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  1. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Thanks to a great BOTL @zeedubbya for this fantastic blast from the past. 2003 Punch SS 1 Such a complex smoke!
  2. I find the HDM epic 1 to be very similar in taste profile. I was in the blind tasting last year and would have sworn it was an epic 1 which I had been smoking a lot of at the time and it turned out to be PP
  3. I love these threads! Thanks Prez
  4. Fundies

    I just had one the other day and It was all sweet southern ice tea, mmmmm. One of the best Cubans I have had to date!
  5. Whatever is in a Monte 4! I always go back to that profile as a favorite! RG, and LGC also have a similar profile to me.
  6. Let's talk Steak

    Ny strip here, to make my Cardiologist happy! I use a combination of garlic salt, Everglades seasoning and cracked black pepper. I rub it on generously because most will come off on the grill anyway. Sear at 600* and finish it up with indirect heat to the guests request. It makes a nice seasoned crust. Tent for 5 mins and serve. Not for the purest meat eater, but truly a great taste.
  7. Costco or Sams club sell ribeye loins like that, and they grade them as well.
  8. The one that got away! Somehow, I always manage to leave a man behind... This is from a box of R&J from '16 PSP from our host. The construction was amazing the color was Rosado with a brindle type tint. The flavors were amazing from the start. Medium body with a coffee spine that had hints of rosewater/floral waves coming and going throughout the smoke. It reminds me of chocolate covered cherries! I love this cigar, and this example was the best I have experienced to date. Cheers!
  9. Saint Luis rey Serie A

    Too bad I never had a chance to try one, sounds like a great cigar experience!
  10. tarpon

    There is no better game to chase on fly! It is my penance in life!
  11. I was gifted an Espinosa Habano, and it was a really good Nicaraguan smoke. All cedar and cream!

    HBD Greg!!!
  13. Monte #4 smoke well young and it’s fairly easy to get some with a couple years on them already.

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