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  1. @havanaclub I've only got the one CAB at the moment. I'm no expert, but your CAB sure does look good.
  2. @JohnS The very reason why I bought this box. I remember all the comments on the forum about that code and those few months. I'm glad I got it.
  3. I've only had a handful. I remember 2 of them being too strong for me, and it put me off trying another for a while. This one was quite pleasant. Strong, but not overwhelming. @TheMonk How long do age them to hit your sweet spot?
  4. Beautiful looking CAB of PLPC. I've smoked around 5 so far. I haven't detected much caramel just yet but I think they will get there. Beautiful wrapper. Nice amount of oil. Draw/construction/burn are near perfect. Paired with some apple cider. Cigar starts off with a nice toasted tobacco and some slight earthiness. I struggle to pick up any other nuances as I'm an amateur. Second third comes the burnt sugar which i love. 1 or 2 cigars from this CAB were a bit too rough and strong for me, but this ones just right. Finishes a bit stronger. Still has the burnt sugar and toastiness, just a bit rougher towards the back end. Overall a very good cigar from a nice CAB. Lots of promise. I've never had an aged PLPC, and i can't wait for this CAB to get there
  5. I've reviewed this box before and I think I owe another review because they have changed dramatically. I purchased this box approximately 8 months ago. I received it very wet and moist. Highly over humidified. I smoked one for a San Cristobal review week back then and it was terrible. I let them rest for 6 months or so and they have changed completely. One of my go to boxes. I've smoked through over half and have enjoyed almost all of them. The draw/burn/construction was perfect. The smoke density was around average. Not thick and chewy, but not wimpy either. Lots of smoke with each draw. Paired with a cappuccino. The first half of the cigar was very nice. Sweet coffee notes, cocoa, very smooth. Almost a liquorice flavor. The retrohale is what I enjoy most on these. It's a very distinct dusty cocoa. Kind of like milo without milk. It had me retrohaling almost every draw. Unfortunately it turned bitter at the midway point and didn't recover. Might be due to me smoking too fast. Didn't end up nubbing. This box has been pretty stellar. After the 6 month rest, only 2 have had a bitterness through them. And I can only imagine it is because of the state they were stored in prior to my purchase. I hope you enjoyed the review.
  6. My first box of Punch Punch. And these are from 24:24. Listed as PSP/HQ. It has a red sticker which I'm guessing means PSP. I mean they have to be. They're absolutely gorgeous. Perfectly rolled. Thanks again Rob and team
  7. Haha @JohnS i had no idea it would have been that powerful.
  8. I purchased a quarter box of these 2 months ago from 24:24. They were listed as clearance, mix of 15 and 16 box codes (hence why I don't have a box code). I had my first one just the other day and I can still taste it on my lips haha. What a cracker. Full power, and full flavour. At first light i was like '"wow". It's been a while since I've had that hit of full bodied goodness. Strong but not harsh. No rough edges. What a treat. Started earthy, but a nice earth. Touch of salt. Spice, dark coffee. Just so enjoyable. I was halfway through and I was already thinking of ordering a box. I was expecting leather, but didn't really get any. Finished nice and smooth. A bit of a nutty character came along and also some toastiness. Beautiful cigar. Ordering a full box very soon. Also I might add, I smoked this after breakfast with a coffee. Left to go to work shortly after, and the nicotine hit me. I felt queezy, and felt like I wanted to throw up. One of the worst nicotine hits I've felt. Maybe because I'm not used to smoking right after breakfast, or maybe just because I'm an amateur haha. Either way, I wouldn't take it back. I'd probably just have a bigger meal next time before smoking one.
  9. This is my last one from a 2013 box. I cant't remember the box code as i moved this to my singles humidor a while ago when i had around 5 left in the box. This has been stored at around 63-65%rh, and I really think these benefit a lot from the lower humidity. I've never smoked one with more age on it than this, but this one was impressive. The flavours were rich and sharp. They were right in your face. Started out with a real nice coffee, slight earth and some twangyness . Gorgeous opening. Midway came a nice leather, and I'm not a fan of leather but this was just so good. Leather, coffee, and some of that beautiful Partagas spice. Unreal. Flavours are so sharp. Finished out smooth. No rough edges. Some notes of cocoa, cedar and toasty bread also showed up. So enjoyable. There was a recent thread about a reset cigar. This is one of mine. I need to get my hands on another box now that this was my last one.
  10. 2 of my favorites
  11. I've got the next 2 days off so hopefully I'll do a few. I enjoy doing these reviews.

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