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  1. Colt45

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    I've been there once or twice.... It is an interesting place in an interesting section of town - I think your pic is perfect.... Glad you enjoyed your time in Boston.
  2. I don't know Ken, I imagine the Sopranos movie might deal more with Johnny and Junior Soprano. I guess more a prequel... I don't know what either a Sopranos or Downton movie might add, other than entertainment. There is no question that neither would be produced had the shows not been successful
  3. You shouldn't be - it was very well done and based on real people ( if you're interested, give "Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey" a read ). KG, the article states that the Sopranos movie would be set "decades before" the TV show....
  4. Colt45

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Partagas 898 GEA OCT07 - great overall, fairly smooth while retaining a tannic edge. These have always been very good, and while they haven't really lost anything with over ten years of age, neither have they gained....
  5. I'm another for the Montecristo No.4. Not that I consider it a throw away, but I think they can be a good introduction to Havanas.
  6. cash phone books paper maps vetted news
  7. Colt45

    Let\'s talk about watches:

    And bar tab trades......
  8. Always great to see a new shop open as opposed to one closing
  9. Colt45

    Air tight vs. not air tight humidors

    Some members seal the boxes within their humidors to try and limit air exchange. Some members use fans within their humidors in order to circulate air...
  10. I imagine they'd be pretty much flavorless, so in staying in that vein, I'd go '05 PSD4 or RASS.
  11. If the wheat allows for gluten, my bearded, skinny jean wearing sensibilities would be offended.....
  12. Colt45

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    I think back to how he made fun of Smithy's push bike.....
  13. Colt45

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    I think these come in electric blue... (and have you looked into cryogenics?
  14. No doubt....

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