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  1. I have a problem!

    Smoke those lovely cigars like it was your last day among us, brother, for tomorrow is never assured. I went through a hoarding phase, then realized my tastes changed and I didn't like those any more, and I ended up giving away, trading and selling a lot of cigars. Now, I have one small box with some very rare cigars I intend to smoke on great occasions, with some treasures like Davidoff and a number of early ELs. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I'm of the same mind as some of the respondents who warned about the risks to cigarette smokers taking up cigars. I'm sure you have grave concerns for his health, so you don't want to lead him to an even greater risk than what he has already done on his own. I don't mean to pontificate but 21 years of smoking cigarettes is no joke, that is a serious impediment to health and a ticket to some serious health problems later in life. It may be best to avoid bringing him around more nicotine products until he makes a turn away from his nicotine addiction and reduces his intake. The temptation to inhale cigar smoke will be strong and he will likely get larger doses of nicotine through cigars than from cigarettes. Perhaps alternative methods such as nicotine patches or vaping may help, but beware of vaping, there are some known side effects that cause lung damage. If you're still convinced that you can help him transition safely to cigars without inhaling larger doses of nicotine, then the approach would be the same as introducing any other apprentice to cigars - go wide and then go deep. By that I mean simply start out experimenting with multiple brands and formats to determine what flavor profile he likes, and then hone in on the brands and sizes he likes and explore further within those boundaries.
  3. My box of Montecristo #4 (MOB MAR 14), which you rated PSP/HQ mix has been absolutely outstanding! They're so good I actually braved the wind and rain from hurricane Irma to smoke a couple. But they are just disappearing too fast. If I could go back in time I'd load up the truck on these. This is by far the best current prodcution PC I've had all year. Not a PC, but the RASCC (UTE FEB 16) minutos are smoking well, so they rank second. The only other PC I've had from your list is the BPC (ETP ENE 16) and they were too mild and tasteless, so I would rate them a distant 3rd. Now if you include vintage PCs, then I've had a few Punch Petit Corona del Punch and Punch RS12 from 02 and 03 vintage this year, and they're delicious. So few left
  4. I call it sublime. Sometimes it is just the right time and frame of mind that enables the journey. Sometimes the magic of aging and melding of tobacco reaches a perfect stage. After such an experience I prioritize that box for smoking from as much as I can. If the box was a recent purchase, I hunt for another with the same code and date. If not I thank my lucky stars that I have it. That is what smoking cigars is all about; the endless pursuit of smoking nirvana.
  5. New forum design

    Thanks @refresh
  6. New forum design

    What ever happened to the trade feedback or trade comments? I don't see it in my profile any more.
  7. Your Ideal Flavor Profile

    I know we tend to focus on flavor a lot, but for me the flavor experience is probably more about the aroma than the taste per se, both cold and smoking. For my tastes, so much of the actual flavor really seems to come from the aroma of the cigar. And the more pungent the better. I crave that barnyard sort of twang that is virtually unique and exclusive to Cuban cigars. IMPO, many flavor aspects tend to be more oriented to texture and mouth sensation, which yield the typical expressions of pepper, spice, dry, oily, lush, creamy, and so on. Years ago when I started smoking Cuban cigars my preferences gravitated to the Punch marquee, which has since been decimated. Now I'm gravitating more towards Montecristo, and some of the small ring options such as PL, LGC, Hoyo, and a small number of others sparsely mixed in. I don't really have a specific profile I would say I want or like exclusively because so much depends on mood, smoking time, what I've eaten, what I'm drinking, and social situation. I think @PigFish has it right, it isn't just flavor, it's the experience, the way a cigar evolves, and the way it makes you feel.
  8. Irma Call Out over the weekend.

    Power came back late last night to a third of the neighborhood - ironically, the east end of the hood is still dark just 1 house east of us, and along the entire street behind us. The Internet came back just about 30 minutes ago, but we still have no running water, I had to bathe in the pool in pitch dark about an hour ago, but fortunately the water hasn't turned green yet, although it was darn cold. Fortunately we kept our fridge/freezer cold on the generator until the power returned, so we still have cold drinking water and some food to eat. We lost a couple of trees, maybe a couple of roof tiles, but no leaks. Vegetation throughout the neighborhood is trashed, some huge trees are down and blocking traffic, a few lamp posts are down, no street lights or traffic lights working for miles around, no restaurants or grocery stores open. Emergency vehicle sirens have been going by every few minutes. I spotted 4 or 5 air evac choppers throughout the day headed to Memorial West hospital just a mile west from us. The damage from Irma was not as severe as we saw with Wilma, but Irma lasted way longer than Wilma did. We started getting TS force winds around 10:00am and they picked up in intensity with gusts up to 120mph until about 5:00pm. We lost cable/internet around 11:00am, and then we lost power around 2:30pm. By 8:00pm Irma had slid past us heading north, so I started the generator to save our food in the Fridge. Winds were diminished but still somewhat intense at 12:30am when I went to bed. I hope everyone faired as well or better than we did. I think we got lucky this storm went a little further west than predicted. I saw on the news a few minutes ago that Naples recorded 142mph wind at the height of the storm, but word is the Keys had 10-12 foot storm surge and they were totally under water. I fear for those poor folks.
  9. Irma Call Out over the weekend.

    The eye is past us, but backside is whipping us good. We're ok though, but lost power 4+ hours ago and cable/internet 7 hrs ago. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Irma Call Out over the weekend.

    God keep us all safe.
  11. Correction! I expect Irma beats both the Phins and the Bucs [emoji30][emoji100][emoji948][emoji945][emoji939] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Hurricane Irma

    Friends, and all who are in this monster's path, I wish you all the best and hope you stay safe. God bless us all, and keep this hurricane out over the ocean. We're just putting up the last set of shutters here in Ft. Lauderdale, and stocking up our water, then we're going to take a rest. Tomorrow I'll check on our nearest shelter. Our home is situated right in the exact path of Irma, just below the "2PM Sunday" dot on the NOAA track. We are 16 miles inland, so we're not too concerned about flooding, but the sheer size of this hurricane and the wind velocity it is packing are staggering to put it mildly. If the storm actually follows this predicted path, this will likely top hurricane Harvey's damage toll. Hurricane Andrew was bad, but it cut across the sate. Hurricane Wilma, which we suffered through in our current home, was a direct hit to us but only a category 2; just was a walk in the park compared to Irma. Be safe friends and all.
  13. Kodi on firestick

    Look for Covenant...
  14. Dolphins 9-7, and then eliminated in wildcard game. Cutler won't make much difference and frankly even if he did the defense is not capable enough to keep them in close games. But I expect the Phins to trounce the Buccaneers in week one! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Sounds like you really enjoyed this one. This is one of the marquees I've had little exposure too until recently. The few I've had from 2015 production just haven't done anything for me. I doubt time will turn my palate around to where I would enjoy them, but I'll rest the few remaining ones I have - magic does happen sometimes with age. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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