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  1. I've personally found that my CC's taste appreciably better from 61%-64%, versus anything over 65%. Everyone is different though, experiment and find your sweet spot. Also, when changing rH takes about 45 days at the new level for your cigars to acclimatize to the new rH. Hope this helps, cheers.
  2. Very nice indeed. Enjoy!
  3. Well done CB...Thanks for sharing with the Forum!
  4. Thanks for the info...looks like another added to my "must try" list.
  5. I'm gonna have to get a box of these...Well done on the review, coffee and chocolate pair wonderfully!
  6. Absolutely stunning stuff!
  7. Good stuff, how does this compare to the BBF, or BPC in terms of flavor and body? Thanks for the review.
  8. I remember them being up before, as JohnS mentioned already, but I couldn't hazard a guess as to when it might occur again.
  9. 90 effin degrees F...feel free to just kick me in the balls, last I checked it was 34 degrees F in my neck of the woods and gonna get a hell of a lot colder! But I digress, great review Mr. Piggy, and get better. Cheers.
  10. I have to agree with JohnS, sounds like a delicious morsel of goodness. Thanks for the review.
  11. Welcome aboard...Spent time in the Persian Gulf myself on board USS CALLAGHAN DDG-994, but it was way back in the late '80's, doing escort duty. Abu Dhabi and United Arab Emerites were the main stops in the Gulf back then. As to your question about aging, it's all relative to your taste. As a general practice, I let ALL cigars rest in my humidor for 45 days minimum in order to acclimate to the environment of the humidor. Beyond this acclimatization period, you'll have to experiment and figure out what you like. I've found some cigars are great right off the truck (ROTT), others required a couple years before really hitting their stride, and even others that became stunning with 8+ years of age on them. It's all part of the fun! Good to see another sailor on the forum. Cheers.
  12. Well done indeed, now I'm gonna have to put this cigar on the "to try" list!

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