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  1. Reading through this thread really reminds me how amazing and advanced medical science is. A tip of the hat to all the doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists, medical assistants, etc. ,
  2. Thanks for sharing, Mike. I'm glad to hear you're doing well. I've struggled with my weight for most of my adult life. I did have a phase in my early-mid twenties when I was able to lose around 100 pounds, but I haven't really had any success managing it from my late twenties to mid thirties where I'm at now. I'm one of those guys always planning a diet and workout program, but never get around to it. My doctor hasn't mentioned surgery yet, but as I start creeping into middle age, I know I have to do something. I'd heard of the gastric bypass and the band, but I'm unfamiliar with the sleeve. Is it the same concept, reducing stomach capacity? I'm sure my doctor will want me to try non-surgical options first, and I'm lucky for an American in that my healthcare provider offers a ton of classes and group programs for preventative medicine. Keep up the good work, brother.
  3. Danimalia

    Cuban newbie from Oregon.

    Welcome! Yeah, my initial exposures to Cuban cigars involved a lot of burn and construction problems, too. Some of that is just finding good quality boxes, and this is a good place for that. I also got better experiences by dropping the RH in my humidor to 65, and dry boxing before smoking. The 24:24s aren't that intimidating. Some of the rarer stuff is a bit of a crapshoot, but regular production frequently gives everyone a good chance. I suggest setting aside some time when they post. If you can take a break at work, do it. I'm usually on my evening commute when they go up, so on days I'm thinking of buying, I pull off the road 😃
  4. Danimalia

    Your next box is likely to be?

    I'd love to get a box of Montecristo Especiales if I get the opportunity. Let's see... Partagas 898 and Presidentes are on the list, too. Really have enjoyed the couple of Punch Regios I've had, and wouldn't mind grabbing a box before they disappear as well.
  5. Danimalia

    PSP Cigar Club

    I think it's a cool idea. With my budget you'd find me at the "Clearance Club," though 😄
  6. The Edge Maduro is a good smoke. I like them at the local shop as a second or third cigar of the night. Strong and flavorful enough to get through a fried palate, but not so special to feel like you're missing out. One of the only cigars I've tried that has a Costa Rican wrapper.
  7. Danimalia

    Montecristo no. 5

    Maybe the Petit Edmundo, if you haven't tried that. They're also great, IMO, but they're not exactly long smokes themselves.
  8. I like them too. And while I'm not normally a bit CT Shade fan, the Rothchild CTs are fantastic. I do wish they made a Corojo (or other Cuban seed) wrapped version.
  9. I'm not laughing. I think the non-Cuban Punch brand has some nice cigars, and the value is great. I haven't noticed Cubanesque flavors with the Rare Corojo, but I haven't had one in years. Will by one next time I'm at the shop. I still haven't tried the Vegas Cubanas. Any good? I was interested because I like MF/DPG cigars and I noticed they have a true Double Corona vitola that I thought looked interesting.
  10. I need to get a box of these. They really sound right up my alley from a flavor perspective, and after I finished off my box of Montecarlos, I don't have any skinny (<40) Habanos in my humidor. Love those 898 boxes, too.
  11. Sounds like an awesome box of cigars. Great review!
  12. Hmmm... Here's a few that I consider to have some Cubanesque flavor to some degree 601 Red Label Warped Maestro Del Tiempo Tatuaje Havana VI (only in some sizes, like the churchill and pyramid, IMO) Padron (the original line, particularly the Londres corona size) Matilde Renacer And I haven't had one, but I've read the JRE Aladino, which is a Honduran corojo puro is supposed to share some flavors with Partagas.
  13. Beautiful humidor. He does such great work, and everyone echoes what you say about him being a good man to work with. Someday, I hope to have one of my own.
  14. Awesome to see such a nice run of some classic cigars on that hot list. I have a box of the Epicure No. 2 coming, and i'm looking forward to getting into them. May need to do the same with the Monte 4 as they're missing from my humidor currently. Such a shame about the Double Edmundo. It's a bit perplexing, since it seems they'd do well to just make a bigger version of the Petit Edmundo. Is it primarily a wrapper issue that holds them back, or is it blend/construction/combination of things?
  15. My beefs tend more towards management than the games themselves, but... Baseball: Outlaw the bench clearing "brawl." You have a beef with someone, you can fight them (and take your fine/ suspension), but no more of these tired scenes of 60 guys all pouring out of dugouts and bullpens to push each other and shout. Technically its already against the rules but take a page from the nba and start punishing players who leave the dugout, bullpen and their defensive positions.

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