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  1. Beautiful work BT!
  2. I pulled out this great example of a Famoso I received in a trade a while back. It had a great mix of mushrooms and forest floor with a terrific coffee/tobacco spine. I am going to have to pick up a box of these soon! Thanks Pres for hosting these comps, I wouldn't have had this cigar this soon if you didn't bring my attention to it! Cheers!!
  3. Review: PG Perlas & Quinteros Favoritos

    I picked up a box of perlas based on this thread and I am very impressed with them! Tastes just like a Monte #5 to me!
  4. Does anyone by chance have the boxcodes from last years Christmas sampler? Thanks!
  5. Happy Halloween

    Went to the Pumpkin patch today! #redfish @Elpresidente
  6. It's so cool to have @Elpresidente do these Comps! Its a great place here! Thanks and congrats to all!
  7. Pics are terrible. Since photobucket has been unusable, what are you guys using now?
  8. I got out in between the windy days of October and managed a bunch of Little Tuny on the fly rod last week. They were bigger this year and really put up the fight on an 8 weight rod. These fish are works of art with amazing colors on their dorsal fin. When we got back to the truck, my buddy had a nice surprise for me! It was a beautiful Rosado wrapper R&J Churchill! Lit it up that night along with 4 fingers of single barrel. It was a wonderful smoke that wavered between classic R&J cherries and top quality tobacco. It was a real journey and I enjoyed every second! Cheers!
  9. They are both good, but I prefer the Monte profile. I just wish they were priced the same. The HUpmann tins are really handy!
  10. top of the bucketlist

    Nice Video!

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