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  1. I don't think it takes years for a cigar to adjust to humidity. I think we all say to let cigars acclimatize to everyone humidor for 90 days when received is because that's around the timeframe it takes. I agree with you wholeheartedly in that some cigars take longer than others, I just think it takes a fraction of the time your talking about.
  2. Epicure Especial

    It wouldn't be the Epi E that has a problem, it would be the individuals that rolled them. Almost all of these marcas are rolled in different factories with the exception of a few and I can guarantee they don't say here comes the Epi e let's screw them up. We can find these problems across the spectrum. I just finished a box of 2015 Coro from another vendor that had 17 plugged cigars out of 25 stores at 65/65 for a year.
  3. Epicure Especial

    This is one of the best regular production Cuban cigars for me. Just elegant
  4. I hate peppery cigars.

    A bunch of non Cuban cigars that would probably dispute that
  5. I hate peppery cigars.

    I actually never get pepper from a cohiba pyramid extra
  6. Behikes

  7. Behikes

    Personally I don't own a single behike. My point was telling people they are wasting money because one believes there isn't medio tiempo doesn't make sense to me because taste and enjoyment are subjective. Obviously people like them or they wouldn't command the premium and continue to sell. Doesn't matter if it's someone new or experienced, they sell and are smoked. It was a very pointed subjective post that he made on someone else's thread. My opinion
  8. Hello from the Garden State

    Welcome, I currently live in jersey as well
  9. Hello from Charlotte NC

    Welcome, Charlotte is my hometown
  10. Behikes

    Aside from the fact that many love the profile with or without medio tiempo. Your statement is very subjective. Also curious about the source, If someone enjoys a cigar that's all that matters
  11. I actually just got a box of Coro from this program through our host, beautiful sticks
  12. Love the JL2 but it seems to have too much of a nicotine kick for my ticker
  13. Very interesting, was ready this article earlier today. Definitely seems like Castro got spooked and doesn't want relations to deteriorate
  14. Zarges aluminum cases

    Do they have any type of smell when new? I've struggled for months getting the smell out of cooladors and a wineador. If these come with no smell or fuss I'm in
  15. Gotcha, I agree with the coffee and I pick up some citrus almost every time on current production

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