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  1. Live Video Review: Invitation.

    I think I can make it .
  2. Rafael Gonzalez Lonsdale LOB NOV 03

    Blast from the past Ray. Thank you for writing this review. Proof of the value of good reviews. Was just shopping and came across a box of 2002's, did a quick search, came across your review and pulled the trigger. I'll let you know how they are. @PigFish
  3. San Sebastian and Cigars

    Sure! Pintxos are amazing, each bar seems to specialize in one or two things, definitely know what those are before walking in. Arzak was incredible, tonight we go to Martin Berasategui. Have visited both cigar shops, Cava Nava definitely has the selection. Found 2 interesting boxes, Montecristo D's from 2005 it seems, they may or may not have @El Presidente's TDWS (Thick, dark wrapper syndrome) haven't tried one yet though so we'll see. Also found a gem in the corner of the room, 10 sticks left from a box of Montecristo Especial's 1992. The wine and food have been fantastic though, definitely need to start eating salads when I get back. Thanks everyone for the advice!! @Ryan Logrono is tomorrow!!!
  4. San Cristobal La Fuerza & Juan Lopez Seleccion no. 1
  5. San Sebastian and Cigars

    Wow everyone, it's responses like these that make me love this community. Wasn't really expecting a response. We landed last night and immedietely went for a bite. We are here in San Sebastian for 6 nights and then Logrono for 3 nights. Going to eat, drink and smoke myself into exhaustion. @Ryan Thanks for all the advice, we actually have dinner tonight at Arzak and on Wednesday we're heading to Baresategui, after that we leave for Logrono for 3 nights to do some wine tasting. Looking forward to finding some hidden gems in the wineries and the shops, thanks again everyone.
  6. Leaving for San Sebastian and the Rioja region tomorrow and have been trying to find some shops to visit or some good places to sit and smoke. Can anyone give me some guidance? Thank you in advance.
  7. Inventory

  8. Going to jump in here and see if anyone knows of any cigar stores in San Sebastian as I'll be visiting in October.
  9. I thought this felt familiar.
  10. Inventory

    Yup, full spreadsheet.
  11. Cup of coffee

    Easy answer, Partagas Shorts.
  12. A little off topic but for those in the population control debate, take a look at this video.
  13. I got all my groomsman 1L kegs they can age cocktails in with their names engraved. My buddies use them for manhattens and negronis.

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