good circulation so I’ve never really shuffled things up. Wondering if it’s something I should start doing and the pros/cons.
  6. Newcomer (Newbie) Q&A

    Curious, if I’m keeping a consistent 63f temp in my wineador, do you feel like freezing is necessary? I was under the impression that for beetles to hatch the temp would have to hit around mid 70s. I could of course be completely wrong.
  7. Welcome! So glad you started with an Epi 2. Enjoy the ride!!
  8. Newcomer (Newbie) Q&A

    One thing I would suggest is replacing the Bovedas with a couple of pounds of Heartfelt beads. I run a NewAir wineador with 2lbs of 60rh beads and am usually sitting steady at 65f / 63rh
  9. when you were young...

    Wanted to be a film maker when I was young and went to film school. Now work in design and help brands design digital products and services. But working on a screenplay that i plan to produce
  10. Let us know when your fire one up and the flavors you’re getting out of it
  11. That’s a great description thanks! Sounds like I need to try one
  12. How would you compare the Rosados to the likes of Hemingway or Anejo?
  13. Might be that the humidor is made of rosewood but the lining is still cedar. My understanding is that spanish cedar is best at retaining humidity and people like the smell as a by-product.
  14. New humidor recommendation

    Curious for those of you with coolers, how well do they keep a steady temp, especially in the summer. As for me, I've been using a NewAir CC-100 fridge. Love the convenience of not having to worry about temp spikes. Keep 2lbs of beads in it for stable humidity. I'm pretty much at 67f and 64%rh all year around
  15. Sorry I meant where did you get the aged Fuentes from.

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