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  1. 1,844 aging. Roughly 50 for current smoking.
  2. My classmate went on to invent Tinder.
  3. Sorry, I agree with the wife. Similarly to how the French/Italian think we're barbaric for drive through Starbucks as coffee is meant to be enjoyed sitting and relaxing, not behind the wheel of a car. Cigar smoking is something to be enjoyed and savored. Can you enjoy a cigar while walking? Yes, but imho you're doing a disservice to the cigar.
  4. I'm in and I have a feeling your local based off your collection of Bruery Terreux. Great selection!
  5. Nice!!!
  6. Looks like a little plume to me
  7. John, it's not a Rye Old-fashioned, it's just an Old Fashioned. Drives me nuts when bartenders act like using Rye is such a novel concept.
  8. mistake was thinking a discontinued cigar wouldn't qualify as regular production........stupid me?
  9. Smoked this with 2 other FOH members. Ugly as hell stick, veiny with parts of the wrapper pealing. 1/3: Black pepper, maybe some coffee, definite leather. Pretty harsh/bitter. 2/3: Black pepper, some sweet spice. Mellowed out a bit. 3/3: Black pepper, coffee, leather, harshness/bitterness is back with vengeance. Dumped the stick with 1.5" remaining. I really hope I don't own a box of these, but I think I do.
  10. Cal 25. Thanks, sailing offers a lot of great photo opportunities.
  11. Ah the Punch Punch! Seems my palate may not be all that bad after all. 1/5
  12. Thanks for the advice. I'm currently using 2 fans that come with Bob's humidifer, 1 Oust, and both top and bottom have a fan in the back that runs slowly almost consistently. That's an interesting point re the condenser and I'll try to keep that in mind re fan placement. Luckily I'm at the end of my buying streak, so just a few boxes left.....famous last words.
  13. I didn't want the wifi gateway because I have no reason to see what cooling cycle my wineador is in while i'm away from the house, it just wasn't worth the money. (Maybe if I were to travel for months on end?) Whenever I get home it updates it automatically and I can see how it's doing, which is always the same, the more it stabilizes the less I care to check it. The reason I went for the Acurites instead of the Sensor push is because all I wanted was to be able to walk up to the unit and quickly glance at different levels and see if theres much of a delta, I didn't want to open the app every time. I was able to spend $8/each so $32 for 4 instead of $200 for 4 sensorpushes. If I want to log different areas, I can just move the sensorpush I have. It's not necessary to have more than 1 in my opinion, John is the best, he created a complex product off of phone conversations, did it in a month and a half whereas Ive heard forest takes forever, and I could call him any time and he would pick up the phone. His prices were also very reasonable. I kept all my cigars in our winelocker, which is stable at 55/65.

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