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  1. Zarges aluminum cases

    Do they have any type of smell when new? I've struggled for months getting the smell out of cooladors and a wineador. If these come with no smell or fuss I'm in
  2. Gotcha, I agree with the coffee and I pick up some citrus almost every time on current production
  3. What changes have you noticed in the flavor profile. I tried my first JL 2 six months ago so I don't have a good reference. I know it's subjective but still curious.
  4. I've smoked a few from a beautiful box that's just over a year old. Great already, I really think they are going to be superb
  5. Have a bunch, the waiting is the hard part
  6. They are definitely strong but don't hit me too hard if I smoke them at a good pace with some food in my stomach.
  7. I'm thinking the 4-5 year mark
  8. Just curious what the thoughts are on aging potential for Juan Lopez # 2 current production as it looks amazing on some of the 24/24 offerings. love the flavor profile and the value is hard to beat.
  9. New Audi S6, dropped a stage II APR tune and Down pipes in it. Currently sitting at 605hp and 700 ft pounds of tq
  10. Definitely leave them in the boxes
  11. Great first post..
  12. Your Favorite LE

    1966, just outstanding
  13. H.Upmann Connoisseur B

    Good looking cigar, curious how it compares to the A as well
  14. Best Meat Thermometer for Smoking (and where to get it)

    Thanks brother, Just a big toy to smoke cigars and watch
  15. Best Meat Thermometer for Smoking (and where to get it)

    My thermometers are dead on accurate. I doubt people even need to check temp for the first 6 hours but to each their own. Comp cooking can't even be compared to back yard smoking

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