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  1. alright....these underfilled pics are scaring me....lol. I have only bought on a couple occasions from other vendors and had good experiences. If this there is a real chance of this happening though...forget it.
  2. Wow...that's awesome. @Elpresidente is this something you ever see....the 50 cabs?
  3. 50 Cab of Juan Lopez...WHAT! Never seen this.
  4. Stay safe brothers and sisters.
  5. Rob I must say, I appreciate this information. Those pictures speak volumes. Very important to have good helpful vendors and its thoughtful for you to mention it. That being said....what the literal F*&K. They talk an awful lot about QC to be sending that out.
  6. For those in warmer climates, what temp does your cooler stay? I keep my house in the south east US at about 72-74. Will the cooler keep that temp as well? I'm thinking that may be above optimal. My Wineador is 65/65
  7. No. Sap any you've received need to be sent to me asap! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Skrillex, Diplo, Florence and the Machine
  9. Interesting to read this today. I received a PSP box JL1 today. As soon as I removed the paper it arrived in I thought "Well damn, I'm not even gonna smoke these for a year, why not leave it in the paper?" its not a bag or parchment, but perhaps it would be on the side of restricted airflow debate. I may do that with some I have coming. then again I could be at deaths door in a month and I know my last thought would likely be "Wish I had tried one of those Siglo V....croak" lol.
  10. Has La Escepcion ever been offered here? It's a regional right? Do we see many of those?
  11. RASS from a 24. Truly the first time I said "Ahhh...that's why people like them so much" . Not sure if it just had enough time finally, or the extra dry boxing.
  12. Ramon Allones DC 50 cab. Cut them in half and I have 100 cigars.
  13. waiting on both as well. Those look nice.
  14. Big interview at work for a new position today. I think I did well. Monty 2, MEG Sep 15 to celebrate.
  15. Honestly...who needs them. Pretty simple to check at the listed times. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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