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  1. I think I actually prefer the A, but agree they share some of the same DNA
  2. I look at it as a guideline for the month and year, Not the factory.
  3. Agree100%, quality and construction are why you might hunt a box code in the first place so if both are good then the code is irrelevant unless the specific date like subport noted
  4. I would think that if it was too dry the wrapper would be affected first and would burn quicker to the filler. I may be wrong but it sounds more like a construction issue.
  5. The consistency of this Marca is so wide ranging your going to get so many responses across the board. Just comes down to what you are looking for
  6. That box looks great, many of the boxes I've seen have looked ragged, afraid to buy them blind.
  7. A lot comes down to the packaging. The LCDH you likely ordered from vacuum seals the boxes so you should be fine.
  8. Coffee here
  9. I use a xikar 6 cigar hard case that fits in my computer bag. Not to big but I can fit at least six big smokes in ther. $29.99 I believe
  10. Big thread on this recently if you use the search option. Prez chimed in with what he uses as well. I travel every week and use a case in my carry on.
  11. Welcome to FOH
  12. Welcome to FOH
  13. Welcome Steve

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