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  1. Cohiba medio siglo

    My buddy bought a couple for us to try while I was visiting him in Denmark a couple of months ago. The weather wasn't perfect to truly enjoy a cigar - cold and windy. However, to me it didn't taste that much different than a Robusto to demand the higher price for a smaller cigar. I am a big fan of the Robusto and continue to be so.
  2. Anyone into boating?

    Is that a Catalina 22? Beautiful pics by the way.
  3. a fishy cigar

    Some foreign material accidentally rolled into the cigar? After looking at some of the threads of random stuff in cigars, I have decided if I taste something really strange and unexpected, I will cut a cm or two off the cigar to see what if anything besides tobacco is in there. If all good, then smoke the rest of it.
  4. In my very novice opinion, I have noticed the darker oily Cuban wrappers take longer to smooth out and generally age better. They don't taste that good rott. Most of the stuff labeled PSP/HQ seem to be darker oily wrappers. On the other hand, the lighter wrapper stuff smoke very well after quick acclimation in the humidor. This is a bit of generalization and of course palates vary, so it may be different for others. I buy the PSP/HQ stuff to age and expect them to be really good down the road a few years. For smoke now cigars I try to pick up lighter wrappers or specific brands I know I like.
  5. I was in Paris a couple of weeks ago and only went to Le Lotus. They had a good selection, but not astounding. Some aged stuff. I bought some QDO RE among others. As noted above, prices are the same in all the stores there. More expensive than online retailers but nice to pick up some REs.
  6. Thanks. That's what I assumed, but been wrong before.
  7. New here and this may be a stupid question. Most of the names of the cigars in the 24:24 listings have (25), (15), (10) etc which denote how many cigars you get in the case or package. But there are a couple, for eg. Punch Punch and Partagas P2 on today's listing that doesn't have any nos. Is there a default no. of cigars when nothing is listed?

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