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  1. MC Petite Edmundo from our host along side a 2017 KBS
  2. H Upmann #2. NOV LUB 14
  3. Dinosaur Here!!!
  4. Punch first ever (little embarrassed to admit) from our Host amazing smoke
  5. BBF's and Punch Punch both from host.... haven't tried the punch punch yet but I'm super excited to give one a go after a 30 day Rest
  6. El this little guy and a hop slam and macallin double wood to accompany
  7. Hoyo Epicure Especial (from our host)
  8. In the winter I love the PC format. Right now I am crushing some el principe's; shorts (from our host); and Hoyo Prince's (from our host). They are all fantastic.
  9. Happy New Year! Thankful for this Forum!
  10. quick question..... most of the SLB that I get of different brands all have a thin piece of paper that are surrounding the cigars; I'm assuming this is to help remove them from the SLB. When you store you cigars in their original SLB do you leave that thin piece of paper in there or do you remove it? Do you think it matters either way? thanks.....I know its probably a dumb question.
  11. Dip #2 TOS nice
  12. Thanks for this...loved this information. I've got some partagas shorts from 2016 and 2014....the 2014 are hands down better than the 2016's.
  13. La Fuerza from our host 2016. Great potential… Need some more time to rest just couldn't help that sample it.
  14. I am currently enjoying the petite Corona format and have been going through them in the last several months. As far as my smoking experience over the last four years I have had a couple bolivar tubos #2 that of been hands-down want to talk three cigars I've ever had. So far the Montecristo's number four and the Partegus shorts have been fantastic. I just jumped in with the el princepi's. Looking to score some PLPC soon. I've heard more positive stuff on this thread about the HUPC than ever before; it shall be added to my list. I had a Connie #1 the other day that was by far the best smoke I've had in November. It may just be that I'm not able to get the best quality cigars but it seems that every now and then I get a diamond and they range in size and brand.
  15. Monte Cristo Petite Edmundo OBM FEB 16 average

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