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  1. 2 quarter boxes from 24 that i haven't tried yet. What do you guys think, will the LGC Medaille Dor 4's give me a good representation of the marca? I've never had a LGC.
  2. Monte 2 from 14. Meh. Underfilled, loose draw, tunneling issues.
  3. You've taught me well
  4. I think this might have been the double edmundo. Ash dropped just before i took the pic. Tbh i prefer a Monte 2, although i hear you. Monte 2's can be a flip of the coin. And there hard to judge sometimes based on looks. Some of the best Monte 2's I've had have been very ugly haha. This Double Edmundo or Edmundo (not too sure what it was), left a very nice slick and oily mouth feel which i really enjoyed, and a bit nutty too.
  5. Finished the night with 2 Cohiba Shorts. Love them
  6. First time trying this. From a sampler i bought over a year ago. Only had a little of the Monte DNA, but a nice cigar.
  7. Finished the night with 2 of these. My first time trying them, and boy am i glad i have 100. Delicious. My friend swears he tasted seafood and specifically prawns in the first third. And then he said it again on the second one we had I wish i tasted prawns in mine. I love prawns haha. Anyway. Tasty little cigars
  8. Epicure #1. I'm really enjoying these lately. I'd love to get a PSP box and age it. Awesome cigar.
  9. Punch Double Corona
  10. Spiders. Nope. Not even a little bit
  11. I bought 2 of these from Robs rotation sampler. I had my first one on new years eve and didn't like it at all. Well i guess that one was a dud because this was absolutely amazing. Absolutely perfect draw. Tonns of smoke. Thick. Creamy. Smooth and silky on the palate. Just perfect, right up until my fingers burned. One of the best cigars I've had so far this year
  12. Really nice cigar. Love the body on this. My first one. My first LE at all tbh. This was from robs rotation sampler 👌
  13. Toasted tobacco and cherry goodness. Delicious
  14. Second cigar for the night. Finishing with a nice 08 Principe

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