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  1. Good video, thank you for sharing. It's difficult to make such a video because there is such a wide range of tastes and size preferences, so I commend you for taking the time and effort to make such an informative video. I think if I was going to recommend five cigars to a beginner I would probably want to narrow down the origin, so if I was recommending "Cuban" cigars, without knowing anything about the pupil's tastes or size bias, I would probably recommend a range of cigars from mild to a little bit more fuller flavored, and a range of sizes, from PC to Churchill, so perhaps: (1) Monte #4, (2) HU E2, (3) Punch Punch, (4) either PLMC or Partagas 8-9-8 Varnished, and (5) RyJ Churchill. IMPO this represents a broad selection of profiles and sizes. But I may be somewhat biased, so this is not a finite list, just what I would likely rip out from the top of my head.
  2. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    That's a whole meal right there, with an RA chaser
  3. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Haven’t been spending much time here lately, but still smoking my fair share... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I guess you figured it out, but LgC Medaille D Or No. 4 appears to still be in current production. They do come up on 24:24 every now and then.
  5. Heating a 3-car garage space may get expensive. Would it be too out of budget to enclose one or even half of one car space with insulated drywall? A smoking lounge need only be about 8x8 to get a couple of chairs in there and a TV. Heating an 8x8 or 10x10 insulated space will be far more economical than heating an entire 3-car garage. It will also be easier to vent the smoke. I don't know the budget, but if you enclose a small section you may also be able to connect it to your home heating system - though I would not connect it to the air return.
  6. I guess Fonseca KDT Cadetes and Jose L. Piedra Cremas and Cetros are still around. Updated accordingly.
  7. What do you say

    What if your server is a lady?
  8. Rehydration of old cigars?

    LOL While I wouldn't recommend you trust the post office with caring for your cigars, I think this use case seems to confirm that a well sealed box, with minimal oxygen, can be aged a long time without the cigars going bad. I've know enthusiasts who swear by vacuum sealing boxes for aging, and from samples I've been gifted that were aged 10+ years I have to say it seems to work very well.
  9. I mostly use Cuban Crafters double blade cutters, they've done the job for years and stay sharp. I really prefer the simple curved double blade cutters, they let you nick the cap around the head without crushing the head, and give you much more control over the cut. About a year ago I picked up one of these - Possibly the worst cutter ever made, not worth the $12 or $15 I paid for it.
  10. Rehydration of old cigars?

    I would let them acclimate for 4-6 weeks in your humidor, and then smoke them. Ahh, on second thought, they're probably ruined so just pack em up and ship them to me to dispose of them.
  11. Dolphins are hopeless! No idea why they thought Tannehill was worth $96 million. No idea why they paid $13 million for 1 year get Jay Cutler out of retirement either. Sad waste...
  12. Didn’t expect that!

    Recently some PLP caught me by surprise. I bought a partial 1-year old box blindly, never tried them before. It's a very inexpensive cigar (about $3/cigar), but I was pleasantly surprised how good they taste. They don't blow my socks off, but they have a solid tobacco core and somewhat citrusy medium bodied profile, very easy to smoke.
  13. :-{) Movember is Moustache Month (}-: We're out to change the face of men's health. I joined a team called Modernizing Mustaches. We hope to raise $600 this year. Donate to My Goal at: Donate to our Movember Team campaign at: Visa is doubling donations to our Movember campaign, up to $25. Any donation made using Visa Checkout will be doubled up to $25, for up to $400,000 and you can donate as many times as you want. If you donated $100 in four, $25 increments, your total donation would be $200! Please make a donation or just show your support :-{) Thank you.
  14. Some nice aged stock is quite cheap by contrast to some of the current RE/LE stock, so I think I see where you are coming from. These are fickle markets, and frankly I'm neither a collector nor reseller, so I'm lousy at the demand/supply equation - if that is what is driving it. When I see aged stock come up for sale on the secondary market, I can't for the life of me figure out the logic behind the pricing. I've seen aged boxes of regular production smokes with 10-20 years of age at near $9-$12/cigar, whereas 1-5 year old RE/LE stock goes from $20-$30/cigar. There are a few exceptions like Punch SS1, Bolivar Inmensas, Partagas SdC, LGC/ERDM Tainos selling at $20+, but most are still shy of RE/LE pricing. As much as I would love some more aged 90s and early 2K stock, I'm finding some decent regular production to keep me satisfied, so while I'm willing to pay up for some of my favorites, I seldom bite on the aged stock. Now, if recent RE/LE pricing starts to tank, I would think they would drag the rest of the market down with them, but as I said above - I don't understand the pricing, so I'm probably wrong.

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