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  1. I'm traveling to Scotland for Feis Ile on Islay. I'll be traveling with ~40 cigars. Checking the weather, it's 50-65 with humidity at 80+%. What would you advise to keep the cigars at 60-62 RH? After more than a few tipples, the last thing I want to do is puff on acrid, plugged, over-humidified cigars. Any tips appreciated.
  2. My 07 cab is smoking wonderfully right now. I feel it takes 5 years to start hitting your caramel notes.
  3. As a lover of Petit Coronas, I actually really like the Mille Fleurs, except you need to age them for 5 years to let the harshness dissipate.
  4. Piggy leading the charge for thinner ring guage cigars!
  5. 1) They're going to keep LGC MdO 4 and QdO Coronas so that they can release regional edition cigars under those brands. Next on the chopping block is likely BCJ and PLMC. 2) H Upmann 56 regular production
  6. Left hand facing out. If the dial faced in, the plexiglass crystals on my watches would get scratched more easily with my desk job.
  7. This one had me stumped but mine was certainly a thinner ring guage than 48; it was more in the 44-46 range.
  8. No love for the PLPC?
  9. As much as LGC MdO #2 is in production
  10. As sacrilegious as this will sound, as a NYer, I've always found the beef at Montreal's Schwartz's to be no match to Carnegie, 2nd Ave Deli, Katz's.
  11. Those look horrific. This is from a La Corona Q4 16 box. The QC was having a bad day.
  12. I can verify the second point: lots of TOS 16 Bushidos in the past few months have been seen.
  13. Exactly. RyJ today isn't what it used to be in yesteryears and it can't be explained merely by tobacco shortages. With production peppered among various factories, I feel there's no central QC oversight particularly when it comes to blending. The Capuletos aren't being rolled at the H Upmann factory based on everything I've seen so far, but admittedly I haven't followed them as I generally eschew from ELs.
  14. I feel that the RyJ marca has slipped into a slow demise over the years and is pretty moribund now. When H Upmann was moved into the RyJ factory in 2011, the decline has only accelerated. Looking across the RyJ portfolio, I don't come across any vitolas being rolled in the RyJ factory (now known as the H Upmann factory with current code MEG). RyJ production has been spread across multiple factories. What are others' thoughts on it?
  15. That's what I was thinking! With three letters, they can go for close to 200 years without needing to repeat any factory code

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