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  1. FOH Mould Study

    Wow awesome work guys
  2. Next box buy for me is either Partagas D4s or Bolivar Corona Junior. Been after a box of both for a while, soon as my pocket allows lol. And next accessories on the list are a nice ashtray for my new outdoor setting, and a travel cigar case that can fit 5 or so cigars, maybe something similar to @GrouchoMarx's one.
  3. Some recent purchases that have been on my to get list for a while. And my new puppy
  4. Sounds about right
  5. Sorry for your loss Frank. I'm in Melbourne, Australia, and I have family members dealing with mental health issues myself. If anybody, or anyone use know needs help with anything like this or remotely close to this, please pm me. I would make it my number 1 priority. My thoughts are with you Frank ❤
  6. I'm in if it's not too late. Thanks for hosting prez. Any day, but preferably not Sunday.
  7. Wow how amazing. I'm jealous haha. Makes me want to plan a trip from Melbourne, Australia, just to sit with Mr Overton and share cigars and whiskey. I hope I get the chance. When I come back to visit that side of the world, it'll be the first thing I do.
  8. What a great tournament he played. Only conceded 35 games. Almost a record. Bjorn Borg won the French Open in 1978 only conceding 32 games. Nadal is right behind him. I thought I'd never see him win another grand slam with all his injuries. And to come back from injury and win with the second least amount of games lost, is just remarkable. I'm a big fan of Rafa. I'm hoping for another Federer v Nadal final at Wimbledon. That would truly be epic.
  9. Nice review. I've been wanting to try one for a while. Looking forward to it even more now.
  10. Nice review. I have a full box from a similar box date. I already couldn't wait to crack it open. Now I really can't wait.
  11. News From Melbourne

    Haha @Ken Gargett that is gold. Being from Melbourne, I can attest. We have had some really cold mornings this week. Luckily I work nights and finish work at 2am. I get to head home and sleep during the peak of the cold instead of waking up and getting out of bed to go to work.
  12. Haha awesome. Thanks FOH and team. I love these review comps. Love doing them, and I love reading them.
  13. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    This one was definitely worth a pic. Smoked superbly. Not as creamy as current production is supposed to be, but heaps of twang. Salty, sweet spices, milk coffee. Just delicious

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