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  1. I'm in if it's not too late. Thanks for hosting prez. Any day, but preferably not Sunday.
  2. Wow how amazing. I'm jealous haha. Makes me want to plan a trip from Melbourne, Australia, just to sit with Mr Overton and share cigars and whiskey. I hope I get the chance. When I come back to visit that side of the world, it'll be the first thing I do.
  3. What a great tournament he played. Only conceded 35 games. Almost a record. Bjorn Borg won the French Open in 1978 only conceding 32 games. Nadal is right behind him. I thought I'd never see him win another grand slam with all his injuries. And to come back from injury and win with the second least amount of games lost, is just remarkable. I'm a big fan of Rafa. I'm hoping for another Federer v Nadal final at Wimbledon. That would truly be epic.
  4. Nice review. I've been wanting to try one for a while. Looking forward to it even more now.
  5. Nice review. I have a full box from a similar box date. I already couldn't wait to crack it open. Now I really can't wait.
  6. Haha @Ken Gargett that is gold. Being from Melbourne, I can attest. We have had some really cold mornings this week. Luckily I work nights and finish work at 2am. I get to head home and sleep during the peak of the cold instead of waking up and getting out of bed to go to work.
  7. Haha awesome. Thanks FOH and team. I love these review comps. Love doing them, and I love reading them.
  8. This one was definitely worth a pic. Smoked superbly. Not as creamy as current production is supposed to be, but heaps of twang. Salty, sweet spices, milk coffee. Just delicious
  9. Nice review. This is on my list to try.
  10. @JohnS it was by mistake. When i clicked submit post, my connection played up, so i pressed it again and it posted twice. I'm not sure how to delete it now
  11. Bought 15 of these a few years ago in the cardboard 3 packs. Nice brown wrapper. Thin and oily. The cigar is packed pretty tight and has a tight draw. The burn was good though and ash held on nicely in 2 perfect chunks. In the first third i get a nice cedar note with cream and a nice milk coffee. I also get a touch of salt. I love a touch of salt in a cigar Just after the first third, I get a nice crack down one side. Probably because of the thin wrapper and the tight bunch. It didn't really effect the cigar at all though. The cigar still burnt straight down without a hiccup. In the second third the draw opens up a little more and I get some nice floralness (if that's a word). Touch of burnt sugar towards the end and a nice salty butter. Got a nice mix of flavours in this little cigar. If the draw wasn't as tight, it really would've been one to remember.
  12. Nice review. Gorgeous box of cigars. Those wrappers look amazing. Well done.
  13. Ah nothing like a good Monte 2. They're hard to beat when they're at their best. Thanks for the review.

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