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  1. HdM du Depute (OMS March 16):
  2. Boli CJ (ULA June 15):
  3. Oliva Serie V diadema:
  4. Cohiba Exquisitos (MEL April 16), too young but I love the size for an after lunch smoke. Huge dimple on this foot: AF 898 maduro for tonight:
  5. HdM DC from the 15/16 DC sampler, wow. I don't usually smoke gars of this size but I'll be on the lookout for a 50 cab next time Prez posts some. That will be a nice treat to sample over the years:
  6. Monte Joyitas, thanks@perla:
  7. I hate to see a BOTL scared... Why rely on others when you can tell us of their progression?
  8. PLPC (TOS February 16) to start the day:
  9. JP Cazy (ARG April 15), meh:
  10. I have an ETP February 16 box that I've had two out of and they were not good. First one the wrapper was 'fireproof', second one burned slightly better but I didn't enjoy it. I moaned about it and a kind BOTL sent me a 2012 to sample but I'm yet to, the first couple put me off. <Don't ask about the storage conditions, I'm down in the low 60's like the 'pros'>
  11. PLMC maybe?
  12. Partagas Short from a 50 cab (ROU March 11):
  13. I'm excited for these, never had a Cuban 'taco'. Is it best to go for initial release boxes, like going for inaugural productions of new standard production vitolas?
  14. IMO they are progressing great, one of my favorite RE's with even better up side within 5 years.
  15. Same here. The ETP boxes from last year have been solid and worth snagging another whenever they show on 24:24. I have a box from 02 that's tempting a recall from the OLH, never had one with that type of age on it. Good value but not quite PLMC value (within comparable sizes), although when young, I much prefer the #4.

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