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  1. Completely agree with this, I've seen myself be surprised at the flavor of these (make a great golf course cigar where I can't pay as much attention to a smoke as normal). At the same time these are perfect for giving away to friends who are not regular cigar smokers. I've had friends consistently comment at how great the flavor is.
  2. My first RASCC from our host. Wow can't believe how much flavor you get out of these little guys. Can see now why you guys all love these so much
  3. Great to hear, I've been looking to pick up a box. How do they compare in flavor to the Epi 2s?
  4. How did you like that Rocky Patel? I have one sitting in my humi. Been waiting to try it
  5. Slightly departure from fiction but I would highly recommend Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss. An amazing capture of the rituals, routines, inspiration and stories of the top performers in the world
  6. I also recommend you try a Padron Anniversary for more complexity and flavor transitions
  7. Thank you guys. And thanks for the note on Le Hoyo wasn't sure there
  8. Hey guys, well I'm about a year into my official switch to CCs and I've been thoroughly trying all of the different marcas. Montecristo and Hoyo have definitely taken top honors for me. The Epicure No 2 is definitely my favorite so far. Especially the flavors of cream and sweet coffee with milk. I was curious what you all would recommend that is similar. I haven't tried other Hoyo vitolas so perhaps that's the next stop? All recommendations are appreciated!
  9. Fire it up. It's been a year. If they're not ready put em back in and try again in 6 months
  10. Also if you're used to smoking NCs its good to know that Full Bodied in CCs is not the same as Full Bodied in NCs. Cubans are usually not as strong
  11. I have to say that the first time I had a Bolivar Petit corona was the first time I tasted peanuts in a cigar
  12. Happy to report fellas that they're ready and they're fantastic. Lots of cream and cocoa. Sitting enjoying the end of this one.
  13. Hey guys have a box of 10 from May '15 and I'm getting the itch to light one. I was curious what kind of aging time have you guys seen that provides some of the great Monte flavors? Thanks!
  14. I don't see a lot about this marca and I've never tried them so I'm curious, for those that have, what are the major flavor profiles that you see across the line? What vitola do you recommend? What would you compare it to?
  15. This is Barkley, literally my first born. I have to say, dogs are incredible and such a gift to have in our lives

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