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  1. What's in your glass today?

    One of my favorite values is Tenuta Sant'Antonio Scaia Corvina. It's 100% corvina, and one of my locals carries it for $10 - a steal.
  2. What's in your glass today?

    According to the producer, it is meant to be drunk in the first year or two after harvest. It did give the impression that it could stand up to more time, but I'm not sure it stands to gain in doing so. I'll have to put a few aside and see how it goes.
  3. Cigars and Honey?

    In the video, the head was dipped, not the foot, so ignition was not in question. As to my friend "soaking" cigars in tubes, it's been a while, but I can't recall there being an issue with lighting or burning.
  4. What's in your glass today?

    Le Piane Maggiorina 2016 - another winner. Can't find the exact blend, but nebbiolo, croatina, vespolina, and others. Stainless only - mid body, but stiff structure.
  5. I understand the question, but I think you've kind of nailed it here.... I think that overall format has an impact on flavor delivery. Changing length / girth can certainly affect final character.
  6. Cigars and Honey?

    It's simply a flavoring agent - I assume to sweeten the taste a bit. I had a friend who would pour a little rum into a tube, and keep a cigar like that until he was ready to smoke it. I can also recall reading here somewhere of keeping a small container of rum or some spirit in a humidor. I wouldn't do any of it myself, but to each their own. The thing that caught my attention was Mr. Garcia saying "multi puffing" was necessary for proper combustion. Personally, I find that to be an issue of / with construction. We often talk about taking deliberate draws, keeping the cigar cool, etc.... P.S. We often discuss complimentary pairings - usually beverages with cigars. Would it be different if they'd ate a bit of honey on bread while smoking?
  7. offal - do you eat it?

    You'll have to take my word (or not) that I'm not trying to be antagonistic. But I think I have more respect for someone posting a pic of their own kill ( and I've no idea of their intention), than someone posting a pic of their offal stew (and I've no idea of their intention). Perhaps the real issue is humans posting photos of any kind period - but that's another story.... So again, my only real point is that here on the forum, why would we disallow or allow one type of killed animal pic over another? It's really is hypocrisy.
  8. offal - do you eat it?

    It's a more than fair question. I guess trophy in quotes is simply a hunter taking a pic with an animal (s)he's killed. More times than not, they'll eat what they've killed. The rest of us can be warm and fuzzy with the goat head selfies that have been butchered and provide to us, or by us. So, in reality there is zero difference between hunting shots and offal shots. P.S. people who eat horses deserve the foulest of deaths...... See how these things go? Do we allow pics of dead animals or do we not...
  9. Colouring page for you guys

    Challenge accepted!
  10. Newcomer (Newbie) Q&A

    Personally, I'm a fan of beads, and only add moisture (indirectly) as needed. There are many ways to utilize them - the pill box is interesting. You can also use a slim but wide tupper type container with open cell foam or window screen, and drill / poke holes in the lid. Or, you can check out member Mark's product: I believe Ray also has, or had a system that could be used in "non cooler" systems.
  11. Colouring page for you guys

    Excellent! ( I'm not that great at keeping within the lines, so I'm not sure I'll attempt it )
  12. As already mentioned, with it being increasingly taboo to be associated with tobacco, I'm not sure what value there could be. Then there is the issue of being seen as aligned with the government...
  13. I guess my first thought would be that if BAT were to sell the cigar rights, since they already produce and distribute the brand, General might have an interest.

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