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  1. Ramon Bueso Odyssey, waste of time. Trini Reyes (BMP April 16) coming along nicely:
  2. LGC MdO #4 (ETP March 16):
  3. Delicious Trini Fundi (ROA June 11) and a CoSho:
  4. Last night a Party Short (GEO December 14), and now a HU Mag 50 (OPM May 09) which are growing on me, getting more citrus than prior sticks in this box:
  5. All great stuff here, although I'd opt for the Accademia Gallery over the Ufizzi. The surrounding squares and allies of the Ufizzi are entertainment enough, the interior is mainly religious and renaissance art, and the real David is at the Accademia. Also, make time for the Duomo, I found the Florence Duomo the most impressive in Italy. OH, and stop in La Prosciutteria Firenze, meat and cheese as it's supposed to be.
  6. HdM du Depute (OMS March 16), solid post lunch gar:
  7. RA AE 2011 (SUB November 11):
  8. MF La Reloba Seleccion Sumatra:
  9. PLMC (EML June 15):
  10. Punch Royal Selection No. 12 (SUL December 05), the first one I smoked months ago was so good I was hypnotized and forgot to snap a pic. Barely remembered this time:
  11. Some recent trades and purchases from forum mates. Couple a handfuls of cardboard boxed HdM des Dieux (MPC July 03) and a HdM du Prince (ALT August 13): RA Grandes Spain RE 2008 (TEB October 08) and a Johnny O flying pig and a Monsdale!
  12. PD4 tubo (ARG April 14):
  13. Toothy BT3 (ULA May 15):
  14. Yea, I've been big on the Papas Pilar 24 (dark) rum since last year. Found it in Key West last April, so it really endeared itself to me being in Hemingway's backyard. Right there with Diplomatico Reserva but I can purchase it from my local B&M.
  15. Started with a Trini Reyes (BMP April 16) this morning, now having an ERDM Elegantes Swiss RE 2010:

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