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  1. Party Short (ROU March 11):
  2. HdM du Prince (SOM February 16):
  3. Super tasty LGC MdO #4 (ETP March 16), beer wasn't bad either:
  4. AF Don Carlos no. 3:
  5. Few from my recent trip abroad. Bolivar Teseros and LGC Glorias singles from Germany, Monte As, and HdM Elegantes (SOM November 16):
  6. PLMC (EML June 15), always good:
  7. Lotta love in that review Perla, guess we know where you stand on JLPC's! One I haven't tried but will now.
  8. I'm not one to share my written opinions on cigars often, and I'd definitely shy away from calling this a review but with random prizes on the line, papa needs a new pair of shigars! Unfortunately axed by HSA in 2012, this was one of my first CCs I really enjoyed when I was sent a sampler pack by a Canadian buddy last year. After realizing these were no longer available, I put a call out in the trade forum and a lovely SOTL came through splendidly. On the whole it provided sweetish musty tobacco, and signature CC zing on the front of the tongue. Rich deep leather, bit of cream, and a hint of cayenne and bell pepper. Delicious thick smoke, just over medium body. That's about it for this little stick, but it has those flavors in spades. Doesn't pack much punch, so it's very nice on a hot summer day.
  9. ERDM PC (AEP February 07), perfect for a warming mid afternoon:
  10. I think they do follow in the Party flavor profile, maybe a bit sweeter. I like them, best Anje IMO, but haven't tried the RyJ.
  11. Smoked half a box and some singles, enjoyed them myself, although not the most consistent. The question of worth is a hard one though, if the price was right on a 24:24, I'd pull the trigger.
  12. Spent the last two weeks in Amsterdam, Berlin, and Barcelona. Had a fantastic time, walked each city extensively, and snuck in a few gars along the way. This trip, I took a different approach to cigar packing; lots of the same sticks this time. No more worrying about fitting in the perfect cigar nor pairing this or that. Call it the Jobs or Einstein theory of cigar picking simplicity. Boil #3 (ULA May 15) in the lovely house garden we rented in Jordaan, West Amsterdam: Boil #3 a few meters from the Anne Frank house: Trinidad Reyes (BMP April 16) in Vondelpark. Absolutely loved the Blauwe Theehuis (treehouse) cafe with a gar and Hoegaarden: Back in the garden with a PLMC (EML June 15): Now in Berlin, Mitte area, another PLMC (EML June 15) and a random tasty bier: CoRo (MUO May 15) in front of the Victory Column: Another CoRo (MOU May 15) on top of our apartment, spire of the Sophienkirche protruding in the background: Wrapped up in Barca, CoRo number 3 on La Rambla in front of the Liceu Theater: A day later and just about the same spot, Partagas Anejados (USE June 07): A box of Cohiba Minis also were sacrificed for the trip gods.
  13. I have the same box and code, hope yours are more open than mine. Yours do have a good bit darker shade of wrapper to them though.
  14. Boli PC (POL March 11), just about the right amount of age for me.

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