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  1. I hear you on the sampling/buying dilemna here in the U.S. While it is possible to buy singles and half/quarter boxes, often the value isn't quite right, and they're not always available. I recently did the same thing here with a box La Trova. No way to buy singles or smaller quantities, so I jumped in. Usually you can trade them if you don't like them. As for the size of the Vigia, the population here skews a bit old school in terms of vitola preference. I would prefer another inch or so to the Vigia, just because I prefer a longer smoking duration. And while I also prefer a 42-48 RG, I think there are a lot of great cigars coming out in fatter RGs.
  2. I concur with the above post. I bought a 10er of Lusis last Spring. I think they were about 18 months from box date when I received them. I ended up wasting a couple smoking them at like 30-60 days after arrival. I thought I had a bum box, or I didn't like Lusis. I put them away for a couple more months and jumped in and they were great. So I'd let them acclimate a bit longer than many other CCs (that's been my experience with P2 as well). Then maybe try them and see if they're to your liking or if you want to age them a bit.
  3. Hello from Ohio

    Welcome. I still break open my piggy bank for NCs as well. This is a wonderful place to learn about Cuban cigars and expand your collection. I have a box of VR Don Alejandro, but would like to try the Famosos and Unicos too.
  4. Hello from the UK

    Welcome! I'm about the same age, and Monte 2s were one of my first forays into Cuban cigars, purchased on vacations abroad. I actually just bought some in a 24:24 sale, and I'm looking forward to diving in.
  5. Another Hello from Texas

    Welcome aboard, and what a nice tribute to your friend.
  6. Oilier wrappers also benefit from both longer acclimatization times and dry boxing in my experience as well. Just as an example I bought a box of Bolivar petit coronas a while back that would likely have been psp/hq here. Dark, greasy wrappers. Even though they had tremendous flavor after a few weeks to acclimate (they arrived about a year old), they really needed an extra 90 days of rest or so before they started to burn well. Maybe aging is more about blend, and acclimatization is more about wrappers? I don't know
  7. Bolivar Royal Corona Juan Lopez Seleccion No. 2 Upmann No. 2 (the MEG May17 box I have anyway) I'm struggling to come up with many.
  8. I have a mid 17 box, and coffee goes well, as does cola. I'm sure some of the other members can help you with recs for harder stuff.
  9. Do the Epi2 suffer from draw issues? I LOVE the flavor profile, but each box of the Epi2 and Especiales I've bought have had real problems with plugged cigars. I prefer coronas and gorditos to robustos, but maybe I need to try the 2s.
  10. Looks like Trinidad and RAG has been on a bit of a roll lately, which is great to see. Just bought a 10 box of Lusis based off the past 2 months of reports. One of those cigars I always want to have on hand, and I've been out for a few months.
  11. Interesting question. Based on my (admittedly limited) experience with both brands, recently, I prefer Trinidad. Must do more research.
  12. Di's first fish

    Beautiful fish. Great job, Di! Are there more fishing trips in the works? I really need to get back into fishing. It's been a few years.
  13. Video Review - Trinidad La Trova LCDH

    After sampling my first La Trova (RAG Ago 17) on Friday night, I am in agreement. It's an excellent cigar that will likely become stunning with just a bit of age on them. A very luxurious smoking experience. It's just so soft and creamy. I suspect another 6 months+ worth of aging will add richness and maybe some sweetness as well. Construction, burn and draw were impeccable for such a massive cigar.
  14. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Banished to the laundry room. I use the washing machine as a makeshift desk. Could be a lot worse. LOL

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