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  1. not bad on a three weight

    Amazing I would have lost it.
  2. birth of the cuban mob

    @benfica Yes I caught that episode as well. Great insight into the Cuban athletic system.
  3. Holguin

    Word from a friend that visited the new lcdh I believe in Holguin last week said the humidor wasn't quite finished or stocked. They had limited inventory available in cabinet humidors. He did have another cigar shop source on that end of the island where he scored some stock with some yrs on them. He also scored some cohiba talisman there for list 33cuc per stick.
  4. birth of the cuban mob

    That Tj English interview on the Joe Rogan Experience yesterday was great. Sold me his book.
  5. A friend brought some back from Holguin. He liked them so he brought some back to split. I just got them out of the freezer. They looked and smelled great. Can't wait to sample.
  6. la Puntilla update

    Got a mule going...to the wrong side of the island [emoji852]️
  7. Quality clearance BBF and some tubo1s not as photogenic.[emoji6][emoji106]
  8. Lusi's we're "Handpicked clearance" too, such a bargain.
  9. My first lusi's and Edmundos. Tried an edmundo ROTT . These will definitely be good in a couple of months.
  10. Aging at 80rh

    80 rh isn't enough for me either. I've taken to running them under the tap then fellating it before lighting with cedar. It's about the ritual [emoji6]
  11. Espinosa laranja reserva Warped Maestro del Tiempo and la Colmena

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