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  1. Should also be talking about the temperature stored in relation to the rh otherwise it doesn’t tell the story. I agree with a previous post that lower rh smokes better but the temp is the missing piece. Tons of previous posts on this
  2. .....a month in

    700s. It’s insane
  3. tanking? ever acceptable?

    They are actually going into a great place for a good gm. Tons of cap space and picks coming up. I think they could be good 2 years from now
  4. tanking? ever acceptable?

    MLB. The Houston Astros ran a strategy of tanking for a number of years to accumulate high draft picks. They actually made very good picks, continued their strategy and then put it all together winning a World Series this year. Now they have a young core that can carry them for a few years.
  5. tanking? ever acceptable?

    While I don’t agree with it the Astros are a prime example of how it can turn a franchise around with the proper vision
  6. I’m assuming this is happening because the cigar goes from a nice cozy environment and out into the 26 degree weather while it’s snowing(not directly in the snow) Last two nights in freezing temps both cigars the wrappers cracked and started to unravel. Storage is 65/65. Just wanted to confirm my thoughts
  7. Hello from Midwest US of A

    Welcome Marcus! Matt
  8. I thought you said it was a great smoke. Just curious,
  9. Cigar Induced Insomnia?

    I notice this sometimes but for me it comes down to how strong the cigar is and its affect on my heart rate
  10. Next Level Man Caves

    Life goals in those pics!
  11. At the end of the day I think we should all stop judging people on whether they buy this cigar or not. Personally I would pay $300 to go to the event because I've never been to a cigar related event and it would be fun to me. Maybe a dark wrapper limitada is your thing, maybe it's not. Let's not forget tolerance regardless of the situation. Some people like to collect limitadas some people don't, whatever makes someone happy and gives them a break from life is what's important
  12. I don't think it takes years for a cigar to adjust to humidity. I think we all say to let cigars acclimatize to everyone humidor for 90 days when received is because that's around the timeframe it takes. I agree with you wholeheartedly in that some cigars take longer than others, I just think it takes a fraction of the time your talking about.
  13. Epicure Especial

    It wouldn't be the Epi E that has a problem, it would be the individuals that rolled them. Almost all of these marcas are rolled in different factories with the exception of a few and I can guarantee they don't say here comes the Epi e let's screw them up. We can find these problems across the spectrum. I just finished a box of 2015 Coro from another vendor that had 17 plugged cigars out of 25 stores at 65/65 for a year.

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