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  1. Definitely leave them in the boxes
  2. Great first post..
  3. 1966, just outstanding
  4. Good looking cigar, curious how it compares to the A as well
  5. Thanks brother, Just a big toy to smoke cigars and watch
  6. My thermometers are dead on accurate. I doubt people even need to check temp for the first 6 hours but to each their own. Comp cooking can't even be compared to back yard smoking
  7. I didn't see anywhere in the original post where it said continual monitoring. Probe tender is the true measure and you can absolutely use a thermapen for that as well as a quick temp check when you think your getting close
  8. Or she tries to negotiate number three for no number 1 or 2
  9. Awesome setup!
  10. I can see early on, however at some point it appears the LE program was given priority on wrapper leaf just based on how they look now imo. I haven't been into cigars long enough to go back 10-15 years though
  11. I can't imagine seconds on the LE wrappers because they aren't "suitable for regular production". Some LEs have some amazing looking wrappers. Monte 520 at the top of the list for me. Those are some of the best looking smoothest wrappers I've seen
  12. Without a doubt it's the bedtime routine that wears me down. 2 1/2 year old and six month old here. I travel as well and feel your pain. Lately it's the put my blankie back on 30 times after repeatedly kicking it off before he goes to sleep
  13. I'm on it, I'm actually still down from starting weight. I went a little extreme at the start and couldn't maintain. I appreciate the encouragement!
  14. Faker than fake
  15. God I know the feeling

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