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  1. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Braving the elements with a petit robusto
  2. Curious to hear what you thought!
  3. Just picked this one up as well. I haven’t smoked it yet but the 2016 release was one of my favorite cigars of last year. Have you tried it already?
  4. HdM Epicure no 2 is a cream tour de force
  5. Non-Cubans

    This is awesome thanks so much for all the great recos. I'm curious how does the Don Carlos compare to Hemingway?
  6. Non-Cubans

    Thanks guys I also figured that since I brought this up, I should provide a few of my own examples as well that I've enjoyed recently: Las Calaveras 2016 Rocky Patel Sun grown Maduro Fuente Anejo
  7. Non-Cubans

    Figured I'd fire this thread up again. I'm curious for those of you guys still smoking NC's, what do you recommend that isn't a pepper bomb. Personally, I really don't like pepper flavors in my cigar and for some reason these days it seems that full-body must equal pepper bomb and nicotine bomb for most NC's. Another reason I love the world of CC's.
  8. I love the PLPC but curious to hear how the Picadores or something of a similar vitola compares in flavor
  9. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    A '15 CORO on this breezy Sunday afternoon
  10. Old 24:24's database?

    I've saved it to Evernote
  11. Old 24:24's database?

    I've saved this old post by Prez that breaks down flavors by Marca and often refer back to it:
  12. Upmann Connoisseur 1 vs A

    Haha fair enough. Lets do the next split then
  13. Upmann Connoisseur 1 vs A

    How would you describe the flavors
  14. Hey guys, I've done some searching and wasn't able to find a thread about comparing the two. I get that Connies are a different line and therefore flavor from Magnum. But I'm curious how the 1 differs from the A as I'm looking at investing in a box. I've tried the 1 and have really enjoy the graham cracker & coffee flavor but have not tried an A yet. Thanks!
  15. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Finishing off Father's Day with this. Just a lovely smoke

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