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  1. Nice! Did it come from the factory as a hardtop, or did you do that aftermarket?
  2. Thanks. It's all original body and paint, 74K miles, garage stored, Sunday driven. Fun to take the tops off and cruise down the highway with the low sloping hood and the woosh of the turbo behind you.
  3. Nice! Here’s my ‘94 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. What a world we live in where in the same breath we are discussing banning tobacco, and legalizing pot. [emoji44] It seems like we have crossed over into the bizzaro world. My Prediction; Pot will be legalized in the majority of the world, leading to major medical breakthroughs, and marijuana cigarettes will displace tobacco cigarettes. All tobacco sales will plummet and Cuba will start commercially producing marijuana within the next 5-7 years. [emoji44][emoji38][emoji12] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Philc2001

    Your Cuban "Sampler from Hell"

    Kryptonite (that's bad) which makes me gag... Anything Cohiba except for Esplendidos. Monte Petit No. 2 (ironically, I love the No. 1, 3, 4 and 5) JL No. 2 HdM Epi No 2 (though I like Epi No 1) VR Famosos (bland)
  6. Philc2001

    Your Cuban "Sampler from Hell"

    Send the PL Panatelas my way... just drop a line.
  7. Philc2001

    Your Cuban "Sampler from Hell"

    Drop me a line, I'll gladly take those RyJ Cedros de Luxe #1 off your hands.
  8. SMOKE EM or SMK EM or SMOK EM SMOKEIN or SMKING or SMOKING VITOLA CULEBRA V898B (official abbreviation for "varnished 898 box") Cajón (official box type designation)
  9. Unfortunately, I don't see any way to make everyone happy. That is the sticking part. I know I would have nailed this cigar 100%, it was my first and immediate call, but ruled it out because it was discontinued. In fact I actually looked up the rules to verify that it had to be current production. So I picked a different vitola specifically because of the rule, and I am sure others did too. Nobody deserves to be penalized, not those that guessed right in spite the rule, and certainly not those that didn't because they specifically followed the rule. so giving extra points, or stars, or any scheme you come up with will be uneven and someone loses out, or someone gains an advantage, no matter what.
  10. I would agree wholeheartedly if it was all just a playful competition... nothing ventured, nothing lost. But we all paid to join this competition. I've already written it off, I'm not going to lose sleep over a $100 or whatever. But it does put the onus on the organizers of any paid competition to make sure everyone, including themselves, follow the rules. If you think that makes me a wanker... then that's your opinion, you're welcome to it, I won't loose sleep over that either.
  11. Rob, Thanks for your feedback, and for weighing in on this matter. With all due respect, I'd like to point you to the lead post by First Lady at the top of this thread. I believe your quoted statement may be referring to the following statement by First Lady; "These are Standard Production Cigars (No Regional, Edicion Limitada or Specialty Cigars)." Indeed, that statement specifically eliminates limited, specialty cigars. However, that is not the rule that misleads. The key rule that spawned the disturbance in question specifically is this one... "2. . Cigars selected will be in current production." There is a big difference between standard production and current production, wouldn't you agree? I don't think anyone believes there was malicious intent. I suspect this just simply slipped under your radar. But perhaps you can appreciate why I and some of the other competitors in this competition feel slighted by the inclusion of the HUPC. Having a cigar that is clearly not in CURRENT production is a direct violation of one of the central rules of the competition, and unfortunately this solecism has put me and several of the competitors out of the running completely. That is disappointing.
  12. Philc2001

    Blind Tasting 2018 Cigar Number 3 Reveal

    I don’t think there is anything to interpret, the HUPC was on the HSA 2017 cut list, and we had a lot of debate on this very forum about it. In fact, more than one member submitted reviews of the HUPC on the Discontinued Cigar Review contest in January. And to add insult to injury, the winner of that contest@hurltim actually reviewed the discontinued HUPC, so clearly FOH believed it was discontinued six months ago. Sorry for carrying on about this, but I’m not into trickery like this. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Philc2001

    Blind Tasting 2018 Cigar Number 3 Reveal

    Yes...... it threw me. When I smoked this cigar my immediate guess was HUPC, but then I recalled seeing the rules stating all cigars were current production, so I just assumed I was wrong, and I changed my pick. Is this cigar still in current production, I thought they were discontinued in 2017?
  14. Philc2001

    Blind Tasting 2018 Cigar Number 3 Reveal

    HOLD ON A SECOND! That WOULD have been my first guess, but... the rules say the sticks are all CURRENT production. This is not a CURRENT production cigar, so I made a different choice. QUOTE: 1. Cigars (all 5 and bandless and are numbered 1-5 in order they are to be smoked) will be sent the week of the 6th of February. I will select cigars from same code and aroma/wrapper appearance as best I can. 2. . Cigars selected will be in current production. CCW shows it discontinued in 2017: H. Upmann Petit Corona
  15. Philc2001

    Outdoor smoking in summer

    I can relate, I live in S. Florida where 80% humidity and temps in the 90's is par for the course 8-9 months of the year, and the damn blood sucking mosquitos - ugh!! I suggest setting up a shady spot so you can get out of sun. Also suggest loading up on shorter cigars for the hottest months so you can still get out for a smoke without enduring the heat and humidity for 2 hours at a time. A decent fan to keep air moving and blow away the mosquitos will also help improve your smoking pleasure.

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