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  1. i know they were up but i missed them
  2. hey man how can i order some sticks from you ?thanks

  3. Prez put some for sale so we can have an oppinion
  4. love them got 3 boxes stashed away and one for smoking
  5. while on vacation in turks and caicos smoked a cohiba siglo 2 and loved it... came back to the states tried some NC didnt like them and then i started ordering online ....thas how it started
  6. Whats up guys ?My name is Anton living in Newark DE .Been on the site for a while a lot of great info thanks for EVERYTHING
  7. FOH Mould Study

    Prolonged wetness rots tobacco, but you are much more likely to encounter ‘bloom’. This is a white, powdery mould that occurs naturally on a Habano when it is subjected to a sudden increase in humidity. It is a sign that the cigar is alive and well and should simply be removed with a brush. this is habanos saying bloom is mold

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