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  1. Not my cup of tea, but good pipes on the singer. I wish them luck on their touring.
  2. http://www.openculture.com/2017/03/jimi-hendrixs-virtuoso-guitar-performances-in-isolated-tracks.html
  3. Absolutely , splitting boxes allows us to try something different.
  4. Psp/HQ Juan Lopez selection 2 ✓ that one off the list...
  5. PSP/HQ Diplomatico 2 , JL2 ,HUm46 and Bolivar BBF/ RC
  6. Had one FOTT this morning and I would say it's promising. But I'm the guy that smoked through boxes of etp bpc and enjoyed them everyday as my breakfast smoke so I may not be the right guy to ask [emoji6] . Already have another on the way.
  7. I received some BBF recently with the orange dot. This was from a PSP/HQ mix listing. They are slightly darker than the clearance box I scored a couple of months before that. The clearance ones had a slight reddish tone and higher sheen. Although I have yet to smoke any of these orange dot BBF, Im sure they're great, but in my opinion the clearance BBF were prettier and taste great. Never underestimate Rob's clearance or handpicked choices.
  8. A BBF kind of morning with iced coffee
  9. Diplomatico#2 yummy
  10. My first box of these. Liked the one I had from Rob's sampler last fall. [emoji106]
  11. I'm on the hunt [emoji41]

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