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    Yeah, @NSXCIGAR I think has been extolling the virtues of recent vintages, after a bit of a lull. Well, hopefully he has, or otherwise, I just threw his name out for no reason You should be able to get a good box.

    If they're not to your taste, you can always trade them to members who like them.

    In for a box of the RASCC, hopefully. Was planning on not buying anything this week, but I need some minutos, and I was kicking myself for missing the Party Short the other day. Love a RASCC, and the price/quality is right. Not willing to kick myself again for an entire weekend.
  4. Oh God, you'd probably get beaten within an inch of your life like that dude in Chicago who refused to take a bump on a flight he was on. At least in the US, the authorities are on a compliance culture power trip. Damn near anything can be justified by invoking that bogeyman of non-compliance. And if you were mercifully spared by the authorities, you'd probably have to deal with your fellow passengers outraged at the flight being diverted. Which, hell, I'd probably be pretty ticked off too, if it happened to me. Maybe 10 or 15 years ao, I was flying with my grandmother to Europe from San Francisco. She was a smoker, and the long-haul flights were very tough on her. She said she was seriously considering firing one up, and seeing how many puffs she could get in before they got wise. Then she was to play the sweet, elderly woman who hadn't flown in 30 years and didn't know it wasn't allowed anymore.
  5. Try the Montecarlos! They're very thin, but I get just as long a smoke with them than I do with CGs and Robusto Extras, if not longer. Usually 65-70 minutes or so. And they taste wonderful. Not as full bodied or strong as the PC, though, if that's what you're looking for. Personally, I enjoy marevas, though I do often find myself wishing they were an extra half inch or inch longer (story of my life, lol). I tend to get 50-60 minutes with a mareva. About the same as a standard robusto, really
  6. I can supply the Behike Boxes

    Awesome guitars
  7. The demise of HDM

    Hopefully, they’ll make a comeback when the leaf from the bumper crops gets into circulation. When you get one of the super rich, creamy, sweet Hoyos, it becomes hard to accept them when they’re anything less.
  8. Newcomer (Newbie) Q&A

    Yeah, man, I agree it’s the Lopez No. 2. It would have been my choice had you not mentioned price, but since it’s on the lower end of the price scale, the value is outstanding.
  9. Happy Chinese New Year! I have some new neighbors who are Chinese or Chinese-American. Very friendly, but I don't know them well. They've brought us some foods and stuff over the past few months, and I was hoping to bring something over. Does anyone have any suggestions for what would be a good, kind of traditional gift for a neighbor for Chinese New Year?
  10. Oliva Serie V Torpedo. Perfect example of a super-thick cigar that uses a figurado tip to keep it from being a jawbreaker.
  11. Monte 4 is just a classic cigar. I bought a 10 box of 2011s last year, and aside from some tight draws, they were sensational. It really reminded me why they sell so many. I tend to go through so many phases, it's hard for me to answer what mine is. I haven't been regularly smoking Cuban cigars long enough to have really developed a long-term thing, but Monte Petit Edmundo is a cigar I have gone back to a number of times, and I find it to be reliable and great. With non-Cubans, it would probably be the Oliva Melanio or Fuente Rosado Sungrown.
  12. LOL.... Just noticed in the photo that the Alec Bradley lighter is being used to light a My Father cigar. Oops.
  13. I love the way those table top burners look, but I've found the flame is just too large and unwieldy to light a stick without scorching. I've found a double-flame pocket lighter provides the perfect balance between easily lighting/touching-up a cigar, and being able to light accurately without burning unintended areas.
  14. In for 20 euro. This past hurricane season was terrible for so many. I know it’s not much, but I hope this helps. Can’t imagine anyone is getting rich operating a LCDH, and having your entire business wiped out while trying to make ends meet must be so devastating.
  15. I actually like that idea. Or they could do up Culebras where the cigars are close to the same but with one variable where each is different. Like you were talking about using tobacco from different regions. You could have a component of the filler in each cigar highlight a different region.

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