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  1. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Bpc ETP May16
  2. When it comes to lists I only like their picks that I agree with.[emoji6] BBF is my favorite cigar so I'm fine with it unless it causes a price hike like their #1 ranking for MF le bijou a few years back. Smoked them often till they raised the price a few bucks per stick.
  3. Whatcha reading?

    Enjoying a Warped Guardian of the Farm with this new book. There's an old picture of Doug and Louie C.K. and Louie is not the one that's about to pull his genitals out. I'm amazed at the accidental genius timing of the publication of this book.
  4. Most bang for my buck this year for me it's been Bolivar Belicoso Fino @ $7-10 per stick. Im talking this year's production too. They don't get much age around me 6 months to a year old mostly. Unbeatable smoke for my tastes. Close seconds: Bolivar Royal Corona Juan Lopez S2 I smile just thinking about the last one I had this morning.
  5. UFC 218

    Well how was THAT for a card? Holloway gives us an encore performance. He overwhelmed Aldo. I think Aldo gasses because he depletes himself too much to get down to 145 lbs and age catches everyone. Gutsy brawl from Alvarez and Gaethje . Gaethje is an entertaining beast but that style is just too reckless. He takes too many shots because he trusts his chin too much *faceplant* Overeem v Ngannou went how I hoped. I always enjoy watching him get switched OFF. That one was a perfect 10. He stuck the landing. Seized up, toes pointed, zero splash haha. Cejudo dominated at wrestling. That seems to bore some fans but I appreciated it. Torres was a tiny brutal tornado. Waterson got a whoopin. I thought she could control the spacing and pace of the fight with her kicks and combos. Boy was I wrong. I wonder if it's a conditioning issue. Or is it just the level of competition? Or am I just not being appreciative enough of tiny tank bringing the pace ? Thoughts?
  6. UFC 218

    My picks: Holloway because Aldo has considered retiring. If you have one foot out you should get all the way out. It would be a nice redemption story though. Ngannou by tko Overeem's chin is shot Cejudo by superior skill set Alvarez by skill over strength Waterson by decision
  7. FOH Mould Study

    Mmmmmm light dusting of e-coli [emoji23]
  8. What a Wonderful World by Louie Armstrong Cover version by Joey Ramone recorded while dying of lymphoma

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