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  1. Thanks fellas, sounds like I've gotta get my hands on a few samples of both!
  2. I gotta throw Epicure No 2 into the mix here. 2015s are smoking great!
  3. Hey all, I'm curious, what's the main difference in terms of flavor and body between the maduro line and the siglo line? Are the maduros similar to NC maduros where the leaves are left out longer and develop a fuller sweeter flavor? Since they come in similar vitolas I'm curious why the prices are so different. thanks all!
  4. Enjoying the first warm evenings of NY spring with my first Juan Lopez 2 from the robusto sampler
  5. My first foray into the choix supreme
  6. After about a year sitting my humi, really enjoying my first RP special reserve sun grown Maduro. Big sweet chocolate flavors
  7. Hey just out of curiosity where do you get your cigar labels
  8. Beautiful dark wrappers and deep aroma. Can't wait to fire one up!
  9. No i just mean in a standard humidor over time
  10. Simple question. Just something I've been pondering about. Does the color of a wrapper change over the course of 5.. 10.. 15 years of aging?
  11. I had my first Tatuaje last night and was blown away by the flavor. Good way to mix things up
  12. Completely agree with this, I've seen myself be surprised at the flavor of these (make a great golf course cigar where I can't pay as much attention to a smoke as normal). At the same time these are perfect for giving away to friends who are not regular cigar smokers. I've had friends consistently comment at how great the flavor is.
  13. My first RASCC from our host. Wow can't believe how much flavor you get out of these little guys. Can see now why you guys all love these so much
  14. Great to hear, I've been looking to pick up a box. How do they compare in flavor to the Epi 2s?
  15. How did you like that Rocky Patel? I have one sitting in my humi. Been waiting to try it

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